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ReferenceTitleSuppliersStart DateExpiry DateValue
SCAPE 133 Houghton Conquest Lower School - Plant Replacement Works - SCAPE Framework 133Conamar Building Services Limited04 October 202122 October 2021£136,140.52
06F-CHS-18-24-001-ELFT Adult and Children’s Community Health ServiceEast London NHS Foundation Trust01 April 201831 March 2023£3,895,500.00
ESPO 306_19 Electrical Testing FrameworkQuantec Consultants Ltd01 April 202131 March 2022£25,000.00
SCAPE 0126 Multiple School Maintenace projectsConamar Building Services Limited16 August 202131 October 2021£40,000.00
Acuma/01 SAP Business Objects/ BI Edge Edition User SupportAcuma Solutions LimitedNo Date Provided01 January 9999£10,000.00
12051205 Housing JigsawHousing Partners Ltd01 April 202231 March 2023£10,495.00
CAL/0124/7 Community Alarm Call Handling Service WelBeing (Wealden and Eastborne lifeline) 06 February 201231 August 2018£600,000.00
 3Par SupportIBM United Kingdom Limited01 December 201630 November 2017£30,000.00
CBC-0980-T-CE A1 Corridor Study CBC-0980-T-CE Mott MacDonald20 March 201930 September 2019£85,400.00
CBC-1121-T-CE A5 Detrunking CBC-1121-T-CE J McCann and Co Limited31 July 202005 March 2021£916,326.41
CBC-0972-FC-CEA6 & A505 Repave Works CBC-0972-FC-CE Toppesfield Ltd04 March 201905 April 2019£607,886.51
CBC-0285-T-LSAccommodation Services in Care Homes CBC-0285-T-LS BENSLOW MANAGMENT CO LTD, Carrington House Ltd, Chase House, Elm Lodge Residential and Nursing Home, Four Seasons Health Care, GA Projects Limited, Gracewell Healthcare, Healthcare Homes Group Ltd., Lady Spencer House Ltd, Luton Training & Mentoring, Pressbeau Limited, Quantum Care Ltd, Resicare Homes Ltd, SAH NURSING HOMES LTD, Sharnbrook Care Home Ltd, Shires Health Care (Woodside) Limited, The Knolls Care Centre, The Limes Care Home Ltd, The Old Village School Nursing Home, The Paddocks05 November 201304 November 2016£25,000,000.00
ACO/01Acolaid/MDA Lamp ProjectIdox Software Ltd18 February 200930 June 2022£1,812,957.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-04Adult Education (eVolve Your Future) CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-04eVolve your future13 January 202031 October 2021£72,477.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-05Adult Education CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-05(eVolve Your Future)eVolve your future01 October 201931 October 2021£58,470.00
CBC-001-IMHPSLDAdult Skills & Community LearningImpact Mental Health peer Support C.I.C01 May 201531 July 2017£138,400.00
ADV/01Advice and mediation serviceThe Fostering Network01 April 2005No Date Provided£43,000.00
CBC-0493-T-LMAdvocacy and IV services for looked after children CBC-0493-T-LMNational Youth Advocacy Service01 April 201531 March 2017£124,408.00
CBC-0669-T-CEAerial Photo Scanning and Rectification LOT 1 CBC-0669-T-CE Historic Environment Scotland24 November 201623 April 2017£48,926.00
CBC-0669-T-CEAerial Photo Scanning and Rectification LOT 2 CBC-0669-T-CECyient Europe Limited24 November 201623 April 2017£37,640.00
RM3808 Lot2-CENT-WIFI-1Aerohive licences and portal developments in relation to WiFi provisionsCentiant International Limited26 October 202025 October 2025£47,438.75
AGE/01Age Concern Beds Contract 2016/17Age UK Bedfordshire01 April 201631 March 2017£28,367.00
AGE/02Agency medical adviceBedfordshire PCT01 April 2012No Date Provided£38,511.00
1198Agile Application Project Support31ten Consulting Limited26 January 202225 April 2022£79,300.00
RM1557.12Agile SaaS: Public ProtectionAgile Applications Limited02 November 202101 November 2023£195,350.00
PP0882Alcium SoftwareAlcium Software16 March 202115 March 2025£14,508.00
ALL/01Allpay cash collectionAllpay.Net Limited16 March 200931 March 2017£129,000.00
ANY/01AnyComms Plus License, Support and HostingAVCO SYSTEMS LTD01 April 201631 March 2017£9,973.00
FISC/01AP Forensics Software Licence AgreementFiscal Technologies03 July 2017No Date Provided£45,239.00
AppealsPro/01AppealsPro and Associated SoftwareFCS SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS LTD01 March 2021No Date Provided£11,000.00
ARA/01Aragon Housing Support ServicesAragon Housing Assoc01 April 201631 March 2019£135,000.00
ARA/02Aragon Telecare and Assessors ContractAragon Housing AssocNo Date Provided31 March 2017£140,000.00
CBC-0704-H-CE Arlesey Community Centre Electrical and H&S works CBC-0704-H-CE B Safe Electrical Services20 February 201710 March 2017£77,320.00
CBC-1122-T-CE Artificial Pitch Installation CBC-1122-T-CE 3G Support in Sport (UK) Ltd T/A SIS Pitches27 July 202027 November 2021£880,073.18
AMS20-21Asbestos Management Services 20-21Cambridgeshire County Council01 April 202031 March 2021£7,500.00
AMS 21-22Asbestos Management Services 21-22Cambridgeshire County Council01 April 202131 March 2022£6,700.00
CBC-0389-T-GL ASBESTOS SURVEYING, TESTING AND REMOVAL CBC-0389-T-GLWoods Building Services Limited01 May 201531 October 2020£1,620,000.00
N/AAshton Square Toilet Block RefurbishmentsAmber Construction Services Ltd01 May 201931 July 2019£113,387.82
ASS/01Asset Management & Compliance System / ViabilityPIMSS Data Systems18 May 202017 May 2023£44,940.00
 Assisted Living - Maintenance of Community AlarmsAppello13 November 201413 November 2017£12,702.00
 Assisted Living - Maintenance of Community Alarms (2)ABCA Systems Ltd01 January 201629 December 2017£12,445.00
AUD/01Audit ServicesErnst & Young01 October 2012No Date Provided£920,000.00
PP0594Back Office Civil Enforcement SoftwareImperial Civil Enforcement Solutions24 November 201624 November 2021£300,000.00
BAN/01Banking Services (2016)National Westminster Bank plc01 April 201631 March 2023£150,000.00
CBC-0436-T-SC (1)Bathroom Refurbishments (Disabled Adaptations) and Minor Improvement Works CBC-04360T-SC (1)BSG Property Services Ltd01 July 201530 June 2021£1,000,000.00
CBC-0436-T-SC (2)Bathroom Refurbishments (Disabled Adaptations) and Minor Improvement Works CBC-0436-T-SC (2)FSG Property Services Ltd01 July 201531 August 2019£1,200,000.00
SCAPE 0124Beaudesert Lower School LightingConamar Building Services Limited25 October 202129 October 2021£31,457.53
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-04Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-04 JRNYSEP Educational Services Limited trading as JRNY Training02 September 201931 October 2021£82,000.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-04Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-04(SSG Services)SSG Education & Training15 October 201931 July 2021£304,000.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-05Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-05(IMH)IMH Peer Support C.I.C.14 October 201931 July 2021£199,998.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-05_NEBedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-05(NOAH)NOAH ENTERPRISE15 October 201931 July 2021£160,000.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-05Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-05(Waterside)Waterside Consultancy Hertfordshire21 October 201931 July 2021£42,687.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-08 Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-08 11 January 202131 October 2021£0.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-09Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-09 (All Dimension)All Dimension Limited01 August 202131 October 2023£20,000.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-09Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-09 (Best Practice)Best Practice People Limited01 August 202131 October 2023£140,000.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-09Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-09 (BTAC)Bedford Training and Assessment Centre (BTAC)01 August 202131 October 2023£140,000.