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ReferenceTitleSuppliersExpiry DateValue
HC15045 Driver Awareness Training Booking Tool and Additional Web ServicesClarity Information Solutions Ltd31 March 2023£193,000
HC14896 Hampshire Constabulary Victim Engagement Solution ROL Solutions Ltd30 June 2022£51,400
ET15742 Handheld HC8’s and associated Hardware/SoftwareSchuh & Co. GmbH31 December 2023£70,000
OP17947 Out of Court Disposal Intervention for Victim AwarenessRed Snapper Managed Services Limited, Victim Support31 March 2024£0
P12411 Samuel Cody Specialist Sports College - Classroom FurnitureHertfordshire County Council Multi-Supplier Framework (see August 2022£26,423
ET15041 Strategic Planning Consultancy ServicesReed Specialist Recruitment Ltd12 January 2023£750,000
ET16517 T309 The Over Wallop- Andover- Stockbridge 15/17 Taxishare/ Carshare Service Pikes Coaches Ltd30 April 2023£34,425
CO14812(Supply of ForgeRock Support and Maintenance ) Digital ID Management Security Software Softcat plc31 December 2025£459,997
CS1570016+ High Intensity and Floating Support - geographical lots Havant, Fareham, Gosport Step by Step Partnership Ltd30 June 2023£744,297
CS1605416+ High Intensity and Floating Support - New Forest Step by Step Partnership Ltd30 June 2023£650,000
CS1496316+ High Intensity and Floating Support Services 2020A2Dominion Group, Alabare Christian Care and Support, Step by Step Partnership Ltd30 June 2023up to £3,075,000
CS1235616+ High Needs Supported AccommodationChildren Services (go to December 2022£2,800,000
CS1569916+ High Support Needs Accommodation - Open Framework 2021Children Services (go to March 2026up to £30,000,000
ET127903D Modelling Software SolutionBentley Systems (UK) Ltd15 November 2022£164,000
CS134754LSCB Online Procedures ManualPhew Design Limited31 March 2023£92,900
ET09022B (ENVW293)6a / 63 Hyde - Winchester (6a) / Owslebury - Olivers Battery - Winchester (63Stagecoach South03 September 2022£18,881
ET15805A213 Alton 250 Bus ServiceAMK Chauffeur Drive Ltd04 January 2023£29,497
ET14773A231 Alton Bus Services 206/208Cresta Coaches21 April 2024£101,970
ET14773A232 Alton Bus Services 240.Stagecoach South21 April 2024£92,376
ET15040A233 The Bordon Town 28 Taxishare. 02/01/2020- 01/01/2021. AMK Chauffeur Drive Ltd31 January 2023£22,327
ET15236Abandoned Vehicles (collection, disposal & storage) Service for HampshireSilverlake(Motor Salvage)Ltd31 December 2024£350,000
OP16106Access and Control Perpetual Licence Upgrade for Custody Specialist Computer Centres30 December 2030£210,000
CO13321Accounts Payable Forensic Software and ServicesFiscal Technologies Ltd (m)18 December 2022£184,000
CC16572Accreditation of Hampshire Scientific Services Laboratory by UKASUnited Kingdom Accreditation Service25 April 2025£260,000
CS11126Across Border SupportChildren & Families Across Borders (m)30 November 2022£15,000
ET08006Administration of Hampshire Concessionary Fares Scheme 2016MCL Transport Consultants Ltd31 August 2022up to £244,000
CR15229Adobe LicencesSoftcat plc12 July 2023£252,694
CS16514Adult and Community Learning (ACL) Boogie Mites Uk Ltd, Communities First Wessex, Hampshire Cultural Trust, Itchen Sixth Form College, Romsey Community School Limited, Workers Educational Association31 July 2022£520,000
CS10924AAdult and Community Learning Framework.Boogie Mites Uk Ltd, Communities First Wessex, Enham Trust, Hampshire Cultural Trust, Itchen Sixth Form College, Learning & Skills Solutions, No Limits, Professional Training Solutions Ltd, limited, Romsey Community School Limited, Strive Training, Trinity Winchester, Unity, Workers Educational Association31 July 2023£5,200,000
AS12136Adult's Social Care Management SystemCareWorks Limited06 October 2025£2,524,428
AS16265AHC External Training Online PlatformCortexa Limited14 March 2023£40,000
CR15948Alpha Tracker Software Support and Maintenance ContractStart Technology (Software) Ltd (m)15 September 2025£68,760
ET15831Alton 38 Bus Service (A216)Stagecoach South04 July 2023£251,917
ET15832AAlton 71 Bus Service (A212).AMK Chauffeur Drive Ltd04 July 2023£15,187
ET15833AAlton 94 Bus Service (A219).AMK Chauffeur Drive Ltd04 July 2023£160,719
HC13749Ambient Meals and In Cup Drinks (Detainees)BFS Group Limited T/A Bidfood30 June 2023£136,000
CO15269AMHP [Approved Mental Health Practitioners] Legal Updates - Lot 10Edge Training and Consultancy Ltd31 March 2023up to £36,000
HC10092Analysis Forensic ServicesEurofins Forensic Services Limited, Key Forensic Services Limited, Orchid Cellmark Ltd30 June 2022£5,250,560
ET15579Analyst and Job Posting AnalyticsEmsi31 May 2023£25,000
ET15897Andover Business Park DMS Maintenance ContractVINDEX SYSTEMS LIMITED31 March 2023£68,891
ET15204BAndover, 49 (New Forest) & 95 / 96 (Winchester) Services - T297 - Service 7/7AStagecoach South05 April 2024£292,920
ET15204LAndover, 49 (New Forest) & 95 / 96 (Winchester) Services - F295 - Service 49Go South Coast Ltd05 April 2023£43,446
ET15204AAndover, 49 (New Forest) & 95 / 96 (Winchester) Services - T296 -Service 5Stagecoach South05 April 2024£357,696
ET15204EAndover, 49 (New Forest) & 95 / 96 (Winchester) Services - T298 - Service 10Stagecoach South05 April 2023£265,794
ET15204GAndover, 49 (New Forest) & 95 / 96 (Winchester) Services - T299 - Service 12Stagecoach South05 April 2023£78,654
ET15204KAndover, 49 (New Forest) & 95 / 96 (Winchester) Services - T300 - Service 17Stagecoach South05 April 2023£141,036
ET15204DAndover, 49 (New Forest) & 95 / 96 (Winchester) Services - T301 - Service 9Stagecoach South05 April 2023£241,386
ET15204CAndover, 49 (New Forest) & 95 / 96 (Winchester) Services - T303 - Service Andover VillagesStagecoach South05 April 2023£450,222
ET15204HAndover, 49 (New Forest) & 95 / 96 (Winchester) Services - T304 - Service 13/13aStagecoach South05 April 2023£244,098
ET15204IAndover, 49 (New Forest) & 95 / 96 (Winchester) Services - T305 - Service 15Stagecoach South05 April 2023£149,172
ET15204JAndover, 49 (New Forest) & 95 / 96 (Winchester) Services - T306 - Service 16Stagecoach South05 April 2023£271,244
ET15204FAndover, 49 (New Forest) & 95 / 96 (Winchester) Services T302 - Service 11Stagecoach South05 April 2023£282,072
HF13758Antenna Maintenance and RepairP.A. White Installations Ltd31 October 2023£111,240
CR16611Anti Virus Software for SAPInsight Direct (UK) Ltd31 August 2022£140,000
CC10746Appointment of an Independent Property Valuer to Hampshire Pension FundColliers International Property Consultants Limited31 December 2023£249,000
CS14221Appropriate Adult Services for Hampshire, Southampton, Portsmouth, and the Isle of WightThe Appropriate Adult Service Limited30 June 2024£240,000
OP14221Appropriate Adult Services for Hampshire, Southampton, Portsmouth, and the Isle of Wight.The Appropriate Adult Service Limited30 June 2024£832,904
AS18942ARAP / ACRS Hampshire Bridging Accommodation Support Service Afghanistan and Central Asian Association24 April 2023£142,781
ET15860Arboriculture SoftwareSoftwareONE UK Ltd30 April 2023£111,955
AS07078AS07078 Social Inclusion Services TenderHome Group, Two Saints Ltd31 March 2023£5,672,870
AS07975AS07975 - Winchester Night ShelterWinchester Churches NIghtshelter31 March 2023£432,624
AS08219AS08219 Emsworth Extra-Care Adults With A Learning DisabilityMacIntyre31 July 2023£890,264
AS08331AS08331 Hampshire Disabilities Day Opportunity Model (HDDOM)Adult Services (go to November 2024up to £70,000,000
AS09245AS09245 (Eastleigh & ) New Forest Extra-care.Social Care in Action30 September 2023£644,980
AS09245AS09245 Eastleigh (& New Forest Extra-care)Radis Community Care21 September 2023£688,274
AS10107AS10107 Older Persons Day Activities Services Lot 2b – Havant and PetersfieldAge Hampshire29 April 2023£1,509,300
AS10235 AS10235 Hampshire Prader-Willi & Specialist Learning Disability Support Consensus Support Services Ltd17 April 2023£3,423,189
CC15661Asbestos Testing & Consultancy Framework ABP Associates Ltd, Casa Environmental Services Ltd, Gully Howard Technical, Perry Analytical Ltd, Riverside Environmental Services, Tersus Consultancy Limited30 June 2025£500,000
AS07157ASD00165.2.G.LPBas - Launchpad (Basingstoke)The YOU Trust14 August 2022£191,096
AS10341ASD00165.3.C.BordonMencap Society22 October 2022£6,505,623
AS11730ASD00165.3.C.Younger Adults Extra Care (Lot 1 Aldershot)Community Homes Of Intensive Care & Education (CHOICE) Limited10 June 2023£5,572,363
AS11730ASD00165.3.C.Younger Adults Extra Care (lot 2 Basingstoke)Mencap Society15 April 2023£4,572,172
