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In-tend Ltd's Privacy Notice can be found within our main website,, however for ease of review, can be found from the link below

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If you have any questions on how to use this web site please contact the In-Tend Support team at or call us on 0845 557 8079 / +44 (0) 114 407 0065 . If this number is inoperative due to a fault then the alternative number is +44 (0)7785 355314 (please note this mobile number will only be active in the event of a fault on the main support number).

If you have any questions relating to a specific tender opportunity please use the Messages function to contact the project officer directly. If you are a Radian approved contractor and are unable to log-in, this may mean your account has been suspended due to failure to provide relevant documentation. To activate your account please contact us at:

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