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-09Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-09 (Learning Curve)Learning Curve Group Limited01 August 202131 October 2023£140,000.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-09Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-09 (NOAH)NOAH ENTERPRISE01 August 202131 October 2023£121,000.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-09Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-09 (SSG)SSG Education & Training01 August 202131 October 2023£240,000.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-09Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-09 (Waterside)Waterside Consultancy Hertfordshire01 August 202131 October 2023£153,000.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-10Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-10 (Groundwork)Groundwork East01 August 202131 October 2023£87,900.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-10Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-10 (IMH)IMH Peer Support C.I.C.01 August 202131 October 2023£220,500.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-10Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-10 (NOAH)NOAH ENTERPRISE01 August 202131 October 2023£248,500.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-10Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-10 (Waterside)Waterside Consultancy Hertfordshire01 August 202131 October 2023£71,300.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-11Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-11Advantages of Age Ltd10 January 202231 October 2022£10,000.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-12Bedfordshire Employment and Skills Service CBC-0961-DPS-LS-BESS-12Best Practice Training and Development Ltd/Leaders in Business10 January 202231 October 2022£12,036.00
IEG4-SouthBedsBenefits Forms and e-DesignerIEG4 Limited01 January 202131 December 2022£178,875.00
2020/S 220-541956Biggleswade HIF SupergridUK Power Networks Services (Commercial) Limited16 October 2020No Date Provided£41,063,902.00
 Bike-It Plus ProjectSustrans Limited01 April 201731 March 2022£110,295.00
EPS_00681_2019 BNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory & Property Management UK Limited - Estates professional servicesBNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory & Property Management UK Limited15 October 201913 March 2022£50,000.00
1170Box migration to SharePointDatum06 December 202131 March 2022£95,950.00
CBC-0986-DA-03-DQBraeburn Way Cranfield Planning Appeal CBC-0986-DA-03-DQOpinion Research Services Ltd01 March 202131 August 2021£16,500.00
CBC-0667-DPS-CE-02Bus routes 43 & 47 CBC-0667-DPS-CE-02South Beds Dial-a-Ride02 May 201702 May 2022£254,797.80
CBC-0667-DPS-CE-03Bus routes 74 & 232 CBC-0667-DPS-CE-03South Beds Dial-a-Ride02 May 201702 May 2022£275,006.65
BSO/09-24Bus Shelter OperationAdspace 2000 Ltd15 April 200914 April 2024£15.00
CBC-0862-T-CEBusiness Case Development Manager and Healthcare Estate Planner CBC-0862-T-CE WSP UK Limited 01 June 201828 September 2018£88,710.00
CBC-1022-H-CEBusiness Cases – Accommodation for Older People in Flitwick and Leighton Buzzard CBC-1022-H-CE Local Partnerships26 September 201921 November 2019£26,450.00
CBC-1145-H-CE Business Incubation and Innovation - Market Assessment CBC-1145-H-CE SQW Ltd22 December 202021 March 2021£24,775.00
9333/03 Business Object Restructuring ProjectANS Group20 December 202119 December 2022£135,000.00
CBC-0986-DA-14-ABCaddington SW Drainage Model CBC-0986-DA-14-ABJeremy Benn Associates Limited01 December 202101 January 2022£1,402.00
CBC-0650-T-TSCaddy Bags, Garden Sacks and Recycling Sacks ESPO FW 860 Lot 1 - Refuse and Recycling Products CBC-0650-T-TSCromwell Polythene Ltd01 November 201601 November 2019£149,520.00
GAS/20Call-Off Contract for Supply of GasTotal Gas & Power Ltd01 October 202030 September 2022£770,000.00
CAP/01Capita Income Software MaintenanceCapita Business Services Limited01 April 2008No Date Provided£114,655.85
AV/CBCCard Merchant AgreementCard Processing Advisory Services (CPRAS)15 June 202014 June 2024£25,000.00
CBC-0815-Q-CECare Assessment Support System CBC-0815-Q-CE Tunstall Healthcare (UK) Limited22 March 201828 February 2021£16,543.00
9333/03Caredirector SupportANS Group28 January 202227 January 2023£170,000.00
 Carers Support ServiceCarers in Bedfordshire01 October 201131 March 2017£1,235,760.00
CWI/01CaseWare IDEACaseWare IDEA IncNo Date Provided01 January 9999£6,000.00
CBC-0964-T-CECattle Stock Building Moor Farm - Design, Supply & Construct CBC-0964-T-CE Millstream04 March 201926 May 2019£230,171.86
 CBC - Market Town High Street SupportRetail Revival26 March 201631 March 2017£45,000.00
636738947553931CBC FOI SystemiCasework Ltd09 January 201708 January 2019£37,500.00
RM1557.11 – Housing CBCCBC Housing HostingCastleton Managed Services Ltd01 January 202031 December 2022£172,392.00
CBC-0251-T-LSCBC-0251-T-LS Central Superfast Call OffBT Group29 August 201328 August 2025£6,640,000.00
CBC-0375-T-LSCBC-0375-T-LS Accommodation Support for Care Leavers (Aged between 16 and 18 years old)Athena Housing and Support Limited, Believe Care, Byrne House, Care Success Solutions Ltd, Key2 Futures Ltd, SAAIL, Step Ahead Services Limites, Transition Care Peterborough Ltd, UNIQUE SUPPORT [UK] LTD12 March 201427 June 2017£0.00
CBC-0379-T-LSCBC-0379-T-LS In-House Services for Residential Children's Homes St Christopher's Fellowship01 November 201431 January 2019£6,639,960.00
CBC-0435-T-AECBC-0435-T-AE Webcasting of Council MeetingsPublic-i Group Ltd30 September 201429 September 2017£64,687.00
CBC-0449-Q-ASBCBC-0449-Q-ASB Maintenance of Community Alarms (Tunstall equipment)Appello Smart Living Solutions13 November 201413 November 2017£12,702.90
CBC-0451-T-SCCBC-0451-T-SC External and Internal Decorations to Properties and Replacing Fascia and Soffits into UPVCMitie Property Services (UK) Ltd07 September 201506 September 2020£1,996,000.00
CBC-0470-T-LSCBC-0470-T-LS Community Meals (ESPO 704)apetito Ltd01 April 201531 March 2020£450,000.00
CBC-0473-T-LSCBC-0473-T-LS Children's Centres (Dunstable South and Flitwick)Watford & District YMCA01 April 201531 March 2017£592,951.00
CBC-0475-T-LSCBC-0475-T-LS Supply of Fitness and Physical Activity Monitoring EquipmentTechnogym UK Limited13 November 201531 March 2021£1,000,000.00
CBC-0476-T-LSCBC-0476-T-LS Impartial Information, Advice & Guidance for Young People aged 16-19 4YP UK Ltd01 April 201531 March 2018£486,611.00
CBC-0487-T-LSCBC-0487-T-LS Broadband Central Superfast - DeliveryBT Group05 March 201531 December 2017£7,570,000.00
CBC-0488-T-TGCBC-0488-T-TG Highways Contract Ringway Jacobs Limited01 April 201631 March 2023£20,000,000.00
CBC-0490-T-LSCBC-0490-T-LS Youth Support Services – Volunteering Opportunities for Young People aged 13-25 Community and Voluntary Service01 April 201531 March 2018£166,050.00
CBC-0496-T-LSCBC-0496-T-LS Preferred Providers List for Early Intervention and Child Poverty Contracts4YP UK Ltd, alcohol services for the community, Brook Young People, CAN, Carers in Bedfordshire, CHUMS Social Enterprise CIC, Community Action Bedforshire, CSUK, Develop EBP (trading name of Bedfordshire & Luton Education Business Partnership), FACES Bedford, Family Lives, First Place Training, Groundwork East, HENRY, Home-Start Central Bedfordshire, IMPAKT Housing & Support, LeightonLinslade Citizens Advice Bureau, MK Dons Sport and Education Trust, Ormiston Families, pre-school learning alliance, Relate Bedfordshire and Luton, Sorted Counselling Services, Spurgeons, The Children's Society13 March 201512 March 2018£0.00
CBC-0499-T-LSCBC-0499-T-LS Independent Living (Extra Care) Schemes – Domiciliary Care ServicesWESTMINSTER HOMECARE LTD25 April 201625 July 2019£608,836.00