AS11730ASD00165.3.C.Younger Adults Extra Care (Lot 3 Chineham)Fitzroy Support25 March 2023£9,293,812
AS09015ASD00165.3.G.CSSRush Rushmoor and Hart Community Support Services (CSS)The YOU Trust12 June 2022£434,350
CC14872Asset Management System for Hampshire Outdoor CentresAssettrac Ltd01 November 2025£13,500
AS16757Autism Information, Guidance and Advice ServiceAutism Hampshire31 March 2023£149,979
ET15743Automatic Traffic Count EquipmentTraffic Technology Ltd31 December 2023£70,000
ET11758B3385 Newgate Lane Southern Section, Fareham : Planting & Establishment 2018 – 2024Scandor Landscape Contractors Ltd31 March 2024£219,060
ET15426B353 Bramshill, Hartley Wespall, Heckfield, Mattingley, Rotherwick and Stratfield Turgis Parishes 333 Carshare/ Taxisharejet cars terry O Grady31 March 2023£14,040
ET16516B359 Ashmansworth Taxishare / Carshare Service Andover Premier Cabs30 April 2023£41,820
ET18171B362 Hannington 54 Bus ServiceCommunities First Wessex 31 August 2022£2,034
HS1617Banking ServicesNatWest (m)31 December 2024£3,510,000
CR15649Banking Software (Direct Debits)Bottomline Technologies11 April 2027£117,601
ET15820Basingstoke 1 Bus Service - B319Stagecoach South31 August 2022£14,756
ET15813Basingstoke 11 Bus Service - B326Stagecoach South31 January 2024£24,831
ET15809Basingstoke 12 Bus Service - B337Stagecoach South04 July 2023£25,187
ET15808Basingstoke 14 Bus Service - B330Stagecoach South04 July 2023£205,454
ET15821Basingstoke 2 Bus Service - B320Stagecoach South31 August 2022£73,275
ET15822Basingstoke 3 Bus Service - B321Stagecoach South31 August 2022£10,658
ET15816Basingstoke 4 Bus Service - B340Stagecoach South04 July 2023£462,794
ET15823Basingstoke 5 Bus Service - B322Stagecoach South31 August 2022£23,740
ET15810Basingstoke 6 Bus Service - B323Stagecoach South31 August 2022£40,489
ET15811Basingstoke 7 Bus Service - B324Stagecoach South31 August 2022£36,145
ET15807Basingstoke 76 Bus Service - B328Stagecoach South04 July 2023£111,961
ET15812Basingstoke 8 Bus Service - B325Stagecoach South31 August 2022£82,454
ET15824Basingstoke C41 Bus Service - B348Cresta Coaches04 July 2023£65,020
CS16391Basingstoke Early Learning Hub KIDS31 August 2024£884,930
AS12461Basingstoke North West Supported Living ServiceAlina Homecare Specialist Care Limited30 September 2023up to £8,731,632
HF12744Battery Operated Lighting & ToolsTW Engineering Co. Ltd, Unilite Limited30 June 2022£350,000
CC15425Bed testing against BS EN 747, parts 1 and 2, by an UKAS accredited body for the OPSS funded projectFIRA International Ltd21 January 2024£99,999
AS12641Bed Vacancy Management SystemOLM SYSTEMS 30 June 2022£117,500
ET16325Beneficial Use of Dredgings in the Solent Phase 3 - Bottom PlacementABP Marine Environmental Research Ltd.31 August 2022£60,000
ET16828BetterPoints Behavioural Change Rewards Scheme Whitehill & BordonBetterPoints Limited31 July 2022£23,675
ET14056Bikeability Cycle TrainingMountbatten School Services Ltd31 July 2022£1,650,996
CO14059BBlue Badge - Production, Fulfilment & Associated Print Services Allied Publicity Services (Manchester) Ltd (m)04 February 2023£240,000
CO14809Blue Badge Case Managed Service SupportNEC Software Solutions UK Limited31 December 2022£68,000
HC15961Bluelight Specialist temporary LabourRed Snapper Recruitment Ltd (m)31 March 2023£1,850,000
HC16200Bluelight Vehicles for Hampshire ConstabularyCrown Commerical Services - Multi Supplier Framework (see - 31 July 2023£4,000,000
ET18909Botley Bypass Phase 3 Archaeological WorksWessex Archaeology29 July 2022£150,000
HF14067Breathing Apparatus - Cylinder TestingRevolution Air Services LTD30 June 2022£40,000
HF16229Breathing Apparatus Spares & Repairs Draeger Safety UK Ltd.15 July 2023£150,000
ET10049Bridge Painting Inspections 2018 - 2022Fenwick Inspection Services Limited31 May 2022£160,000
ASD00165British Sign Language Users 11618Care Management Group31 October 2022£132,260
CO10166Budget Planning Software for Schools - Lot 1HCSS Education27 February 2023up to £900,000
CO10166Budget Planning Software for Schools. - Lot 2Orovia Group Ltd01 February 2023up to £600,000
CO15138Building Emotional Intelligence CapacityGenos EI Europe Limited28 February 2024£24,500
F07143Building Fabric Term Maintenance..Tew Brothers Ltd31 July 2024up to £9,915,000
HC16428Bulk and Cylinder Gases for Hampshire ConstabularyBOC Ltd31 December 2023£10,000
HF16427Bulk and Cylinder Gases for Hampshire Fire & RescueBOC Ltd31 December 2023£200,000
CC16203Bulk and Cylinder Gases for Hampshire Transport ManagementBOC Ltd31 December 2023£15,000
F293Burley Taxishare - F293Red Express Limited16 June 2022£21,840
ET15551Bus Stop Infrastructure & Bus Shelters Supply, Installation & MaintenanceExterniture30 April 2025up to £7,000,000
ET16745Business Breakdown Cover throughout the UK for a fleet of commercial vehiclesRAC31 March 2024£32,000
CO11025Business Risk and Financial Appraisal ServiceCREDITSAFE BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LTD28 March 2023£24,000
44ENVC214C214 Hart Taxishare jet cars terry O Grady30 June 2022£10,488
CC13177ACALM and CALMVIEW for Archives and Records (HALS)Axiell ALM Ltd01 March 2023£7,500
P11325Calshot Activity Centre – Sopwith Hanger roof repairsTew Brothers Ltd24 June 2022£127,600
AS16769Campbell Court Short Stay FlatVIVID Homes31 May 2023£65,000
SFSW031Canon Software and Software Maintenance Canon (UK) Limited19 December 2024£100,000
AS13159Care & Support at Home Tier 1 Provider required for Zone 14 (Test Valley South area)All Care (GB) Ltd.12 November 2025up to £27,180,000
AS11733Care and Support at Home - Tier 1Alexander's Care & Support Agency, All Care (GB) Ltd., Apex Prime Care, Enthuse Care Ltd, Radis Community Care30 June 2025up to £105,000,000
AS15367Care and Support at Home - Tier 1 Zones 5-7 - Fareham and GosportFG Care Consortium30 June 2025up to £54,360,000
AS11735Care and Support at Home - Tier 2Adult Services (go to June 2025up to £105,000,000
AS15050Care and Support at Home Tier 1 Zone 8 -Hart and RushmoorAll Care (GB) Ltd.30 June 2025£27,180,000
AS16576CARE PROVIDER MARKET DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIP Hampshire Care Association31 March 2024£56,000
AS18924Care Provider Market Development Partnership.Hampshire Care Association31 March 2023£56,000
CS10741Care Support Services for Children with a Disability.Children Services (go to August 2022up to £4,000,000
CC19121Cash Collection Services.Jade Security Services Ltd31 March 2026up to £200,000
CO15112CASPAR System Licence and MaintenanceTrojan Consultants Limited10 November 2022£22,939
CC10969-015Catering Services - Hook Infant School & Hook Junior School.Pabulum Ltd31 July 2025£1,109,500
CC10969/008Catering Services - Brookfield Community School.Innovate Services Ltd27 August 2025£223,000
CC10969/014Catering Services at Aldworth SchoolCater Link Ltd31 July 2025£231,000
CC10969/005Catering Services at Bishop Challoner School.Innovate Services Ltd25 August 2024£1,314,915
CC10969/001Catering Services at Brighton Hill Community School.Aspens Services Ltd27 August 2022up to £780,000
CC10969/007Catering Services at Eastleigh CollegeEdwards and Ward20 December 2023£2,450,000 (income)
SC10876Catering Services at Elvetham Heath Primary SchoolPabulum Ltd31 December 2023£805,000
CC18060/001Catering Services at Fareham AcademyAspens Services Ltd31 March 2026£210,000
CC06118/005Catering Services at Hounsdown School.Cater Link Ltd27 August 2023£1,188,257
CC06118/001Catering Services at Noadswood SchoolHC3S23 August 2022up to £943,000
CC10969/003Catering Services at Perins SchoolAspens Services Ltd25 August 2022£1,902,270
CC18060/002Catering Services at St Mark’s C of E Primary SchoolPabulum Ltd31 July 2026£633,766
CC06118/003Catering Services at The Hurst Community Collegeabm catering limited23 August 2022up to £1,287,440
CC10969/012Catering Services at The Vyne Community School.Innovate Services Ltd27 August 2025£514,500
OP16348Catering Services Contract For Hampshire OPCC and HIFRS.BaxterStorey25 June 2024up to £3,000,000
CC10969/006Catering Services for the Federation of Elson Infant School and Gomer Infant SchoolAspens Services Ltd31 July 2023£639,500
CC10969/002Catering Services for Wallisdean Federation - Wallisdean Infant School and Wallisdean Junior SchoolAspens Services Ltd31 July 2023£678,000
AS12688Catering Services for Willow Court Nursing HomeHampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust31 March 2024up to £3,000,000
CC15405Catering Services to Runways End Waterside Alliance T/A The Lovely Little Bakery (m)15 November 2022£65,000
CC10969/004Catering Services to The Westgate SchoolInnovate Services Ltd27 August 2023£3,040,828
CC06118/006Catering Services Wyvern Technology CollegeCater Link Ltd31 July 2023£1,378,783
RM6099CCS Transport Technology & Associated Services - Lot 7 CatalogueCrown Commerical Services - Multi Supplier Framework (see - 05 October 2023£505,000
AS10198Chesil Lodge Extra-Care Service Radis Community Care30 September 2023£3,052,000
CS14807Children in Care Attendance SoftwareWelfare Call (LAC) Ltd31 August 2022£99,588
CS11830Children's Residential Care FrameworkChildren Services (go to September 2022up to £147,000,000
CS14138Children's Social Care IT Solution Tender 2019 (Call-off).Access UK Ltd 28 November 2025up to £4,000,000
CS14138Children's Social Care IT Solution Tender 2019 (Framework).Access UK Ltd 17 November 2023up to £10,000,000
CO14843Citrix ADC HardwareSpecialist Computer Centres24 September 2022£425,242
CR15228Citrix Support and MaintenanceComputacenter (UK) Ltd31 May 2022£279,447
CC11610-013Cleaning and Window Cleaning Services to Hampshire County Council & Hampshire, Fire and Rescue Services Non-Educational Buildings YBC Cleaning Services Limited31 March 2023£8,965,049
CC11610/053Cleaning Services - Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary SchoolCleanKing31 May 2025£524,902
CC11610 - 049Cleaning Services - Samuel Cody Specialist Sports College..YBC Cleaning Services Limited31 July 2024£344,543
HS2093/047Cleaning Services at Bishop Challoner Catholic Secondary School.Hayward Services Limited31 May 2022£361,878
CC11610/055Cleaning Services at Brookfield Community School.Brayborne Facilities Services Limited09 April 2025£937,128
CC11610/043Cleaning Services at Court Moor School.Hayward Services Limited01 April 2024£573,245
CC11610/056Cleaning Services at Cove SchoolBrayborne Facilities Services Limited19 February 2025£541,917
CC11610/044Cleaning Services at Cowplain SchoolAlbion Contract Services Ltd T/A AllianceUK Cleaning Services14 February 2024£573,827
CC11610/034Cleaning Services at Crestwood Community SchoolN-viro Limited22 July 2023£883,230
CC11610/048Cleaning Services at Hamble Primary SchoolBrayborne Facilities Services Limited18 April 2024£143,767
CC11610/045Cleaning Services at Hollywater SchoolBrayborne Facilities Services Limited27 November 2023£213,214
CC11610/058Cleaning Services at Kings' School.Brayborne Facilities Services Limited09 April 2025£790,235
CC11610/035Cleaning Services at Osborne SchoolTwo Counties Cleaning Services Limited03 April 2023£265,688
CC11610-050Cleaning Services at St Francis Church of England Primary SchoolBrayborne Facilities Services Limited25 May 2024£178,475
CC11610/038Cleaning Services at The Clere SchoolBrayborne Facilities Services Limited23 October 2023£350,379
CC11610/057Cleaning Services at The Hurst SchoolBrayborne Facilities Services Limited09 April 2025£217,970
CC11610-051Cleaning Services at The Mountbatten SchoolBrayborne Facilities Services Limited22 July 2024£693,015
CC11610/040Cleaning Services at The Wavell SchoolHayward Services Limited31 March 2024£497,965
CC11610/066Cleaning Services at Weeke Primary SchoolTwo Counties Cleaning Services Limited28 February 2025£187,125
CC11610/042Cleaning Services for Balksbury FederationMoores Cleaning Services Ltd23 September 2023£143,567
CC11610/047Cleaning Services for The Federation of Riders SchoolsHayward Services Limited31 October 2024£328,005
CC11610/054Cleaning Services for Wildground FederationBrayborne Facilities Services Limited31 December 2024£130,005
CC11610-039Cleaning Services to Horndean Technology CollegeHayward Services Limited31 December 2023£756,025
CC11610/059Cleaning Services to Limington House SchoolBrayborne Facilities Services Limited09 April 2025£189,200
SC11285Cleaning Services to Purbrook Park SchoolBrayborne Facilities Services Limited01 January 2023£392,150
CC10208ACleaning Services to Schools - Aldworth SchoolHayward Services Limited21 July 2022£503,020
CC10208DCleaning Services to Schools - Park Community SchoolAlbion Contract Services Ltd T/A AllianceUK Cleaning Services02 September 2022£507,175
CC15499Cleaning Services to Totton and Eling Town Council SitesYBC Cleaning Services Limited31 December 2023£233,840
CC11610-046Cleaning Services to Wildern Academy Trust Hayward Services Limited01 April 2024£873,405
HF13958Clinical Governance - V2The ATACC Group Ltd06 May 2023£159,300
ET19097Closed Landfill’s Ground’s MaintenanceMM Enviro Ltd27 March 2026£120,000
HC11128Clothing and Equipment for Detainees and Victims of CrimeCHARLES FELLOWS SUPPLIES LTD, Fast Engineering Ltd31 December 2023£290,400
CR19355Cloud Support ServiceFDM Group Limited13 April 2024£250,000
ET13564Coach And Bus Operations - SubscriptionCroner-i (m)31 October 2023£4,500
ET11549Coastal Emergency Pollution SpecialistAdler and Allan Ltd31 July 2023up to £20,000
AS16127Collaborative Robots (COBOTS). CYBERDYNE INC.30 September 2024£3,192,280
HC13999Collection and sale of unclaimed seized goods to The Chief Constable of Hampshire ConstabularyWilsons Auctions01 December 2022£0
ET15066Collection, Disposal & Recycling of Fly Tipped Tyres.Credential PTL Limited30 June 2023£80,000
CC08894Commercial Waste Collection, Disposal and Recycling Services - HCC, Schools & Hampshire ConstabularySUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK Ltd03 July 2024£21,000,000
CC08894FCommercial Waste Collection, Disposal And Recycling Services For Hampshire Fire And Rescue ServiceSUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK Ltd03 July 2024£267,000
CS13872Community Care PartnershipMA Education Ltd31 January 2023450,000
ET15895Community Engagement & Consultation SoftwareCommonplace Digital Ltd21 December 2022£50,000
ET12895Community Transport Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) and Minibus Group Hire ServicesCommunities First Wessex, One Community, Unity31 March 2023up to £6,330,864
ET13902Community Transport Lot 7 Rushmoor & Hart Minibus Group Hire, Rushmoor Dial a Ride, Yateley Shopper & Fleet LinkRushmoor Voluntary Services31 March 2023£634,285
AS19087Community Wellbeing Worker Service Age UK Southampton, MHA Communities (m)26 November 2022£38,000
OP16037Conditional Caution intervention for perpetrators of intimate and non-intimate (family members) Domestic AbuseThe Hampton Trust31 March 2024£285,675
OP18699Conditional Caution Intervention for Women who have OffendedThe Hampton Trust31 March 2025£149,628
ET14808Confirm software for HighwaysPitney Bowes Limited30 September 2022£668,042
CO13879Connect to Support HampshirePublic Consulting Group UK Ltd31 May 2024£496,000
ET14972Consultancy Services to support Implementing a Values-based CultureVBA Consulting31 March 2023£33,000
CC09120Contract for Supply and Distribution of Dry, Chilled and Frozen Foods.BFS Group Limited T/A Bidfood31 March 2023£83,008,000
AS12621AContract for Support Care Management SoftwareNourish Care Systems Ltd30 April 2023up to £1,800,000
ET06501Contract for the Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Traffic Control and Information Systems and Associated EquipmentYunex Limited30 June 2024up to £17,000,000
HC10261Contractor's all-risk insurance servicesRisk Management Partners30 September 2022£450,000
P11108Cornerstone Secondary School - Landscape WorksLand Products (Wessex) Ltd.02 September 2022£60,000
CC16295Coroners Case Management SoftwareWPC Software Ltd.30 April 2023£113,200
CO14810Corporate Communications Software (Vuelio)Access Intelligence Media & Communications Limited t/a Vuelio31 January 2023£68,800
CR17939Corporate Wide Area Network (WAN).Virgin Media Business Limited 31 December 2026£9,330,462
CC12170Countryside Access Management SolutionExegesis30 September 2023£80,000
AS13266CPYAEC (New Milton)Dimensions (UK) Ltd21 May 2024£5,644,265
HC14129Custody Suite EnhancementsReliance High-Tech Ltd31 March 2025£460,000
CO07844Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) Platform (SAP C4C)SAP UK Ltd.31 December 2025£2,300,000
HC14001Cycle to Work Scheme for Hampshire Constabulary HC14001Halfords Ltd.31 March 2023£1,000,000
CR16217Data Centre Dell Switch Support RenewalInsight Direct (UK) Ltd22 February 2023£109,957
CR16821Data Centre Network RefreshSpecialist Computer Centres14 September 2028£556,963
CR18308Data Centre Servers & Related Hardware RefreshInsight Direct (UK) Ltd24 October 2023£864,623