CBC-0507-T-LSCBC-0507-T-LS Adult Drug and Alcohol ServicesEast London NHS Foundation Trust01 September 201531 August 2022£17,972,000.00
CBC-0509-FC-SCCBC-0509-FC-SC Fire System and Equipment Service and MaintenanceABCA Systems Ltd01 July 201531 August 2019£105,000.00
CBC-0518-FC-LSCBC-0518-FC-LS Peer MentoringGroundwork East01 August 201501 April 2017£99,065.00
CBC-0521-Q-SHCBC-0521-Q-SH Short videos for CBC Housing Service FULL CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS (LONDON) LTD 17 July 201531 March 2017£21,000.00
CBC-0524-T-LPCBC-0524-T-LP-Catering and Bar services to Priory ViewCatering Academy25 April 201624 April 2018£101,225.00
CBC-0528-T-LSCBC-0528-T-LS Wireless Network SolutionCenterprise International Ltd01 August 201531 July 2020£147,325.00
CBC-0533-T-LSCBC-0533-T-LS Youth Support Service - Targeted Youth Work for Young People Groundwork East01 October 201531 March 2018£458,440.00
CBC-0540-T-LSCBC-0540-T-LS Converged Telephony Solution including Mobile, Fixed Line and ACD Servicesvodafone limited01 September 201530 March 2022£2,694,675.96
CBC-0542-T-LSCBC-0542-T-LS Preferred Providers List for Early Intervention and Child Poverty ContractsA Fresh Start Coaching & Training Ltd, Core Assets Children's Services, Early Childhood Partnership (Meadway), Hear2Listen, Outside-iN01 February 201512 March 2018£0.00
CBC-0550-T-LSCBC-0550-T-LS Managed Print ServicesRicoh UK Ltd01 July 2016No Date Provided£516,243.00
CBC-0556-T-LSCBC-0556-T-LS Client Caseload Information System (CCN01)Servelec Youth Services Limited02 January 201601 May 2021£44,877.61
CBC-0561-Q-LPCBC-0561-Q-LP Refurbishment of Hatfield Crescent, play area FlitwickLudus Leisure Ltd24 March 201619 August 2016£32,489.00
CBC-0564-Q-LPCBC-0564-Q-LP Empty Home Refurbishment Houghton RegisField Brothers (Luton) Limited21 March 201630 May 2016£43,305.00
CBC-0571-T-LSCBC-0571-T-LS Sector Focused First Steps (Non-Accredited Learning)Community Action Bedforshire, SSG Education & Training08 February 201608 October 2016£70,000.00
CBC-0575-T-LSCBC-0575-T-LS Support, Advice, Mentoring, and Advocacy Service (SAMAS)Community Led Initiatives CIC01 April 201631 March 2021£255,003.00
CBC-0577-Q-LPCBC-0577-Q-LP Firealarm and Emergency lightingJensen Security Systems Ltd01 February 201618 March 2016£30,000.00
CBC-0579-T-LPCBC-0579-T-LP Occupational Health & Employee Support Service Health Assured Limited01 June 201631 August 2021£57,498.80
CBC-0581-Q-LPCBC-0581-Q-LP Fairfield Refurbishment of Temporary UnitJ.E.T. Construction (MK) Ltd04 April 201606 May 2016£42,588.00
CBC-0589-T-LSCBC-0589-T-LS Community and Voluntary Sector Infrastructure SupportBedfordshire Rural Communities Charity01 April 201631 March 2020£213,401.37
CBC-0592-Q-LPCBC-0592-Q-LP Supply and Installation of Street NameplatesAuckland Manufacturing Ltd t/a PGM signs01 April 201602 April 2018£32,201.18
CBC-0596-Q-LPCBC-0596-Q-LP Development Plans Consultation systemJDi Solutions Ltd31 March 201629 March 2019£14,183.00
CBC-0602-T-LSCBC-0602-T-LS Voluntary and Community Sector Preventative Services - Dementia (Alzheimer's Society)Alzheimer's Society01 December 201630 November 2019£144,009.00
CBC-0602-T-LSCBC-0602-T-LS Voluntary and Community Sector Preventative Services - Dementia Services (Carers In Bedfordshire)Carers in Bedfordshire01 December 201630 November 2019£375,300.00
CBC-0602-T-LSCBC-0602-T-LS Voluntary and Community Sector Preventative Services - Dementia Services (Tibbs)Tibbs Dementia Foundation01 October 201630 November 2019£101,853.00
CBC-0602-T-LSCBC-0602-T-LS Voluntary and Community Sector Preventative Services (Disabilities & Health Conditions - Learning Difficulties)Right Track Information Services CIC01 October 201630 September 2019£43,500.00
CBC-0602-T-LSCBC-0602-T-LS Voluntary and Community Sector Preventative Services (Disabilities & Health Conditions - Stroke)Stroke Association01 October 201630 September 2019£151,375.00
CBC-0602-T-LSCBC-0602-T-LS Voluntary and Community Sector Preventative Services (Lot 1 - Carers Support Services)Carers in Bedfordshire01 October 201630 September 2019£2,479,081.00
CBC-0602-T-LSCBC-0602-T-LS Voluntary and Community Sector Preventative Services (Lot 2 - Disabilities & Health Conditions - Autism)Autism Bedfordshire01 October 201630 September 2019£65,388.00
CBC-0609-T-BACBC-0609-T-BA Kitchen and Bathroom RefurbishmentsFoster Property Maintenance Limited 01 July 201631 March 2019£650,000.00
TC-5322183-241116CBC-0611-DPS-03-SW(TC)Supporting Bright Futures Ltd21 February 2017No Date Provided£0.00
JP-5300024-02/03/2017CBC-0611-DPS-10-RK-(JP)Athena Housing and Support LimitedNo Date ProvidedNo Date Provided£0.00
ITT-8047963-13/08/19CBC-0611-DPS-LS-RK-78-ITTAthena Housing and Support Limited01 August 2019No Date Provided£650.00
AW-5319683- 10/12/19CBC-0611-DPS-LS-RK-93-AWHope for 16 plus16 November 2020No Date Provided£799.00
ED-5315156-14/03/17CBC-0611-DPS-RK-11-(ED)Athena Housing and Support Limited20 March 2017No Date Provided£0.00
JP-5300024-28/6/17CBC-0611-DPS-RK-16(JP)IOMI Supported Living Ltd28 June 2017No Date Provided£780.00
TS-6016092-170822CBC-0611-DPS-RK-22-TSAthena Housing and Support Limited22 August 2017No Date Provided£750.00
CB-5303528-26/9/17CBC-0611-DPS-RK-25-CBPreferred Living26 September 2017No Date Provided£800.00
CBC-0612-T-LSCBC-0612-T-LS Accommodation Based Support for Vulnerable Young People and Adults (16-65)Amicus Trust (formerly known as Bedfordshire Housing Link), Signposts (Luton)01 October 201630 September 2021£850,060.00
CBC-0613-T-LSCBC-0613-T-LS Accommodation Based Support for Women and Children Fleeing Domestic AbuseIMPAKT Housing & Support01 October 201630 June 2022£537,604.83
CBC-0616-T-LS - Lot 1 - SSGCBC-0616-T-LS Employment & Skills Learning Programmes 2016-18 - Lot 1 - SSGSSG Education & Training18 July 201617 July 2018£300,000.00
CBC-0616-T-LS - Lot 1 - TCHCCBC-0616-T-LS Employment & Skills Learning Programmes 2016-18 - Lot 1 - TCHCTCHC Ltd18 July 201617 July 2018£200,000.00
CBC-0616-T-LS - Lot 1 - VCACBC-0616-T-LS Employment & Skills Learning Programmes 2016-18 - Lot 1 - VCACommunity Action Bedforshire18 July 201617 July 2018£215,000.00
CBC-0616-T-LS - Lot 3 - ImpactCBC-0616-T-LS Employment & Skills Learning Programmes 2016-18 - Lot 3 - ImpactIMH Peer Support C.I.C.18 July 201617 July 2018£100,000.00
CBC-0616-T-LS - Lot 3 - NOAHCBC-0616-T-LS Employment & Skills Learning Programmes 2016-18 - Lot 3 - NOAHNOAH ENTERPRISE18 July 201617 July 2018£100,000.00
CBC-0617-Q-LSCBC-0617-Q-LS Project Manager for European Regional Development Fund Project (ERDF) Judith Barker Consultancy01 July 201630 November 2016£15,000.00
CBC-0622-Q-LSCBC-0622-Q-LS Design and Print services for Innovation Bridge a European Regional Development Fund Project (ERDF) Greenwood&Bell31 October 201630 June 2019£10,000.00
CBC-0626-T-LSCBC-0626-T-LS Community Transport (Dial-a-ride services)South Beds Dial-a-Ride01 September 201731 August 2023£280,000.00
CBC-0628-T-TSCBC-0628-T-TS Waste Disposal Lot 2FCC Environment (UK) Limited01 April 201701 April 2022£5,902,312.50
CBC-0628-T-TSCBC-0628-T-TS Waste Disposal Lot 3SUEZ Recycling and Recovery UK Ltd01 April 201701 April 2022£460,538.00
CBC-0628-T-TSCBC-0628-T-TS Waste Disposal Lot 5FCC Environment (UK) Limited01 April 201701 April 2022£720,000.00
CBC-0628-T-TSCBC-0628-T-TS Waste Disposal Lot 6URM (UK) Ltd t/a Berryman01 April 201701 April 2022£47,700.00
CBC-0629-T-LSCBC-0629-T-LS Healthy Relationships ProgrammeBrook Young People01 September 201631 March 2017£45,502.00
CBC-0630-T-LSCBC-0630-T-LSVoluntary & Community Sector Services - Sensory ImpairmentSight Concern Bedfordshire01 October 201630 September 2021£163,908.00
CBC-0631-Q-LPCBC-0631-Q-LP New Lift Shaft at Caddington Village SchoolFurlong & Higgs Ltd25 July 201603 October 2016£51,574.00