CC12146Data Domain Hardware, Software and InstallationInsight Direct (UK) Ltd24 July 2023£708,560
F07189 - 2Decoration and Minor Pre-decoration Repairs Framework.A Purkiss Ltd, Bell Decorating Group Limited, CLC CONTRACTORS LIMITED, Cousins Group, DW Contractors (Oxford) Ltd, Ferris Painting, Hankinson Limited, HI-TECH PROPERTY SERVICES LTD, Ian Williams, JC RAE DECORATING LTD, Jorgensen Ltd, Mitie Property Services (UK) Ltd, Richardson Decorating Contractors Ltd, Trident Maintenance Services Ltd13 February 2024£15,000,000
CC12175ADEF Mastergov Planning SoftwareDEF Software Limited31 July 2023£249,848
HC14043Deleading, Decontamination and Specialist Cleaning of Firing Ranges at NetleyMaintenance Associated Services Ltd31 July 2024£80,113
CO09931Delivery of The Impact of Your Personal Style - Leadership Module The Colour Works International Limited22 February 2023up to £12,000
CO13888Dell Boomi Application Integration - Digital Landscape projectInsight Direct (UK) Ltd27 January 2026£751,295
P09703Design, Development, Delivery and Operation of Extra Care Housing on Site at Addenbrooke, GosportPlaces for People Living+ Limited (m)31 January 2024£950,000
ET18950Digital and online information and advice for Hampshire residents on Climate Change and SustainabilityThe Environment Centre01 March 2023£24,000
CO13403Digital Toolkit for Leaders - Commerciality CourseAshorne Hill Management College01 November 2022£25,000
AS15125Direct Payment Management (Fareham).Disability Advice Independence Support CIC01 March 2024£18,000
AS13993Direct Payments Support ServiceEnham Trust17 November 2022£896,000
P12518Display Energy Certificate ContractEnergy and Compliance Technology Limited01 July 2024£297,465
CO12477Domestic Abuse Victim and Perpetrator ServicesSouthern Domestic Abuse Service, The Hampton Trust31 March 2024£12,442,694
CO16431Dorset Back Up Data CentreDorset County Council31 March 2024£106,500
CC18060DPS for Catering Services to Educational Establishmentsabm catering limited, Aspens Services Ltd, Cater Link Ltd, CH&Co Catering Ltd, Churchill Contract Services Limited, Edwards and Ward, Harrison Catering Services Limited, HC3S, Innovate Services Ltd, Miquill South Ltd, Pabulum Ltd31 October 2025£nil
CC11610-029DPS Mini Comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services at Bramley Primary SchoolYBC Cleaning Services Limited31 August 2023£139,294
CC11610-018DPS Mini Comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services at Shepherds Down Special SchoolTwo Counties Cleaning Services Limited12 February 2024£156,522
CC11610/025DPS Mini Comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services at Swanmore CollegeHayward Services Limited06 September 2022£569,459
CC11610/019DPS Mini Comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Alderwood School - Senior SiteBrayborne Facilities Services Limited30 June 2022£548,816
CC11610-022DPS Mini Comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Barncroft Primary SchoolBrayborne Facilities Services Limited28 April 2023£170,067
CC11610/024DPS Mini Comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Fair Oak Infant SchoolHayward Services Limited26 May 2024£114,510
CC11610-026DPS Mini Comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Frogmore Community CollegeBrayborne Facilities Services Limited31 August 2022£303,317
CC11610-032DPS Mini Comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Hamble Primary SchoolYBC Cleaning Services Limited27 October 2022£132,991
CC11610 - 027DPS Mini Comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to The Hamble SchoolAlbion Contract Services Ltd T/A AllianceUK Cleaning Services23 July 2023£440,945
CC11610-021DPS Mini Comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to The Vyne Community SchoolHayward Services Limited30 April 2024£371,580
CC11610-014DPS Mini Comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Weeke Primary SchoolMoores Cleaning Services Ltd12 May 2023£115,971
CC11610-008DPS Mini-comp Cat 1 - Cleaning Services to the Police and Crime Commissioner for HampshireN-viro Limited30 November 2022£8,805,325
CC11610/016DPS Mini-comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services at Henry Cort Community CollegeBrayborne Facilities Services Limited24 March 2023£514,522
CC11610/012DPS Mini-comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Cranbourne School Brayborne Facilities Services Limited29 February 2024£538,092
CC11610/009DPS Mini-comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Elvetham Heath Primary SchoolHayward Services Limited07 September 2023£175,590
CC11610/002DPS Mini-comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Fairfields Primary SchoolHayward Services Limited05 August 2023£122,690
CC11610-005DPS Mini-comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Fernhill SchoolBrayborne Facilities Services Limited21 October 2023£430,401
CC11610-028DPS Mini-comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Guillemont Junior SchoolYBC Cleaning Services Limited27 October 2022£134,456
CC11610-017DPS Mini-comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Harrow Way Community SchoolHayward Services Limited16 February 2024£401,495
CC11610-037DPS Mini-comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Hayling CollegeAlbion Contract Services Ltd T/A AllianceUK Cleaning Services20 December 2022£350,416
CC11610-020DPS Mini-comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Henry Tyndale SchoolBrayborne Facilities Services Limited31 March 2023£189,991
CC11610/010DPS Mini-comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Oaklands Catholic School and Sixth Form CollegeHayward Services Limited31 January 2023£694,904
CC11610-030DPS Mini-Comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to The Federation of Heathfield and St Francis SchoolsYBC Cleaning Services Limited30 October 2022£423,839
CC11610-015DPS Mini-comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to The Toynbee SchoolHayward Services Limited23 June 2024£435,755
CC11610/011DPS Mini-comp Cat 2 - Cleaning Services to Yateley SchoolYBC Cleaning Services Limited05 October 2023£731,937
CC11610Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) For The Provision Of Cleaning & Window Cleaning ServicesAlbion Contract Services Ltd T/A AllianceUK Cleaning Services, Alfresco Group Ltd, Moores Cleaning Services Ltd, Norse Commercial Services Limited14 March 2023Nil
AS08703Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Provision of Specialist Learning & Development ServicesMultiple Suppliers - more info email September 2026up to £10,000,000
ET06442Dynamic Purchasing System 17 seats & overDPS (go to September 2022up to £50,000,000
ET07407Dynamic Purchasing System for Public Bus transportationDPS (go to April 2023up to £85,000,000
ET08659Dynamic Purchasing System or 16 seats & fewerDPS (go to March 2023up to £220,000,000
CC11686E P Device DeploymentInsight Direct (UK) Ltd28 January 2023up to £10,000,000
CO12619E Portfolio SolutionOneFile Limited06 January 2023£36,370
ET18300E309 Valley Park 43 Taxishare Eastleigh Cab Company Ltd15 October 2022£20,280
ET09146Eastleigh Mini competition – Services E297 -X6/X7 XELABUS LTD31 October 2022£76,800
ET09146Eastleigh Mini competition – Services E298 - X9/X10 XELABUS LTD31 October 2022£850,137
ET09146Eastleigh Mini competition – Services E299 - X15 XELABUS LTD31 October 2022£193,052
ET09146Eastleigh Mini competition – Services E300 - X17XELABUS LTD31 October 2022£52,500
ET09146Eastleigh Mini competition – Services E301 - E1/E2Stagecoach South31 October 2022£433,733
AS13265Eastleigh YAEC (Young Adults Extra Care)Voyage 1 Limited 31 July 2024£7,776,067
CC18360eBooks for Hampshire School Library ServiceOverDrive Global Ltd28 February 2025£120,000
CC16311eBooks for the School Library ServiceWheelers Book Club Ltd31 July 2022up to £65,000
ET15309EC Laboratory Management System Dr. Jung and Partner AG31 March 2023£111,276
AS15311eCDOPSoftcat plc31 May 2023£53,694
ET16579Eclipse Busway Completion of Phase 1 LandscapeBlakedown Landscapes SE Ltd31 December 2026£184,445
CC16425eCommerce System for County Supplies Business Trading Service247 COMMERCE LIMITED31 January 2027£162,750
ET18951Educating and Empowering Offenders to Engage with Green Economies: A Rewilding Course in Winchester PrisonUniversity of Winchester01 April 2023£37,000
CS19013Education Peer Support Training Inspireducate Ltd30 March 2023£16,666
AS09292CEdward Avenue - DeregistrationVoyage 1 Limited 10 December 2022£1,634,470