CBC- 0639-T-BACBC-0639-T-BA Stairlifts, Hoists and Through Floor Lift Service and Maintenance ContractPrism UK Medical Limited01 November 201631 October 2018£126,000.00
CBC-0642-T-BACBC-0642-T-BA Window ReplacementsPotton Windows Limited09 January 201731 August 2019£193,860.88
CBC-0644-T-LPCBC-0644-T-LP Shed C Demolition FlitwickC.Jackson & Sons (Bedford) Ltd10 October 201621 November 2016£75,255.00
CBC-0647-T-LMCBC-0647-T-LM Mosaic TrailBudd Mosaics31 October 201628 February 2018£39,150.00
CBC-0652-T-BACBC-0652-T-BA Lift ModernisationAxis Elevators Limited16 January 201717 March 2017£107,632.00
CBC-0655-H-LPCBC-0655-H-LP Pumping Stations Service and MaintenanceDERITEND03 October 201602 October 2019£12,490.00
CBC-0656-T-LPCBC-0656-T-LP Fleet Replacement Vehicles Treka Bus Ltd03 October 201630 March 2019£112,644.37
CBC-0658-T-TSCBC-0658-T-TS Parking Management SolutionsParkeon limited09 January 201709 January 2022£313,654.24
CBC-0661-H-LPCBC-0661-H-LP Northfields road property - Flooring repairs Harrisons Electrical, Mechanical & Property Services Ltd19 September 201628 September 2016£2,930.00
CBC-0662-T-BACBC-0662-T-BA Ad-Hoc Structural RepairsBearings Structural Solutions Ltd01 February 201731 March 2021£475,000.00
CBC-0663-H-LPCBC-0663-H-LP - Fire Risk AssessmentTurner & Townsend01 November 201631 January 2017£22,641.00
CBC-0665-T-LSCBC-0665-T-LS - Advocacy Services (statutory and non-statutory) for Adult Residents of BedfordshirePohwer01 April 201731 March 2022£941,364.61
CBC-0667-DPS-CE-01CBC-0667-DPS-CE-01 Bus Route 40 & 40ACentrebus02 May 201702 May 2022£451,240.35
CBC-0667-DPS-CE-FC-07-NDCBC-0667-D-S-CE-FC-07-ND Public Bus Transport - Biggleswade Town ServicesHerberts Travel31 August 202130 August 2026£551,340.00
CBC-0670-H-LPCBC-0670-H-LP CSE Multi Agency Classroom Based TrainingThe International Centre @ University of Bedfordshire01 January 201730 April 2018£37,825.00
CBC-0672-T-BACBC-0672-T-BA Manor Court -Extension and External RefurbishmentField Brothers (Luton) Limited06 January 201717 March 2017£166,908.96
CBC-0673-T-BACBC-0673-T-BA Central Heating and Boiler Replacement ProgrammeAaron Services Ltd01 April 201731 March 2022£2,840,447.50
CBC-0674-H-LPCBC-0674-H-LP Fencing at G&T Potton Ace Fencing (southern) Ltd31 January 201701 May 2017£8,875.00
CBC-0676-T-TSCBC-0676-T-TS Food Waste Treatment and DisposalBiogen UK Ltd.01 April 201731 March 2020£183,825.00
CBC-0677-T-BACBC-0677-T-BA Furness Avenue - Refurbishment and Balustrade Works.Field Brothers (Luton) Limited05 January 201702 March 2017£138,766.75
CBC-0679-T-LSCBC-0679-T-LS Innovation Bridge - Telemarketing CampaignBlueberry Marketing Solutions27 February 201730 June 2019£78,325.00
CBC-0686-T-TSCBC-0686-T-TS Garden and Recycling SacksBioBag Ltd20 March 201720 March 2020£67,500.00
CBC-0687-Q-TSCBC-0687-Q-TS Cash Collection ESPO Framework 324FBDI Securities Limited01 April 201701 April 2022£54,912.00
CBC-0689-H-LPCBC-0689-H-LP Asphalt flooring to CBC property Furlong & Higgs Ltd12 December 201623 January 2017£6,842.00
CBC-0690-H-TSCBC-0690-H-TS Houghton Regis Central Interior Design ServicesTina Davies-Childs Limited06 February 201730 September 2021£9,960.00
CBC-0702-T-LMCBC0702-T-LM Homecare and Extra Care Services 20171st Homecare Solutions Ltd, A Caring Company Ltd, Allied Health-Services, APT Care Limited, Beaumont Healthcare Ltd, Bedfordshire Supported Housing Limited, Care Forum (MK) Ltd, Carebank Ltd, Civicare (BHB) Ltd, Creative Support, CSN Care Group Limited, Diamond Resourcing plc t/as Better Healthcare Services, Eastview Healthcare Services, English Rose Care Ltd, Everycare (MK & Beds) Limited, Firstpoint Homecare, Generix Associates Ltd, Guardian Homecare UK Ltd, Helpers Homecare Limited, HH Care Ltd, Knightingles Healthcare, Luton Training & Mentoring, McCoy Family Ltd t/a Bluebird Care, Midco Care Limited, Paladins Care, Precious Homes, Premium Care Solutions Limited, Prime Care Support Ltd, Quality Support Solutions Ltd, Radis Community Care, Rysvil Care Services Ltd, Sagecare Limited, Sevacare UK Ltd, Simply Together Ltd, Surround Care (Luton & South Beds), The Caring Hands, Violets Homecare Services Ltd., Voyage 1 Limited, WESTMINSTER HOMECARE LTD, ZINNIA CARE LTD02 October 201701 October 2020£30,000,000.00
CBC-0709-T-LSCBC-0709-T-LS Shared Lives Scheme Management ServiceMacIntyre01 October 201730 September 2022£700,000.00
CBC-0710-T-LSCBC-0710-T-LS Employment & Skills Learning 2016-2017 - Hospitality SSG Education & Training03 April 201731 October 2017£59,920.00
CBC-0711-H-LPCBC-0711-H-LP Furness Ave works Borras Construction27 February 201707 April 2017£76,359.51
CBC-0720-LSCBC-0720-Q-LS Houghton Regis & Dunstable Regeneration SupportCornerstone Assets Advisory Ltd20 March 201719 May 2017£34,875.00
CBC-0726-H-LPCBC-0726-H-LP Covenant Land at Leighton Buzzard King West (Market Harborough) Ltd10 April 201724 April 2017£1,240.00
CBC-0730-T-LSCBC-0730-T-LS Use of Credit Reference Data for Council Tax reviews and Business IntelligenceDestin Solutions Ltd01 July 201730 June 2020£225,000.00
CBC-0732-H-LPCBC-0732-H-LP Bench Marking Tool SSentif Ltd02 May 201701 May 2018£19,999.00
CBC-0738-T-TSCBC-0738-T-TS Residual Waste DisposalAMEYCESPA (MK) ODC LIMITED01 October 201731 March 2021£4,003,125.00
CBC-0739-T-BACBC-0739-T-BA Havelock Road - Design and Construction of Two New HomesMeadsway Construction Ltd11 September 201727 March 2018£245,267.00
CBC-0740-H-LPCBC-0740-H-LP Valuation of Land for Disposal Purposes at Leighton Buzzard Kirkby Diamond26 May 201725 May 2018£1,600.00
CBC-0742-LSCBC-0742-T-LS Employment & Skills Learning Programme 2017-18 (Generic Employability Coursses - Waterside)Waterside Consultancy Hertfordshire21 August 201731 October 2018£100,000.00
CBC-0742-LSCBC-0742-T-LS Employment & Skills Learning Programme 2017-18 (Lot 1 - Generic Employability Courses - SSG)SSG Education & Training21 August 201731 October 2018£250,000.00
CBC-0742-LSCBC-0742-T-LS Employment & Skills Learning Programme 2017-18 (Lot 2 - Specialist Provision - Impact)IMH Peer Support C.I.C.21 August 201731 October 2018£60,000.00
CBC-0742-LSCBC-0742-T-LS Employment & Skills Learning Programme 2017-18 (Lot 2 - Specialist Provision - My Healthy Lifestyle)My Healthy Lifestyle CIC21 August 201731 October 2018£20,000.00
CBC-0742-LSCBC-0742-T-LS Employment & Skills Learning Programme 2017-18 (Lot 2 - Specialist Provision - NOAH)NOAH ENTERPRISE21 August 201731 October 2018£70,000.00
CBC-0746-T-TSCBC-0746-T-TS Active Travel Promotions Programme Sustrans Limited18 September 201718 March 2020£358,211.00
CBC-0753-T-BACBC-0753-T-BA Greenspace Landscaping WorksMillstream01 September 201730 March 2018£77,555.00
CBC-0763-H-LPCBC-0763-H-LP Assessment of school organisation structures Open Box Consulting Limited31 July 201701 January 2018£28,250.00
CBC-0764-H-LPCBC-0764-H-LP Working Smarter - Managing an Agile Workforceioda Ltd17 July 201702 October 2017£1,390.00
CBC-0766-T-LSCBC-0766-T-LS A421 Dualling M1/J13 – Milton Keynes, Magna ParkMorgan Sindall16 October 201710 September 2019£16,189,299.00
CBC-0767-H-LPCBC-0767-H-LP Be Central Content Marketing VideosMoon Watcher Media24 July 201726 January 2018£0.00
CBC-0769-H-LPCBC-0769-H-LP NIC Consultancy Lanarca Ltd07 August 201706 August 2018£19,500.00
CBC-0774-T-TSCBC-0774-T-TS Design and planning service for a new crematorium ESPO FW 2664Henry Riley LLP15 September 201707 September 2020£490,623.00
CBC-0777-T-TSCBC-0777-T-TS Cashless Parking JustPark Parking Ltd08 January 201808 January 2020£0.00
CBC-0779-T-AECBC-0779-T-AE LMS Implementation PartnerTalenTeam Limited23 October 201731 March 2018£71,800.00
CBC-0782-H-LPCBC-0782-H-LP Morcom Rd Urgent works B J Building Services Ltd11 September 201730 November 2017£16,340.00
CBC-0784-FW-TSCBC-0784-FW-TS E-PermitImperial Civil Enforcement Solutions20 January 201820 January 2021£33,000.00