CC18191 - F07256Electric Vehicle Charging Points FrameworkEB Charging Ltd05 April 2026£up to £25,000,000
F07153PElectrical Testing and Inspections Term ContractEnerveo Ltd30 July 2025Up to £6,000,000
AS16444Electronic Rostering and Monitoring System - HCC ReablementUlysses Data Management Systems Ltd (UDMS Ltd) t/a Ulysses01 December 2025£221,975
HC14070Employee Financial Advisory Service for Hampshire ConstabularyPolice Mutual Assurance Society Limitied31 August 2023£1
CO15054Employment check Online DBS Ebulk SolutionCantium Business Solutions08 December 2022£250,000
AS15674Enablement and Progression (Community Based).Purple Oak Support, The YOU Trust28 November 2024£25,274,836
CO12720Enabling Productivity Meeting Room Hardware and Services Refresh ProjectInsight Direct (UK) Ltd31 October 2023£315,000
C07923Energy Metering & Data Management.Building Management Solutions Integrators31 March 2023£1,363,950
CR16257Energy Payments Manager SolutionTEAM (Energy Auditing Agency Ltd.)30 September 2024£166,438
F07137Engineering (Mechanical & Electrical) Term MaintenanceCorrigenda Ltd trading as Churches, EMCOR Group (UK) Plc31 July 2024up to £80,664,640
CC18422AEngineering Inspection Services .Zurich Municipal31 March 2026£847,295
CC16545England Coast Path - Calshot to Gosport Stretch 2 - path works - RVCP & Hamble CommonAquascience Ltd31 July 2022£56,765
CO11939Enterprise Licence Agreement For GIS SoftwareESRI (UK) Limited15 February 2023£775,000
ET10335Enterprise M3 Fund ManagementF.S.E. CIC17 June 2023£2,489,609
CO12464EPI- USE Variance Monitoring and Data sync monitoring boxxe 28 February 2023£31,000
HC16208Equality and Inclusion Training and Consultancy to The Chief Constable of Hampshire Constabulary Inclusive Employers Limited03 October 2023£528,292
CS17973ESF Technical Construction Skills for the UnemployedActivate Learning30 September 2023£75,250
ET15716Establishing a Community Energy Network across Hampshire Community Energy South Ltd14 July 2022£46,000
ET14228ET14228 W300 Winchester Evening Services 2019-2025Stagecoach South01 September 2022£46,800
CO14993Experian MosaicExperian Ltd (m)23 April 2023£74,717
CC15279External Assessment of HSS Asbestos Team as Approved Training Provider and BOHS MembershipBritish Occupational Hygiene Society16 January 2024£16,000
ET14514External Legal Advice - Exploration of Future Working OpportunitiesWomble Bond Dickinson (UK)LLP27 October 2022£200,000
ET13542External Legal Advice – Waste and Resource ManagementWomble Bond Dickinson (UK)LLP08 September 2022£200,000
ET16015F3 Fareham to Portchester bus service G261First Hampshire & Dorset Ltd02 September 2023£34,140
ET18135F301 Fritham Taxishare - 4 seater vehicle - Tuesday and Friday. Marchwood Motorways Taxis Ltd02 March 2023£3,640
CS18068Family Information and Services HubIdox Software Limited04 August 2024£46,304
ET14775Fareham & Gosport Bus Services 20 / 28 & 28A / 21 / 11First Hampshire & Dorset Ltd04 January 2024up to £1,283,454
AS14719Fareham Learning Disability and Physical Disability Supported Accommodation Services - Care Provider Voyage 1 Limited 08 November 2023£18,959,563
AS18681Fareham Younger Adults Extra Care ServicesB.L.I.S.S. Support Services Ltd02 December 2024£3,048,390
CC18796Farnborough Library – Café ProvisionOak farm Learning and Activity centre19 January 2025£nil
HF10190Fire-Fighter HelmetsMSA Britain Ltd31 January 2028up to £350,000
CO12866Firefly - Delivering in the Public Sector ContextYellowday Training Ltd.21 August 2022£50,000
CO12867Firefly - Leading ChangeVOX COACHING LTD21 August 2022£80,000
CO12909Firewall Remote Access Support and Renewal for 2019boxxe 31 July 2022£382,168
HF15019Fitness Equipment for Hampshire Fire and RescueCore Health & Fitness15 March 2023£70,000
ET16861FixMyStreet Issue Reporting for HighwaysSocietyWorks Ltd29 June 2025£13,125
CC15095Fleet Management System for Hampshire County Council’s Hampshire Transport Management Business Civica UK Limited31 March 2025£201,653
CO17937FOI/SARS Case Management SystemFivium Ltd30 March 2026£175,000
F292Fordingbridge Taxishare - F292Red Express Limited16 June 2022£28,548
HC15534Forecasting CapabilityProcess Evolution Limited31 March 2024£86,490
CC14889Framework Agreement for the Inspection and Testing of Portable Electrical Appliances..Hooper Services Ltd, Norwood Electrical (UK) Ltd, PATTCO Ltd31 July 2024up to £800,000
CC15535Framework Agreement for the Inspection,Testing and supply of Portable Fire EquipmentChurches Fire Safety Ltd16 January 2025up to £800,000
CC16426Framework Agreement for the Supply and Distribution of Fruit and Vegetables and Milk and Morning Goods4DegreesC Ltd, AG Axton & Sons (Wholesale) Ltd, Harvest Fine Foods, The Fruit Basket Ltd03 April 2026£8,218,092
CC16569Framework Agreement for the Supply and Distribution of Sandwiches and Food To GoAspen Waite Food T/A Artisarni, Fresh Food For Now (Samworth Brothers), SIMPLY LUNCH, The Real Wrap Co31 March 2026up to £1,526,800
CC13004Framework Agreement for the supply and Installation of FlooringDGK Flooring Ltd, Endura Flooring Contractors LTD, Justfloors Ltd, Marisco South Ltd, Woodhams M.E.C. LTD31 October 2022up to £4,000,000
HCC2012364Framework agreement for the supply of batteriesHertfordshire County Council Multi-Supplier Framework (see May 2025up to £200,000
CC12656Framework Agreement for the Supply Of Cleaning Equipment (into stores only)ADDIS HOUSEWARES LTD, Arco Limited, Arrow County Supplies Limited, Banner Group Limited, BUNZL UK t/a Greenham, Comax UK Ltd, Deliver Net Ltd, Diversey Ltd, First Stop Catering & Hygiene Supplies Limited, Harrison Wipes, P GERRATT LTD, Robert Scott and Sons, Scot Young Research Ltd, Wessex Cleaning Equipment & Janitorial Supplies Ltd, Yate Dispouppliessables Ltd T/A Yate S, YORKSHIRE CLEANING FABICS31 May 2023Up to £800,000
CC13825Framework Agreement for the Supply of Exercise Books and Exercise PapersGrosvenor House Papers Limited, Victor Stationery, WM SINCLAIR AND SON (STATIONERS) LTD31 May 2023up to £2.88m
CC14295Framework Agreement for the Supply of Folding FurnitureGopak Ltd, Mogo Direct, Principal Furniture28 February 2024up to 1,680,000
CC15120Framework Agreement for the Supply of Office MachinesAcco UK Ltd, Avery UK Avery, Eastpoint, Ecosystem Ltd, FELLOWES LTD, HSM UK Limited, Vivid Laminating Technologies Ltd, WarrensOffice30 September 2024up to £552,000
HCC1911786Framework agreement for the supply of washroom disposablesHertfordshire County Council Multi-Supplier Framework (see March 2025up to £4,200,000
CC12517Framework Agreement for the Supply of Water Coolers and Vending SolutionsActive Watercoolers Ltd, Bettavend Limited, BWT UK Ltd, care vending services limited, Cooleraid Ltd, Crown Water & Coffee, Eden Springs UK Ltd, Hallmark Vending Limited, LTT Vending Ltd, Refreshment Systems, Scobie McIntosh, Selecta UK Limited, Waterlogic GB Ltd31 May 2023£1,500,000
HF14159Framework for Light Goods Vehicle Level 2 Driver Training Wayside Transport30 June 2024£180,000
CC16557Framework for the hire of vehicles (self-drive) 2021PITTER SELF DRIVE LTD, Southern Motor Contracts T/As Motorent14 November 2024£2,960,000
CC16574Framework for the supply of Curtains and Blinds1st Waterside Limited, Custom Group Limited, Solent Blind & Curtain Company Limited30 April 2026up to £2,500,000
CC10855Framework for the supply of Light and Commercial Catering Equipment and Associated ServicesBartlett, BF Engineering Services, BFS Group Limited T/A Bidfood, Bunzl UK Ltd t/a Lockhart Catering Equipment, Catering Equipment Support Limited, Comax UK Ltd, CONTRACT FURNITURE SPECIALISTS, E&R Moffat Ltd, Falcon Foodservice Equipment, foster refrigerator, Integral Services Limited t/a HCE, ITW Limited T/A Hobart UK, JLA Limited, Metcalfe Catering Equipment Ltd, Modo Commercial Kitchen Design, Nisbets, Norseman Direct Ltd, Proton (Southern) Ltd, RH Hall, RJS COOLING LTD, Space Catering (UK) Ltd, The Acme Facilities Group LTD, W.V. HOWE LIMITED30 June 2022up to £8,000,000
CC13760Framework for the Supply of Office StationeryAcco UK Ltd, Allgroup LLP, Antalis Ltd, Banner Group Limited, BDS Office Limited, BIC UK Limited, Bright Ideas Marketing Limited, Celsur Plastics Limited, Daler-Rowney Ltd, Durable UK Ltd, Eastpoint, edding (UK) Ltd, Exaclair Ltd, FLIPFILE LTD, Grosvenor House Papers Limited, Hainenko Ltd., Hamelin Brands Ltd, Helix Trading Ltd, Henkel Ltd, Identibadge Co Ltd, Newell Rubbermaid UK Ltd, Pakex (UK) plc, Pentel (Stationery) Limited, Plastoreg Smidt GmbH, Pukka Pads Ltd, Rapesco Office Products PLC, Robinson Young Limited, Slater Harrison & Co Ltd, Snopake Ltd, Southgate Packaging, TEXET SALES LIMITED, The Pilot Pen Co (UK) Ltd, Tiger Stationery LTD, Tilgear, WEST DESIGN PRODUCTS LIMITED., WHITECROFT ESSENTIALS (LYDNEY) LTD, WM SINCLAIR AND SON (STATIONERS) LTD, Zebra Pen (UK) Limited30 June 2023up to £2,828,000
CC15427Framework for the Supply of Print and Related ServicesAllwag Promotions Ltd, asap uk ltd, Continuous Dataprint (UK) Ltd, Culverlands Press Ltd, Diguru Limited, Firgrove Press (Parklands House Ltd T/A), HARLOW PRINTING LIMITED, Impress Print Services Ltd, LA Digital Print & Mailing, Manchester Printers Group, Paragon Customer Communications (London) Limited, The Purple Company (UK) Ltd, University of Southampton - The Print Centre31 December 2025up to £4,000,000
H1810790Framework for the Supply of Whiteboards, Noticeboards & Associated EquipmentHertfordshire County Council Multi-Supplier Framework (see March 2023up to £920,000
CS14143Frankie Workers 2020No Limits31 March 2023£682,218
CR16250Fully Managed Simulated Phishing ServiceKhipu Networks Ltd25 April 2023£15,600
ET15706Fume Containment System for Blacktop Lab at County Highways LaboratoryMonmouth Scientific Limited 16 August 2023£36,722
CS16429Further Education Management Information System (MIS) for Hampshire AchievesTribal Group30 April 2023£203,075
ET14365Future Highways Research ClubProving Services Ltd (m)30 September 2022£18,550
CR16319Future Schools Network Service for educational establishments in HampshireTalk Straight Ltd31 October 2025£4,047,795
ENVG253G253 Linden Lea - Fareham/PorchesterB J Taxis19 August 2022£21,840
ET10045Gas Monitoring of Closed Landfill Sites.MM Enviro Ltd31 July 2024£99,000
ET19442Gen 4 - 1 Hambledon Road Crossing, Denmead - G4-1-HBC/HCC_019Rocon Contractors Ltd18 July 2022£23,458
ET18499Gen 4 - 2 - A32 / Wych Lane Junction Accessibility Improvements - G4_2_HCC_017Knights Brown Construction Ltd01 July 2022£572,113
ET16119Gen 4 - 2 (Lot 1) - Holmsley Rail Bridge ReplacementKnights Brown Construction Ltd30 June 2022£2,804,157
ET19024Gen 4 TWO - Oakhanger Road, Budds Lane & Station Road Path.Mildren Construction Limited14 October 2022£798,283
ET19176Gen 4-1 - GGGL – WVH C114 Crossing - G4_1_HCC_037Rocon Contractors Ltd24 June 2022£84,205
ET18485Gen 4-1 - Whitchurch Accessibility and Traffic Measures – Phase 1 - G4_1_HCC_028Colas Ltd31 August 2022£204,373
ET18525Gen 4-1 - Whitchurch Accessibility and Traffic Measures – Phase 2 G4_1_HCC_029Rocon Contractors Ltd19 August 2022£119,049
ET16860Gen 4-3 - A30 Brighton Hill Roundabout Improvements, Basingstoke - G4_3_HCC_002Milestone Infrastructure Ltd26 September 2023£11,777,805
ET15594Gen 4-3 - Uplands Development Infrastructure (UDI) - G4-3-HCC-001VolkerFitzpatrick Limited01 September 2022£18,376,693
ET14148Generation 4 Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental FrameworkByrne Looby Partners (UK) Ltd, Dunelm Geotechnical and Environmental Limited, Fugro GeoServices Limited, Harrison Group Environmental Limited, Leap Environmental Ltd, Omnia Environmental Consulting, Red Rock Geo, RSK Environment Limited, SOCOTEC UK Limited, Strata Geotechnics (Part of Van Elle Ltd), Terra Firma31 May 2025Up to £5,000,000
ET12807Generation 4 Technical Resources Framework 2020-2024Amelio Group, Amey OWR Limited, Batchleague Limited, Bellamy Roberts LLP, Bennett Associates Consulting, BOS Engineering Ltd, Camps Environmental Services Ltd, Carrington West Limited, Construct-lab ltd, CREO CONSULTING ENGINEERS LTD, CSA Landscape Ltd, Deacon Design Ltd, Designs for Lighting Ltd, ERS Highway Design, Faithful+Gould Limited, Five Rivers Environmental Contracting Ltd, Fugro GeoServices Limited, Ganymede Solutions Ltd, Hays, Marbas Group Ltd, Matchtech Group plc, McGinley Support Services (Infrastructure), Medlams Surveys Ltd, Metis Consultants Ltd, OST Engineering, Ove Arup and Partners International Ltd, Pennant Consulting Ltd, PhoenixC Ltd, Pollution Control (UK) Ltd, Pre-Construct Archaeology, Ramboll UK Limited, Ridge and Partners LLP, RPF Associates, RPS Consulting Engineers Limited, RSK ADAS Limited, Satius Consulting Ltd, Solent Technical Resources Ltd, SYSTRA Ltd, TRF Group Ltd, Waterman Aspen, Waterman Infrastructure & Environment Ltd, WSP UK Ltd31 March 2024up to £45,000,000
ET12806Generation 4-ONE 2020 – 2024 Civil Engineering, Highways and Transportation Collaborative FrameworkAlun Griffiths (Contractors) Limited, Associated Asphalt Contracting Ltd, Colas Ltd, Dyer & Butler Ltd, Hope & Clay (Construction) Ltd, Mildren Construction Limited, R&W Civil Engineering, Rocon Contractors Ltd31 March 2024up to £100,000,000
ET12276Generation 4-THREE 2020 – 2024 Civil Engineering, Highways and Transportation Collaborative FrameworkHOCHTIEF (UK) Construction Limited, Milestone Infrastructure Ltd, Tarmac Trading Limited, VolkerFitzpatrick Limited31 January 2024up to £500,000,000
ET12813Generation 4-TWO 2020 – 2024 Civil Engineering, Highways and Transportation Collaborative FrameworkAlun Griffiths (Contractors) Limited, Dyer & Butler Ltd, Eurovia Infrastructure Ltd, Farrans Construction trading as a division of Northstone (NI) Limited, Jackson Civil Engineering Group Limited, John Graham Construction Ltd, Kier Infrastructure and Overseas, Knights Brown Construction Ltd, Mildren Construction Limited, R&W Civil Engineering31 March 2024up to £500,000,000
ET19472GGF - Hiltingbury Junior School - Site investigation - G4_GGF_HCC_G1573Terra Firma 18 July 2022£3551
ET19473GGF - Winton Community Academy, site investigation - G4_GGF_HCC_G1574Terra Firma 18 July 2022£4,861
CS16602Governor Services Software..WCL (UK) Limited 31 March 2024£105,830
CC15327Grounds Maintenance Services 2020.idverde Ltd, John O'Conner (GM) Ltd, PGSD LTD, Scandor Landscape Contractors Ltd, SCC School Grounds Maintenance Team31 December 2024£13,000,000
ET15497H183 Clanfield, Catherington and Lovedean (36) Taxishare/Carshare .cowplain cars07 June 2022£142,032
ET19098H184 Hayling Island Carshare/TaxishareHayling Travel31 March 2023£55,080
AS15887HADSOM - Voids and Nominations AgreementInclusion Housing31 March 2031£1,360,000
CC12144/1Hamble Harbour Management Software – Merchant Acquirer Contract Paysafe (m)31 December 2023£80,000
CS11109Hamble School Leisure ComplexSports and Leisure Management Ltd31 August 2028£nil
ENVE303Hamble, Hound and Burseldon Hospital TaxishareGrainger travel10 January 2023£8,660
AS14333Hampshire & Southampton Advocacy ServicesVoiceAbility31 March 2023£4,279,730
AS10870 S&CHampshire Accommodation Development and Support Options Model (HADSOM) - Support and CareAdult Services (go to April 2026up to £1,120,000,000
AS10870 AHampshire Accommodation Development and Support Options Model (HADSOM) -AccommodationAdult Services (go to April 2026£nil
AS12531Hampshire Carers Support & Dementia Advisors Service - Lot 4The Princess Royal Trust for Carers in Hampshire31 March 2023£948,205
AS12531Hampshire Carers Support & Dementia Advisors Service - Lots1,2,3Andover Mind31 August 2022£4,631,795
ET12188Hampshire Concessionary Travel SchemeEuclid Limited30 September 2023£1,500,000
HC15937Hampshire Constabulary Car Hire 2021Enterprise Rent-A-Car31 March 2023£900,000
HC10860Hampshire Constabulary Custody Healthcare ServicesPartnering Health Limited06 January 2024£8,252,860
HC13914Hampshire Constabulary for Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) & Degree Holder Entry Programme (DHEP) Mini Comp Lot 3Middlesex University (on behalf of PDAC) (m)06 July 2023£28,500,000
HC16294Hampshire Constabulary JOU - supply of Conducted Energy Devices (CEDS) and associated equipmentAxon Public Safety UK Limited10 March 2023£361,164
HC15590Hampshire Constabulary provision of Business Travel ServicesClarity Travel Limited11 April 2023£2,000,000
HC13744Hampshire Constabulary Recovery VehicleJ & J Conversions Ltd01 July 2023£68,000
HC16283Hampshire Constabulary Tactical Shirts and TrousersSBI TAC PRO LIMITED04 November 2023£127,054
CC15563Hampshire County Council Print & Document ServicesCanon (UK) Limited30 September 2026£2,936,821
CR19310Hampshire County Council’s IT Break Fix ServiceSpecialist Computer Centres31 March 2025£37,564
ET18545Hampshire Decarbonisation Pathway - Consultancy servicesParity Projects31 July 2022£15,000
AS09292Hampshire Deregistration Partnership RegisterAdult Services (go to July 2022up to £115,000,000