CBC-0788-T-AECBC-0788-T-AE Superfast Broadband Project 3 (Re-Tender)BT Group01 January 2019No Date Provided£0.00
CBC-0790-T-LPCBC-0790-T-LP Leighton Buzzard Libary Fire Doors Millstream26 February 201829 June 2018£70,470.00
CBC-0797-T-LSCBC-0797-T-LS Micro Enterprise Care MarketCommunity Catalysts CIC01 January 201831 December 2020£149,975.00
CBC-0804-T-LSCBC-0804-T-LS Preventative Mental Health Services for Vulnerable Adults Mind-BLMK01 April 201831 March 2024£239,149.00
CBC-0805-T-CE CBC-0805-T-CE Shop Refurbishment 3 West ST DunstableInnsite UK Ltd09 January 201814 February 2018£67,320.00
CBC-0812(1)-T-LSCBC-0812(1)-T-LS Community Transport - Dial-A-Ride ServicesBedfordshire Rural Communities Charity, Buzzer Buses Dial a Ride Ltd14 May 201831 August 2021£577,500.00
CBC-0815-T-BACBC-0815-T-BA Installation and Maintenance of Doors and Door Entry Systems and Maintenance of Assisted Living EquipmentNetwork communication Systems Limited16 April 201831 August 2019£60,975.00
CBC-0816-T-BACBC-0816-T-BA Boiler and Heating Pipework Replacement - Southwood RoadSun Realm Heating Co Ltd02 April 201825 May 2018£139,146.00
CBC-0119-LSCBC-0821-T-LS - Employment & skills training – hospitality, food safety, retail, first aid at workIMH Peer Support C.I.C., NOAH ENTERPRISE, SPS Training Solutions Limited, SSG Education & Training, The Disability Resource Centre, Waterside Consultancy Hertfordshire26 February 201831 July 2019£525,000.00
CBC-0822-Q-LPCBC-0822-Q-LP Houghton Lodge, Ampthill – Planning and Design ConsultancyBrown&Co05 February 201831 March 2022£17,500.00
CBC-0824-T-AECBC-0824-T-AE SAP-S4/Hana Implementation Partner Deloitte LLP01 August 201801 July 2019£1,538,000.00
CBC-0827-LSCBC-0827-T-LS Perpetrator Service for Domestic AbuseThe Change Portfolio01 April 201831 March 2019£59,412.00
CBC-0832-T-AECBC-0832-T-AE Electronic Homecare Call Monitoring SolutionAccess UK Ltd (Prev. HAS Technology)04 May 201803 May 2022£212,393.00
CBC-0834-T-TSCBC-0834-T-TS - Treasury Management Arlingclose Ltd02 April 201801 April 2023£147,650.00
CBC-0835-Q-TSCBC-0835-Q-TS - Street Signs Auckland Manufacturing Ltd t/a PGM signs01 April 201801 March 2020£33,956.00
CBC-0837-T-LSCBC-0837-T-LS Intentional Peer SupportCommunity Action Bedforshire, NOAH ENTERPRISE16 April 201815 April 2020£124,000.00
CBC-0843-Q-TSCBC-0843-Q-TS Technical Advisor for the Pix Brook Free School AMR consult 19 March 201818 March 2020£59,630.00
CBC-0864-T-BA (2)CBC-0864-T-BA (2) Community Call Handling and Response, and Call Handling and Provision of Community Alarm Equipment and other Assistive TechnologyDoro Care (UK) Ltd01 September 201831 August 2021£76,742.00
CBC-0864-T-BA (1)CBC-0864-T-BA Community Alarm Monitoring and Response, and Call Handling; and Provision of Community Alarm Equipment and other Assistive Technology Doro Care (UK) Ltd01 September 201831 August 2021£142,309.00
CBC-0876-T-BACBC-0876-T-BA Manor Court - Boiler ReplacementSun Realm Heating Co Ltd01 October 201823 November 2018£85,194.00
CBC-0877-T-BACBC-0877-T-BA Design and construction of an 8-bedroom extension to the existing dwelling at Puddlehill, Houghton Regis. Meadsway Construction Ltd10 December 201809 August 2019£558,972.00
CBC-0880-T-LSCBC-0880-T-LS Early Intervention Behaviour Change Programmes to Support Vulnerable Young People 4YP UK Ltd01 September 201831 August 2021£219,750.00
CBC-0883-T-LSCBC-0883-T-LS Early years training: Bedford BoroughBedford Training and Assessment Centre (BTAC)15 October 201831 July 2021£180,000.00
CBC-0884-T-AECBC-0884-T-AE Future Operating Model for Land, Property and Public ServicesRedQuadrant Ltd01 August 201830 November 2018£100,025.00
CBC-0885-H-TSCBC-0885-H-TS 360 Projectt-three Consulting Ltd02 July 201802 August 2020£53,652.00
CBC-0886-FC-BACBC-0886-FC-BA Stairlift Provision and Installation 2Stannah Lift Services Ltd21 June 201820 June 2021£390,000.00
CBC-0887-T-BACBC-0887-T-BA Fire Risk Assessments for the Housing PortfolioOakleaf Surveying Limited 01 November 201831 October 2021£84,800.00
CBC-0888-H-TSCBC-0888-H-TS Residents Survey and Staff Survey 2018-2021Public Perspectives Ltd23 July 201822 July 2022£59,500.00
CBC-0902-T-BACBC-0902-T-BA Conversion of the White Hart, Sundon to a 4- bedroom dwellingG&S Hutchinson Ltd24 September 201809 November 2018£49,264.46
CBC-0907-Q-LSCBC-0907-Q-LS Monitoring Attendance of Looked After ChildrenWelfare Call10 September 201809 September 2019£14,332.50
CBC-0910-T-LPCBC-0910-T-LP Bolebec Farm SileageNC & JC Construction Ltd24 September 201831 December 2018£120,000.00
CBC-0913-T-BACBC-0913-T-BA Catering Services at Priory View, Dunstable.Catering Academy01 February 201931 January 2023£0.00
CBC-0917-T-AECBC-0917-T-AE Schools based Arts and Culture Intervention for Vulnerable Learners 4YP UK Ltd29 October 201831 July 2019£79,103.00
CBC-0924-T-BACBC-0924-T-BA Refurbishment works at The Red House, Houghton RegisHarrisons Electrical, Mechanical & Property Services Ltd27 May 201913 September 2019£372,980.99
CBC-0929-T-BACBC-0929-T-BA Refurbishment and Remodelling of Croft Green, Dunstable.Furlong & Higgs Ltd14 January 201926 July 2019£399,954.67
CBC-0932-H-TSCBC-0932-H-TS Bailiff ProvisionEquita Limited, Newlyn plc12 March 201910 March 2022£0.00
CBC-0932-H-TSCBC-0932-H-TS Bailiff Provision (Equita Limited)Equita Limited12 March 201910 March 2022£0.00
CBC-0932-H-TSCBC-0932-H-TS Bailiff Provision (Newlyn plc)Newlyn plc12 March 201910 March 2022£0.00
CBC-0933-T-TS CBC-0933-T-TS Lease Management – AGRICULTURAL (Estate & Farm Buildings) Issue 28 LOT 3CStrutt & Parker LLP01 April 201931 March 2024£187,300.00
CBC-0935-T-TSCBC-0935-T-TS - CCTV Network Re-provision and Upgrade: DSSL Group Ltd01 February 202131 January 2024£670,869.04
CBC-0953-FC-BACBC-0953-FC-BA Roof Replacement and Repairs 2019-2021M&J Group (Construction & Roofing) Ltd 03 June 201902 June 2024£2,750,000.00
CBC-0956-T-LPCBC-0956-T-LP Play Area 4 LotsHAGS SMP Ltd, Ludus Leisure Ltd, Proludic Ltd28 January 201928 June 2019£107,758.59
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-08CBC-0961-DPS-LS-08 Bedfordshire Employment & Skills Service (Best Practic People)Best Practice People Limited11 January 202131 July 2071£133,000.00
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-08CBC-0961-DPS-LS-08 Bedfordshire Employment & Skills Service (Learning Curve)Learning Curve Group Limited25 January 202131 July 2021£40,126.40
CBC-0961-DPS-LS-08CBC-0961-DPS-LS-08 Bedfordshire Employment & Skills Service (SSG Services)SSG Education & Training11 January 202131 July 2021£23,000.00
CBC-0978-T-TSCBC-0978-T-TS Rights of Way and Cycleways Season Vegetation Clearance Countryside Contracts01 May 201930 April 2021£45,054.00
CBC-0978-T-TSCBC-0978-T-TS Rights of Way and Cycleways Season Vegetation Clearance Lot 1 & 2N.A.Landscapes01 May 201930 April 2021£135,978.00
CBC-0978-T-TSCBC-0978-T-TS Rights of Way and Cycleways Season Vegetation Clearance Lot 4The CGM Group (East Anglia) Limited01 May 201930 April 2021£10,140.48
CBC-0983-FW-TSCBC-0983-FW-TS Full Design & Contract Administration ServicesKeegans Ltd01 April 201930 September 2022£248,850.00
CBC-0985-T-LPCBC-0985-T-LP The delivery of the Level 6 Social Work Apprenticeship to employees of Central Bedfordshire Council University of Bedfordshire02 September 201930 August 2020£230,000.00
CBC-0986-FC-06-SRCBC-0986-FC-06-SR Flood Review (Part A)Jeremy Benn Associates Limited09 August 202131 December 2021£9,000.00
CBC-0986-FC-09-TSCBC-0986-FC-09-TS Support for the Biggleswade Garden Community projectCornerstone Assets Advisory Ltd02 August 202101 August 2022£50,005.00
CBC-0986-FC-10-SRCBC-0986-FC-10-SR Inward Investment MarketingDiva Creative Ltd.16 August 202115 April 2023£42,202.90
CBC-0986-FC-11-SRCBC-0986-FC-11-SR Viability Appraisal CritiqueAspinall Verdi Ltd13 December 202112 March 2022£15,000.00
CBC-0986-FC-12-SRCBC-0986-FC-12-SR Flood Risk StudyJeremy Benn Associates Limited25 February 202224 March 2022£6,065.50
CBC-0986-FC-13-SRCBC-0986-FC-13-SR Place Planning ConsultantHatch Associates Ltd13 September 202113 December 2021£14,685.00
CBC-0986-FC-14-SRCBC-0986-FC-14-SR Leighton Buzzard High Street Pedestrianisation - Economic AssessmentHatch Associates Ltd14 October 202123 December 2021£19,256.25
CBC-0986-FC-15-SRCBC-0986-FC-15-SR Viability Assessment Review - Land Adjacent Taymer Nursing HomeAspinall Verdi Ltd08 November 202107 January 2022£7,712.50
CBC-0986-FC-16-SRCBC-0986-FC-16-SR Viability Assessment Review - 6 Bedford RoadAspinall Verdi Ltd08 November 202107 December 2021£5,800.00
CBC-0986-FC-17-SRCBC-0986-FC-17-SR Urban Design Review - Steppingley RoadPlace Services15 November 202103 January 2022£2,739.00
CBC-0986-FC-18-SRCBC-0986-FC-18-SR Urban Design Guidance - HR North Site 1 AMP3 Parcels 1 & 2Place Services20 December 202119 June 2022£4,863.00
CBC-0986-FC-19-SRCBC-0986-FC-19-SR Viability Assessment Review - Beale StreetAspinall Verdi Ltd14 March 202211 April 2022£4,575.00
CBC-0990-H-CE CBC-0990-H-CE Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Consultancy ServicesGeotechnical & Environmental Associates11 March 201925 March 2019£7,595.25
CBC-0991-T-BACBC-0991-T-BA Boiler Replacement at Albert Court, DunstableSun Realm Heating Co Ltd15 April 201907 June 2019£97,802.00
CBC-0995-T-BACBC-0995-T-BA Refurbishment and Remodelling of The BirchesModplan Building & Refurbishment Contractors Ltd07 May 201927 August 2019£545,709.00
CBC-0997-T-TSCBC-0997-T-TS Street Lighting - Asset Data CollectionElectrical Testing Ltd.19 August 201918 August 2022£480,300.00
CBC-0999-FC03-RHCBC-0999-FC03-RH Quality Assuring Supervision, Motivational Interviewing and Managing RiskIn-Trac Training & Consultancy Ltd14 October 201910 March 2021£800.00
CBC-1001-H-TSCBC-1001-H-TS Repairs Delivery Model Consultant ServicesSavills (UK) Limited08 April 201908 April 2020£75,500.00
CBC-1004-T-BACBC-1004-T-BA Refurbishment of 1-5 The Quadrant, Dunstable.FSG Property Services Ltd03 June 201923 August 2019£203,625.52
CBC-1006-T-LSCBC-1006-T-LS Youth Support ServicesGroundwork East01 September 201931 August 2024£1,152,850.00
CBC-1013-T-BACBC-1013-T-BA Kitchen and Bathroom Replacements 2019BSG Property Services Ltd03 June 201931 August 2019£160,693.30
CBC-1021-H-TSCBC-1021-H-TS Leisure Facilities Strategy Tetra Tech Europe08 July 201907 January 2020£22,000.00
CBC-1024-FW-TSCBC-1024-FW-TS The Stables & Greenacres Gypsy & Travellers Sites; Design ServicesRidge and Partners01 July 201931 March 2022£199,900.00
CBC-1033-T-LPCBC-1033-T-LP Biggleswade BW40,52 & 53 and Etonbury Bridleway surfacing Maydencroft Limited09 September 201931 December 2019£44,962.00
CBC-1040-H-TSCBC-1040-H-TS Water Hygiene Risk Assessments and Audit for Domestic and Communal HousingNemco Utilities Limited02 September 201901 September 2022£28,491.89
CBC-1041-H-TSCBC-1041-H-TS Fencing WorksFarm & Country Supplies Ltd- *DO NOT USE, Tim Buckingham07 October 201931 January 2020£27,142.45
CBC-1048-H-LPCBC-1048-H-LP Schools for Future videoClearhead01 October 201911 August 2020£7,670.00
CBC-1049-H-TSCBC-1049-H-TS Sandy Secondary School, Replacement Windows and Fire Exit Door in CourtyardKCW Windows Limited14 October 201904 November 2019£8,498.00
CBC-1055-Q-SSCBC-1055-Q-SS Academic Evaluation - Children's Integrated Health and EducationUniversity of East Anglia01 October 2019No Date Provided£55,000.00
CBC-1057-FW-TSCBC-1057-FW-TS Business Change and Portfolio Management SystemMomentum Partners01 July 201901 November 2019£76,000.00
CBC-1059-FW-TSCBC-1059-FW-TS M1 to A6 Link Road, Rail Bridge CAT 3 CheckStantec UK Ltd14 October 201914 February 2020£28,085.20
CBC-1064-T-BACBC-1064-T-BA Security for Housing ServicesTSS (Total Security Services) Ltd06 January 202005 January 2023£315,207.00
CBC-1065-T-TSCBC-1065-T-TS Chapel Road, Flitwick - DrainageDJT SURFACING LTD21 October 201918 November 2019£59,479.59
CBC-1066-H-LPCBC-1066-H-LP Countryside Sites Fencing Works (2) Cowslip MeadowTim Buckingham21 October 201931 March 2020£16,540.00
CBC-1067-H-TSCBC-1067-H-TS Travel Choices Cycling MapsFour Point Mapping07 October 201906 April 2020£4,000.00
CBC-1069-T-TSCBC-1069-T-TS Silsoe Horticultural Centre - Alterations and refurbishments G&S Hutchinson Ltd18 November 201918 December 2019£99,664.78
CBC-1074-T-BACBC-1074-T-BA Training for Unemployed Adults in Employment Skills and Landscaping ImprovementsGroundwork East01 April 202031 March 2023£167,940.00
CBC-1078-T-TSCBC-1078-T-TS - Landscaping Maintenance - Sundon LandfillMillstream01 May 202030 April 2023£370,958.00
CBC-1079-H-LPCBC-1079-H-LP LGBTQ+ services on domestic abuseGalop16 December 201915 December 2020£27,759.28
CBC-1081-T-LPCBC-1081-T-LP Toxicology servicesAscertain Forensics01 April 202031 March 2024£0.00
CBC-1084-T-SSCBC-1084-T-SS CCTV in Taxi FleetAC Security Solutions Limited17 January 202016 January 2021£100,000.00
CBC-1086-H-LPCBC-1086-H-LP St Swithuns FenceBalaam Brothers Ltd19 December 201909 January 2020£16,291.20
CBC-1087-H-TSCBC-1087-H-TS Repairs to Property - Mount Pleasant Avenue ToddingtonBSG Property Services Ltd06 January 202024 January 2020£6,467.00
CBC-1088-FA-LSCBC-1088-FA-LS Catering Services - ESPO Framework 704_18 apetito Ltd01 April 202031 March 2023£237,403.00
CNBC-1089-T-LSCBC-1089-T-LS Adult Social Care Business SystemCareWorks Limited01 September 202030 August 2025£786,242.97
CBC-1091-T-LSCBC-1091-T-LS Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy Service & Perpetrator Programme (ECP) Early Childhood Partnership (Meadway)01 April 202031 March 2023£230,614.00
CBC-1091-T-LSCBC-1091-T-LS Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy Service & Perpetrator Programme (Victim Support) Victim Support01 April 202031 March 2023£639,565.00
CBC-1094-H-TSCBC-1094-H-TS Conversion of garage to create 4th bedroom and cloakroomBSG Property Services Ltd02 March 202024 April 2020£37,446.60
CBC-1099-FW-AECBC-1099-FW-AE Biggleswade HIF Legal ServicesPinsent Masons LLP27 January 202031 January 2023£0.00
CBC-1100-H-TSCBC-1100-H-TS Refurbishment of 4x Properties – Transitional AccommodationM3 Property Maintenance10 February 202006 April 2020£31,849.48
CBC-1102-Q-BACBC-1102-Q-BA Supply and Fitting of Blinds for Housing PropertiesConcorde Blinds Direct Ltd01 February 202031 January 2022£20,000.00
CBC-1103-H-TSCBC-1103-H-TS - Greenfield Close - Fire DamageM3 Property Maintenance29 January 202011 March 2020£27,940.42
CBC-1105-T-LSCBC-1105-T-LS Provision of Community Engagement and Collaboration with Residents and Stakeholders to Improve Health and Wellbeing in Houghton RegisCommunity Action Bedforshire05 May 202004 May 2023£198,000.00
CBC-1106-H-TSCBC-1106-H-TS - Office and bedroom refurbishment at Croft GreenM3 Property Maintenance30 March 202011 May 2020£37,258.53
CBC-1107-H-CECBC-1107-H-CE Barton-le-Clay Scout Hut and University Technical College Garage Block - Demolition WorksC.Jackson & Sons (Bedford) Ltd16 March 202012 April 2020£29,090.00
CBC-1110-T-TSCBC-1110-T-TS The Brook - Houghton RegisJarvis Contracting Ltd19 June 202018 May 2021£2,020,520.80
CBC-1111-T-BACBC-1111-T-BA Supply of domestic furniture and appliances to promote independent livingNOAH ENTERPRISE01 June 202013 November 2021£320,000.00
CBC-1113-T-TSCBC-1113-H-TS You Tube style Customer Service VideosFULL CIRCLE PRODUCTIONS (LONDON) LTD 01 May 202030 April 2022£10,575.00
CBC-1114-H-TSCBC-1114-H-TS Emergency Refurbishment of 3no FlatsM3 Property Maintenance13 April 202008 June 2020£45,971.88
CBC-1118-FW-TSCBC-1118-FW-TS In-House Fostering Consultant31ten Consulting Limited03 August 202003 February 2021£62,712.00