AS08295Hampshire Extra Care Lot 1,3,6 - Basingstoke 5181 12954 / Hart & Rushmoor 5183 12956 / Winchester 5182 12955.Apex Prime Care30 September 2023£1,948,698
AS08295Hampshire Extra Care Lot 2 - Gosport 4966 12516Mayfair Homecare Ltd31 January 2023£310,745
AS08295Hampshire Extra Care Lot 5 - Test Valley 4967 12517 All Care (GB) Ltd.30 September 2023£462,866
ENV1114Hampshire Highways Service Contract (HHSC)Milestone Infrastructure Ltd30 April 2024£1,600,000,000
ENV791Hampshire Household Waste Recycling Centre Management ENV791Veolia ES (UK) Limited31 December 2023up to £95,000,000
ET18817 (CO16785)Hampshire Household Waste Recycling Centres – Telephone Booking Service 2022Bloom Procurement Services Ltd31 October 2022Up to £126,315
EX06837Hampshire Pension Fund Investment ServicesAberdeen Asset Management, GCM Investments UK LLP31 January 2026£30,000,000
HPSN2COHampshire Public Services Network (HPSN) 2.1Virgin Media Business Limited 31 December 2022£6,000,000
AS10880HAMPSHIRE RAPE AND SEXUAL ASSAULT TELEPHONE AND COUNSELLING SUPPORT SERVICECommunities First Wessex, Family Action, Yellow Door30 September 2022£715,614
ENV231 (ENV1195)Hampshire Street Lighting PFITay Valley Lighting (Hampshire) Ltd (m)31 March 2035£390,000,000
CO10837Hampshire Substance Misuse Treatment ServiceInclusion Drug & Alcohol Services30 June 2023£58,001,687
AS11737Hampshire Technology Enabled Care PartnershipPA Consulting Services LTD31 January 2024£67,410,000
HC16707Hampton Trust Provision of LINX CourseThe Hampton Trust31 March 2023£83,500
CC12144Harbour Management Software for the River Hamble Harbour Authority (RHHA)Viking Systems Limited31 December 2023£51,100
P12902Hatherden CE (A) Primary School - Re Roofing Ph 2Salnor Roofing Services Ltd02 September 2022£65,289
ET15838Havant 27 Bus Service (H172)First Hampshire & Dorset Ltd04 July 2023£171,771
ET15841Havant D1/D2 Bus Service (H162)First Hampshire & Dorset Ltd04 July 2023£259,305
ASD00165.3.C.HulRdHavant Learning Disability Small Shared Living ServiceVoyage 1 Limited 31 July 2023£2,821,920
CC14909HC3S Allergen Portal HERTFORDSHIRE CATERING LIMITED17 January 2024£46,000
CC16448HC3S Menu Management SystemCivica UK Limited30 November 2023£16,380
CC16355HC3S School Meals Income System ReplacementTucasi Ltd31 January 2023£150,000
CC13989HCC Database Platforms for Hampshire County Council’s (HCC) Major Construction FrameworksBuilding Software Limited31 July 2023£165,000
CC15840Heating Oil and Motor Fuel FrameworkWessex Petroleum Ltd t/a WP Group31 March 2025£55,000,000
AS08860Help to Live at Home Open FrameworkAdult Services (go to August 2024up to £735,000,000
HF15572HFRS Availability and Training Software SolutionGartan Technologies07 June 2025£937,000
HF11675HFRS IPVPN WANVirgin Media Business Limited 22 May 2023£893,864
HF12465HFRS Managed Service Provider for Temporary Staff and Contingent Labour Crown Commerical Services - Multi Supplier Framework (see - 25 July 2023up to £3,200,000
HF08915HFRS Telephony System.telent Technology Services Limited31 January 2023£412,196
AS06092HFSLLDS.4 - Alton Generic Mini CompetitionEnham Trust14 August 2022£269,745
ET16356Highways Analyst SoftwareBasemap Ltd20 April 2025£19,400
ET18442 (CO16785)Highways Asset Management and Survey SystemBloom Procurement Services Ltd26 May 2023up to £270,000
OP17979Hire & Installation of a Temporary Cooling Unit (‘chiller’) at Southampton Central Police StationICS Cool Energy Limited08 September 2022£73,020
CC16395Hire Cars for Hampshire Transport Management (Winchester Area)Enterprise Rent-A-Car26 September 2023£96,000
AS12350Hitting The Cold Spots.The Environment Centre31 March 2024£600,000
HF18214HIWFRS - Franking Machine PurchaseTMR Executive Agency Ltd (m)30 November 2027£2,000
HF16698HIWFRS Medical and First Aid Consumables Data Southern Enterpries Ltd t/a DS Medical31 December 2025£90,000
ET19399Homeowner Retrofit Service DevelopmentParity Projects31 December 2022£60,000
ET18138Household Waste Recycling Centres Residents Booking SystemBOOKINGLAB LIMITED04 March 2023£91,260
P12690 ICF - Icknield School - Extension, Remodel and RefurbishmentMorgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Ltd16 December 2022£2,294,222
C09230ICF - Stoke Park Infant School – Re-roofing projectEW Beard Ltd26 August 2022£1,115,394
CO09636Improving Team Resilience and Wellbeing Leadership ModuleDeveloping People Limited12 April 2023up to £12,000
HF16085Incident Command Unit for HFRS Emergency One (UK) Limited14 March 2029£754,000
CO10993Independent Advisor To The Hampshire Pension FundInvestment Trustee and Adviser Ltd31 December 2025£278,953
AS14715Independent Sexual Violence Advisor (ISVA) Service YELLOW Door Solent 31 March 2025£2,112,600
CS12609Independent Support to Foster Carers (2019)FosterTalk31 May 2023£180,000
HC14402Industrial Gases for Hampshire Constabulary Fleet Workshops.BOC Gases31 December 2023£2,000
CO09637Influencing and Engaging Others Leadership Module 13.09.16The Colour Works International Limited20 December 2022up to £10,000
CO13550Insights Discovery Profiles.The Colour Works International Limited31 March 2023£99,000
ET15110Inspection and Maintenance of Structures In and Around WatercoursesBDS TECHNOLOGY LTD30 April 2024£3,000,000
ET16289Inspection, Maintenance and Jetting of the Newnham Closed Landfill sewer connection and leachate interception systemHartley Tanker Services Ltd31 March 2025£25,000
CS12245Inspection, Maintenance and Repair of Physical Education, Fitness and Outdoor Play EquipmentUniversal Services(Sports Equipment) LTD31 March 2023up to £500,000
CO13178Insurance Case Management System (Legal Services)DWF 360 Ltd28 June 2023£156,880
CO12128Insurance Claims System for Legal ServicesDWF 360 Ltd22 January 2023£75,000
F07178AIntegrated Consultancy Framework (ICF) Over-arching Call-off Contract for Professional ServicesMace Limited01 February 2024£1,800,000
OP15200Integrated Offender Management (IOM) – Commissioned Service for Substance misusing Service Users.The Society of St James31 March 2025£3,275,000
F07198 (CC11807)Intermediate Construction Framework 2 (ICF) (Hampshire Construction Framework)EW Beard Ltd, Kier Construction Ltd, Morgan Sindall Construction & Infrastructure Ltd, Wates Smartspace16 June 2023up to £200,000,000
DN387584Isle of Wight Fire Service PPE Bristol Uniforms Limited12 November 2022£350,000
CR16110IT Access Management Software (Thycotic)Insight Direct (UK) Ltd31 March 2026£185,000
CR15620IT Hardware - Remote Working EquipmentInsight Direct (UK) Ltd15 June 2023£2,362,490
CO12539IT Health Check and PCI/PSN Penetration TestingNTA Monitor Ltd05 April 2023£76,950
CR18092IT Service Management Solutions SoftwareIvanti UK Ltd25 January 2024£612,996
CO14542KeySoft SolutionsPhoenix Software Ltd31 August 2022£36,930
CC16845Kykloud Property Asset Management SoftwareVFA Limited11 August 2022£7,018
CC16347Lab Information Management System (LIMS) Server MigrationAnalytical Information Systems Ltd31 May 2025£70,000
AS10271/003Landlord DPS Learning Disability and Physical Disability Supported Accommodation Service x 3 LotsGolden Lane Housing28 January 2046£nil
AS10271Landlord Partnership AgreementAdult Services (go to December 2022£nil
AS10271/001Landlord Partnership Agreement - Phase 1 PropertiesGolden Lane Housing11 July 2043£nil
AS10271/002Landlord Partnership Agreement - Sonnet Court Golden Lane Housing30 November 2034£nil
F07199Landscape & External Works Framework3 COUNTIES CIVIL ENGINEERING LTD, Ainsty Timber Marketing Limited, Aquascience Ltd, Blakedown Landscapes SE Ltd, Ecosulis, idverde Ltd, Morton Pattison Ltd, Rocon Contractors Ltd, Scandor Landscape Contractors Ltd, Smith Construction (Heckington) Ltd, Velocity Sports Ltd15 September 2023up to £30,000,000
HC14097Language and Translation Service for Hampshire and Thames Valley Constabularies DA Languages Limited31 March 2024£1,800,000
HF16269Large Type B Rescue Pump Appliances for Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire and Rescue Emergency One (UK) Limited16 January 2025£4,160,655
HF12296Laundry for Personal Protective EquipmentBristol Uniforms Limited30 August 2022£240,000
AS09828Learning & Development Managed Service ProviderPremier People Solutions Ltd30 September 2022up to £6,000,000
CC18760Legal Advice for the Land Disposal ProgrammeAshfords LLP12 December 2022£65,000
P13195LHC - Various Properties Cavity Wall Insulation - Lot 4E.ON Energy Solutions Limited27 May 2022£122,284
P13196LHC - Various Properties Cavity Wall Insulation - Lot 5Ameresco Ltd30 June 2022£164,408
P13197LHC - Various Properties Cavity Wall Insulation - Lot 6Ameresco Ltd30 June 2022£126,357
P13199LHC - Various Properties Cavity Wall Insulation - Lot 8E.ON Energy Solutions Limited30 June 2022£78,440
P13198LHC- Various Properties Cavity Wall Insulation - Lot 7E.ON Energy Solutions Limited30 June 2022£153,396
CC19004Library Shelving (replacement for damaged shelving)Zero Point Eight (Dudley) Limited13 January 2023£11,000
CO13686Licences for content library of courses and learning resourcesLitmos Heroes30 July 2022£193,940
AS18187Live in Care 2021CSN Care group Limited05 June 2022£392,784
AS16066Live-In Care ServiceExecutive Care Personnel Limited, Mayfair Homecare Ltd, Perfect Call Healthcare Ltd, Platinum Care Solutions Ltd05 June 2022£2,218,800
CO15639LLC Searches Website Pen TestMTI Technology11 July 2023£30,000
CO15320Local Area Network (LAN) Switches RefreshInsight Direct (UK) Ltd03 February 2026£795,834
CO10273Local Healthwatch for HampshireHealthwatch Hampshire CIC31 March 2023£1,247,590
C10169Lot 1 - External Decorations and Repairs 1-21 - Various PropertiesTrident Maintenance Services Ltd28 June 2022£320,866
CO12919Lot 12 - Leadership & Management - Facilitating Team Away DaysVOX COACHING LTD05 September 2022£50,000
C10189Lot 2 - External Decorations and Repairs 10-21 - Various PropertiesJC RAE DECORATING LTD27 May 2022£183,766
C10218Lot 2 - External Decorations and Repairs 13-21 - Various propertiesJC RAE DECORATING LTD30 September 2022£227,121
C10186Lot 2 - External Decorations and Repairs 8-21 - Various PropertiesJC RAE DECORATING LTD27 May 2022£218,427
C10187Lot 2 - External Decorations Package 9-21Ferris Painting 27 May 2022£90,320
C10309LSF - Lot 1 - Brighton Hill Community School - Maths Quadrant Hard LandscapingRocon Contractors Ltd02 September 202272,498
C10353LSF - Lot 1 - Calshot Activity Centre - Access Road Remedial Works3 COUNTIES CIVIL ENGINEERING LTD03 June 2022£44,300
P13241LSF - Lot 1 - Four Lanes Infant & Junior Schools - Resurfacing and DrainageRocon Contractors Ltd06 June 2022£15,929
CC19166LSF - Lot 4 - England Coast Path - Gosport to Portsmouth 3 - Cams Mill to Portchester - Signage and worksMorton Pattison Ltd31 July 2022£23,418
CC16475LSF - Lot 4 - England Coast Path signage installation - stretches CCG1 & CCG2 (Re-Tender)Morton Pattison Ltd31 July 2022£17,682
ET15219LSF - Lot 6 - M27 Junction 10 (Part 2) Planting & Establishment WorksScandor Landscape Contractors Ltd31 March 2025£40,000
ET19115LSF - Lot 6 - Sycamore Road FWMBlakedown Landscapes SE Ltd29 July 2022£24,399
P13123LSF - Oakmoor: Sport PitchesVelocity Sports Ltd20 June 2022£202,266
CC15085LSF Lot 6 - Manydown North - Advanced Ecological MitigationBlakedown Landscapes SE Ltd31 March 2025£225,498
ET13521 (ET13768)M27 Junction 10 - Mitigation Works : Planting & Establishment Works - Reptile receptor sitesScandor Landscape Contractors Ltd31 March 2024£95,539
AS10790Maintenance & Repair of Sluice Room Equipment.DDC Dolphin Limited30 June 2024£207,900
HC14086Maintenance of Automated Media Storage and Retrieval System (Lektrievers)Kardex Systems UK Ltd31 May 2022£17,463
SC14718Managed IT Service at Brookfield Community SchoolTaylor Made Computer Solutions31 March 2023£380,179
CS16378Managed IT Service for Hampshire Secure Schools.Schools ICT Services (East Sussex County Council)13 June 2023£88,613
HC13911Managed Services for Temporary Agency ResourcesMatrix SCM31 March 2023up to £500,000
CS16505Management Information System for Hampshire SchoolsFFT Education Ltd31 March 2023£470,000
CO14916Managing the Risk of ChokingSouthern Health NHS Foundation Trust31 March 2023£22,000
CC15022Manufacture and Supply of Bespoke Timber Lock Gates for the Basingstoke Canal AuthorityThe Green Oak Carpentry Company Ltd30 September 2024£300,000
CC10142Marine Assurance Services and AdviceNautx Ltd (m)30 June 2022£50,000
CO15005Marketing & Advertising Framework McConnells (Midlands) Ltd, RH Advertising Ltd30 April 2026up to £2,500,000
CS16006Marketing campaign for Regional Adoption AgencyRH Advertising Ltd30 September 2022£90,000
AS10783Meals on Wheels Service apetito Limited30 September 2023£13,800,000
CS14124Meeting Management System (Moderngov for RAA)Civica UK Limited16 September 2022£25,000
CO12592Meeting Room Software move to Cloud and 20 Hardware unitsCondeco Limited31 December 2022£90,800
CC16600Membership System Hosting and Support for Calshot Activity Centre.Gladstone30 May 2022£7,000
CC12664Membership, Booking and EPOS Solution FrameworkOmnico Group UK Ltd11 September 2023up to £5,000,000
AS14922Mental Health AwarenessThe Learning Enterprise31 March 2023£30,000
AS09292 / 01Mental Health Housing and Support Step 2 Service - North East Hampshire Alexander's Mental Health Ltd01 May 2024£788,400
AS14114Mental Health Housing and Support: Tiered Supported Housing Services North East HampshireHome Group31 July 2025£4,371,855
AS15139Mental Health Supported Housing HampshireHome Group, Richmond Fellowship31 March 2026£22,440,600
AS09534Mental Health Wellbeing Centres 2017Andover Mind, Hampshire Mind CIC, Solent Mind31 August 2022£10,108,500
HF15939Microsoft Enterprise Licences for Hampshire and Isle Wight Fire and Rescue ServicePhoenix Software Ltd31 December 2023£1,039,884
CR15655Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) Support and MaintenanceThirdSpace Ltd. 30 April 2023£43,200
CR15232Microsoft Licencing across HCCPhoenix Software Ltd31 December 2023£6,754,074
CR16543Microsoft LSP for Enrolment for EducationPhoenix Software Ltd30 June 2024£602,951
HF15271Microsoft Power App licencingInsight Direct (UK) Ltd07 June 2025£1,066,983
CR16062AMicrosoft Unified Support.Microsoft Ltd29 February 2024£374,923
ET18798MiDAS development workEmma Calthorpe (m), North East Transport Training (m), Powys Transport Training Agency (m)30 September 2022£50,000
CO15950 - F07244Minor Works Framework 2021-20253 Pin Electrical Ltd, 3D Aluminium, A D Mechanical Services Limited, A Purkiss Ltd, Anchor Pipework Ltd, ARB Mechanical Engineering Limited, B & M Clark (Builders) Ltd, B F Keane Electrical Contractors Limited, B&M McHugh Ltd, Bell Decorating Group Limited, Breyer Group PLC, CEI Electrical Limited, CLC CONTRACTORS LIMITED, Corrigenda Ltd trading as Churches, D M HABENS LTD, Dartmouth General Contractors Ltd, Dorelbury Ltd, DS Mechanical Hampshire Ltd, Edgar & Wood Mechanical Services Ltd., Enerveo Ltd, Feltham Construction Ltd, Gable Projects, GREEN BUILDING MAINTENANCE LIMITED, Green Light Contracts Limited, Greendale Construction Limited, Hampshire Partitioning Contracts Ltd (TA HP Contracts), Hazlemere Window Company Limited, Hillside Electrical Southern Ltd, HI-TECH PROPERTY SERVICES LTD, Industrial (Boiler & Contract) Services Ltd, J Ashwell Ltd, JC RAE DECORATING LTD, Joedan Manufacturing (UK) Ltd t/a Wessex Window Systems, Leaves Building & Maintenance Contractors Ltd, LST Projects, P&H Electrical Solutions Ltd, Pool & Sons (Hartley Wintney) Ltd, Pure Construction Southern Ltd, R V Dart & Son (Builders) Ltd, Rigfone Electrics Ltd, Roberts & Jones Mechanical Services Ltd, Simer Environmental Services Ltd, Southern Flat & Pitched Roofing Ltd, Spetisbury Construction Ltd, T Coleborn & Son Ltd, Tew Brothers Ltd, Tremorfa Ltd, V.C Dominey Electrical Services, Walker Electrical Services (UK) Ltd, West End Roofing & Construction Ltd27 January 2026up to £130,000,000
AS13312Mobile FormsKirona Solutions Ltd30 June 2022£492,790
AS15317Mobile Interactive Projectors for Hampshire Care HomesSpecialist Computer Centres03 December 2022£149,999
OP16706Multi-disciplinary Property Consultancy ServicesMace Limited30 September 2022£773,972
C09020ZMWF - Brookfield Community School - Pitched Roof Replacement C Block.Breyer Group PLC26 August 2022£97,000
C09940MWF - Bulk Oil Tank Works - Various PropertiesSimer Environmental Services Ltd26 August 2022£59,248
E04915MWF - Gosport Old Grammar School - Museum and Art GalleryHampshire Partitioning Contracts Ltd (TA HP Contracts)29 July 2022£792,221
C10183MWF - Henry Cort Community College - Changing Block Upper RoofHampshire Partitioning Contracts Ltd (TA HP Contracts)10 June 2022£107,463
P12969ZMWF - Hollywater School - Extension, Internal Alterations and LandscapingD M HABENS LTD02 September 2022£313,938
C09905MWF - Lot 1 - North Waltham Primary School - Upgrade of Patent GlazingA Purkiss Ltd12 August 2022£59,971
C10016ZMWF - Lot 1 - Portway Junior School - Hall Ceiling Replacement.Tew Brothers Ltd10