CBC-1118-FW-TSCBC-1118-FW-TS In-House Fostering Consultant - Additional Call Off March 202131ten Consulting Limited12 April 202102 July 2021£30,180.00
CBC-1119-H-EICBC-1119-H-EI Homelessness Media CampaignWe Can Creative Ltd.03 August 202002 August 2021£15,250.00
CBC-1120-T-LS CBC-1120-T-LS Aldbanks – Supported Living ServiceTurning Point03 August 202002 August 2025£2,800,000.00
CBC-1123-T-BACBC-1123-T-BA Residential Sales Agent – All Saints View, Houghton Regis Spicerhaart Estate Agents Limited01 July 202031 December 2023£121,500.00
CBC-1125-FW-TSCBC-1125-FW-TS Thornhill 2FE ExpansionAshe Construction Ltd07 September 202001 September 2021£7,716,469.00
CBC-1126-T-AECBC-1126-T-AE Migration from BOX to Microsoft Technology based solution Content and Code31 July 202028 April 2021£173,932.00
CBC-1128-T-LSCBC-1128-T-LS Support, Advice, Mentoring Advocacy Service (SAMAS)Community Led Initiatives CIC01 September 202031 August 2025£850,000.00
CBC-1132-H-TSCBC-1132-H-TS Green and Blue Infrastructure PlanLUC (Land Use Consultants)01 October 202003 May 2021£39,844.00
CBC-1133-T-TSCBC-1133-T-TS - Play Area - Resurfacing and Equipment - 4 Lots (Lot 1)Playtop Ltd04 January 202105 April 2021£18,928.00
CBC-1133-T-TSCBC-1133-T-TS - Play Area - Resurfacing and Equipment - 4 Lots (Lot 3)KOMPAN Limited04 January 202105 April 2021£12,820.79
CBC-1133-T-TSCBC-1133-T-TS - Play Area - Resurfacing and Equipment - 4 Lots (Lot 4)Personnel Hygiene Services ltd trading as PHS Group plc04 January 202105 April 2021£36,154.70
CBC-1133-T-TSCBC-1133-T-TS - Play Area - Resurfacing and Equipment - 4 Lots (Lot2)Playtop Ltd04 January 202105 April 2021£6,859.00
CBC-1134-T-TS CBC-1134-T-TS Dunstable High Street Improvements Phase 2a & 2bHenderson & Taylor (Public Works) Limited12 October 202031 March 2021£1,958,272.17
CBC-1135-T-BACBC-1135-T-BA Alliance Consultancy ServiceSavills (UK) Limited01 October 202030 September 2022£136,750.00
CBC-1136-Q-BACBC-1136-Q-BA Public Health Funerals - Central Bedfordshire CouncilNeville Funerals01 November 202001 December 2022£35,500.00
CBC-1137-H-EICBC-1137-H-EI Principal Designer for Aid and AdaptationsRobert Lombardelli Partnership Ltd21 September 202020 June 2021£5,740.00
CBC-1137-T-AECBC-1137-T-AE Land, Property and Public Services (LPPS) Business SolutionAgile Applications Limited31 December 202031 January 2026£393,000.00
CBC-1138-H-EICBC-1138-H-EI Drafting of Local Walking and Cycling Investment Plans for CBC (Phase 2); Leighton Buzzard/Linslade; Dunstable / Houghton RegisTetra Tech Europe19 October 202018 April 2021£22,500.00
CBC-1140-H-TSCBC-1140-H-TS 38 Bradford Road Concreting WorksBearings Structural Solutions Ltd12 October 202026 October 2020£6,466.50
CBC-1148-T-BACBC-1148-T-BA Single-Storey Domestic Extension and AdaptationsGaskell Refurbishments Ltd 11 January 202113 August 2021£55,343.59
CBC-1149-T-BACBC-1149-T-BA Two Storey Side Extension and Alterations to DwellingGaskell Refurbishments Ltd 11 January 202103 September 2021£53,592.50
CBC-1151-Q-LSCBC-1151-Q-LS Adult Social Care (ASC) Policy HubPolicy Partners Project Ltd11 January 202110 January 2024£34,560.00
CBC-1152-T-TSCBC-1152-T-TS Potton Road - Construction of 5 residential units Spacemaker Developments Ltd03 January 202124 October 2021£1,254,786.29
CBC-1156-T-BACBC-1156-T-BA Conversion of a Two Bedroom Bungalow to Full Wheelchair AccessibilityM3 Property Maintenance01 February 202130 April 2021£73,522.77
CBC-1157-H-EICBC-1157-H-EI - Principal Designer for Scheme RefurbishmentRobert Lombardelli Partnership Ltd14 December 202030 April 2021£2,800.00
CBC-1159-T-TSCBC-1159-T-TS - Design Consultancy Services - CaddingtonTT Building Consultancy Ltd22 February 202121 February 2023£225,400.00
CBC-1160-T-TSCBC-1160-T-TS - Design Consultancy Services - SandyTT Building Consultancy Ltd22 February 202122 February 2023£240,200.00
CBC-1163-FC-AE CBC-1163-FC-AE Fixed Line Provision Network Services 2 (RM3808)Gamma Telecom Limited19 March 202130 June 2024£352,098.00
CBC-1164-H-TSCBC-1164-H-TS Four Property RefurbishmentM3 Property Maintenance11 January 202122 March 2021£36,467.51
CBC-1165-FA-LSCBC-1165-FA-LS Managed Services for Temporary Agency Resources Matrix SCM08 August 202107 August 2024£35,205,000.00
CBC-1169-T-EICBC-1169-T-EI CBC Pumps Maintenance ContractMetro Rod01 February 202131 January 2023£12,604.00
CBC-1170-T-BACBC-1170-T-BA Gas Safety Audit Services for Domestic and Communal Housing 2021 CORGI Technical Services01 March 202131 March 2024£70,408.00
CBC-1171-Q-HCCBC-1171-Q-HC Red Book ValuationWilks Head & Eve LLP01 February 202131 January 2023£57,000.00
CBC-1173-Q-LSCBC-1173-Q-LS Recruitment Partner for a new Holding Company for Central Bedfordshire Council (CBC)Novo Executive Search01 March 202130 November 2021£30,000.00
CBC-1174-H-EICBC-1174-H-EI Central Bedfordshire Adult Social Care Survey 2021Public Perspectives Ltd10 February 202109 April 2021£7,500.00
CBC-1176-H-TSCBC-1176-H-TS 3 Flat RefurbishmentsM3 Property Maintenance19 February 202116 April 2021£50,162.03
CBC-1177-Q-LSCBC-1177-Q-LS Early Years and Childcare Sufficiency AssessmentPlace Group08 March 2021No Date Provided£9,675.00
CBC-1178-T-TSCBC-1178-T-TS Holts Court RefurbishmentsFSG Property Services Ltd10 May 202131 August 2021£203,017.64
CBC-1179-H-TSCBC-1179-H-TS Electric vehicle take up and infrastructure in Central BedfordshireWSP UK Limited 12 April 202130 June 2023£54,234.00
CBC-1180-Q-LSCBC-1180-Q-LS Central Bedfordshire SEND Local Offer WebsiteIdox Software Ltd30 April 202129 March 2024£59,444.00
CBC-1181-T-HCCBC-1181-T-HC Structural repairs and underpinning works to housing propertiesBearings Structural Solutions Ltd01 April 202131 March 2024£450,000.00
CBC-1182-T-BACBC-1182-T-BA Refurbishment of multiple housing propertiesM3 Property Maintenance05 April 202104 April 2022£400,000.00
CBC-1183-H-SRCBC-1183-H-SR Tree Plantation at Woodlands Gypsy and Traveller Site, BiggleswadeGristwood and Toms 08 March 202115 March 2022£5,024.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-03-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-03-SR 74a Sundown AvenueBSG Property Services Ltd16 May 202217 June 2022£11,290.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-04-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-04-SR 50 Cambridge RoadWall to Wall Home Improvements21 February 202221 May 2022£14,130.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-05-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-05-SR 39 Moreteyne RoadBSG Property Services Ltd21 March 202225 March 2022£4,955.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-06-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-06-SR 11 Stanbridge WayWall to Wall Home Improvements14 April 202215 April 2022£1,300.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-07-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-07-SR 8 Warren RoadWall to Wall Home Improvements14 January 202231 January 2022£3,600.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-08-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-08-SR 28 Gravel Pit RoadWall to Wall Home Improvements21 March 202228 March 2022£9,800.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-13-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-13-SR 4 Hutton WayWall to Wall Home Improvements21 March 202221 June 2022£5,300.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-16-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-16-SR 1 SouthfieldsWestone Housing Ltd25 April 202231 May 2022£9,500.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-23-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-23-SR 55 Bedford RoadWall to Wall Home Improvements03 May 202210 May 2022£4,900.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-24-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-24-SR Mission Cottage, 16 Church StreetWall to Wall Home Improvements16 May 202221 May 2022£5,400.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-25-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-25-SR 9 Bloomsbury GardensWall to Wall Home Improvements27 June 202204 July 2022£5,100.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-29-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-29-SR 69 Lawrence RoadWall to Wall Home Improvements23 May 202227 May 2022£2,700.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-30-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-30-SR 82 Sycamore RoadCrestel Home Access Ltd06 June 202216 June 2022£7,314.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-31-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-31-SR 9 Chiltern ViewWall to Wall Home Improvements20 June 202225 June 2022£5,600.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-32-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-32-SR 11 Ivel WayWall to Wall Home Improvements11 July 202216 July 2022£5,240.00
CBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-37-SRCBC-1184-FA-LS-FC-37-SR 44 Millards CloseWhite & Fensome (Builders) Ltd27 June 202222 July 2022£7,680.00
CBC-1190-T-TSCBC-1190-T-TS - Chartered Town Planner - L7 ApprenticeshipUniversity College London01 September 202131 August 2026£75,200.00
CBC-1191-H-EICBC-1191-H-EI - Footpath to the rear of properties 30-42 Bury Rise, Tilsworth, Leighton Buzzard, LU7 9PRBearings Structural Solutions Ltd03 May 2021No Date Provided£11,042.00
CBC-1192-H-EICBC-1192-H-EI - Refurbishment of fire damaged ground floor flatM3 Property Maintenance26 April 202105 July 2021£37,231.36
CBC-1193-T-TSCBC-1193-T-TS - Steppingley Road - 72 Bed Care Home and Independent 8 Bed HouseholdsFarrans Construction trading as a division of Northstone (NI) LImited01 April 202231 March 2024£50,141,059.61
CBC-1194-Q-HCCBC-1194-Q-HC Whole Life Costing-Housing ServicesCS2 Ltd01 May 202130 April 2023£33,000.00
CBC-1195-Q-SRCBC-1195-Q-SR SEND Written Statement of Action Delivery Programme DirectorP Senior Associates12 April 202131 March 2022£59,500.00
CBC-1197-H-TS CBC-1197-H-TS Arts and Culture Research University of Bedfordshire12 May 202110 January 2023£8,550.00
CBC-1201-T-TSCBC-1201-T-TS Homeless ReviewsHousing Reviews Limited01 June 202131 May 2024£29,700.00
CBC-1202-Q-AECBC-1202-Q-AE Quote for iPhone SE RequirementJigsaw Systems Ltd05 May 202104 June 2021£33,130.00
CBC-1203-Q-AE CBC-1203-Q-AE Design and implementation of Azure Landing ZoneANS Group17 May 202130 June 2021£17,500.00
CBC-1204-T-SRCBC-1204-T-SR Emergency Food VouchersEdenred (UK Group) Ltd01 September 202131 August 2023£99,500.00
CBC-1204-T-SRCBC-1204-T-SR Emergency Utilities (Gas & Electric) VouchersWonde Limited01 July 202130 June 2023£61,200.00
CBC-1205-FW-TSCBC-1205-FW-TS Flitwick Transport Interchange Octavius Infrastructure Ltd19 July 202105 April 2025£3,957,555.73
CBC-1210-T-TSCBC-1210-T-TS Aluminium ColumnsHardie-Secure Products Ltd02 August 202102 August 2023£180,480.00
CBC-1214-T-LS-1CBC-1214-T-LS Summer Holiday Activities & Food (HAF) Young People’s Programme - 2021 (Lot 1 - Dunstable/Houghton Regis)4YP UK Ltd28 June 202114 September 2021£2,976.00
CBC-1214-T-LS-2CBC-1214-T-LS Summer Holiday Activities & Food (HAF) Young People’s Programme - 2021 (Lot 2 - Sandy/Biggleswade)Bedford Blues Foundation28 June 202114 September 2021£5,405.44
CBC-1214-T-LS-3CBC-1214-T-LS Summer Holiday Activities & Food (HAF) Young People’s Programme - 2021 (Lot 3 - Leighton Buzzard)Leighton Linslade School Sports Partnership (Vandyke Upper School)28 June 202114 September 2021£19,200.00
CBC-1214-T-LS-4CBC-1214-T-LS Summer Holiday Activities & Food (HAF) Young People’s Programme - 2021 (Lot 4 - Shefford/Stotfold)Shefford Youth Involvement (Grand Union Housing Group)28 June 202114 September 2021£9,000.32
CBC-1214-T-LS-5CBC-1214-T-LS Summer Holiday Activities & Food (HAF) Young People’s Programme - 2021 (Lot 5 - Flitwick/Ampthill)4YP UK Ltd28 June 202114 September 2021£12,785.76
CBC-1215-T-MDCBC-1215-T-MD Holidays Activities and Food (HAF) Summer Holiday Sports Programme - Lot 1 NorthBedford Blues Foundation26 July 202114 September 2021£25,000.32
CBC-1216-Q-SR-1CBC-1216-Q-SR Holiday Activities and Food Programme – 2021 Summer Scheme – Creative Element (LOT 1)Full House Theatre Company28 June 202110 September 2021£18,668.00
CBC-1216-Q-SR-2CBC-1216-Q-SR Holiday Activities and Food Programme – 2021 Summer Scheme – Creative Element (LOT 2)Full House Theatre Company28 June 202110 September 2021£18,668.00
CBC-1216-Q-SR-3CBC-1216-Q-SR Holiday Activities and Food Programme – 2021 Summer Scheme – Creative Element (LOT 3)Bedford Creative Arts28 June 202110 September 2021£8,629.44
CBC-1218-Q-AECBC-1218-Q-AE Online Training VideosTwo Fresh Productions Limited 13 September 202131 March 2023£81,350.00
CBC-1222-Q-SRCBC-1222-Q-SR Edward Peake Middle School - Flooring, Charging Points and External Landscaping works.Spacemaker Developments Ltd26 July 202111 October 2021£125,347.36
CBC-1226-Q-SRCBC-1226-Q-SR Digital Coroner's Court Re-Tender - Ampthill OnlyVP-AV Limited16 July 202115 July 2023£39,577.00
CBC-1227-Q-AECBC-1227-Q-AE Support & Consultancy for MS Project OnlineCorporate Project Solutions Ltd 31 August 202130 August 2023£50,600.00
CBC-1228-T-TSCBC-1228-T-TS All Saints View – Supply and fit - Furniture and FurnishingsTeal Living Furniture09 August 202130 November 2021£111,261.08
CBC-1230-Q-SRCBC-1230-Q-SR Viability Assessment ReviewBailey Venning Associates15 July 202115 August 2021£3,950.00
CBC-1231-FW-TSCBC-1231-FW-TS Arlesey Relief RoadJohn Sisk and Son Limited08 November 202107 November 2022£8,999,889.00
CBC-1234-T-TSCBC-1234-T-TS Electric Vehicle Chargers to support a Sustainable Vehicle Car Club Connected Kerb18 November 202117 November 2024£37,900.00
CBC-1236-Q-SRCBC-1236-Q-SR Refurbishment of 18 Vicarage Road Following Fire and Smoke DamageM3 Property Maintenance16 August 202115 October 2021£36,825.09
CBC-1238-T-TSCBC-1238-T-TS Sustainable Vehicles for a town centre-based residential scheme Co-wheels Car Club Community Interest Company01 October 202130 September 2024£275,820.00
CBC-1240-Q-OWCBC-1240-Q-OW HP LaptopsInsight Direct (UK) Limited02 August 202102 November 2021£59,986.80
CBC-1242-FW-TSCBC-1242-FW-TS Biggleswade Interchange - EHA FW - Lot 2Galliford Try Construction Ltd06 December 202105 December 2022£1,338,481.00
CBC-1243-T-SRCBC-1243-T-SR Closed Landfill MonitoringHydrogeologica Consulting Ltd13 September 202112 September 2024£31,862.50
CBC-1244-LV-RMCBC-1244-LV-RM Domestic Abuse ResearchMartin Training and Consultancy23 August 202105 November 2021£9,000.00
CBC-1247-LV-NSCBC-1247-LV-NS Housing Options TaxisSky Dunstable Cars LTD04 October 202104 October 2022£5,000.00
CBC-1249-T-TSCBC-1249-T-TS Supply of Domestic Furniture and Appliances (FURNITURE RESOURCE CENTRE LTD)FURNITURE RESOURCE CENTRE LTD15 November 202114 November 2023£108,410.00
CBC-1249-T-TSCBC-1249-T-TS Supply of Domestic Furniture and Appliances (Property Letting Furniture Solutions)Property Letting Furniture Solutions15 November 202114 November 2023£224,580.00
CBC-1250-LV-BDCBC-1250-LV-BD New benches CBC Countryside SitesEnglish Oak Designs10 October 202128 December 2021£8,600.00
CBC-1254-LV-NSCBC-1254-LV-NS Froghall Wood Hedge LayingTim Buckingham01 December 202131 March 2022£6,440.00
CBC-1255-FW-TSCBC-1255-FW-TS - Supply of Street Lighting Central Management System Nodes and Software Lucy Zodion Ltd05 November 202104 November 2024£721,825.00
CBC-1256-T-SRCBC-1256-T-SR Fully Managed Interpretation and Translation ServiceD A Languages Limited01 April 202231 March 2024£166,423.20
CBC-1257-Q-SRCBC-1257-Q-SR Path Works – Baulk WoodM J Granger Grounds Maintenance Ltd11 October 202125 October 2021£7,240.00
CBC-1257-Q-SRCBC-1257-Q-SR Path Works – Walker’s GreenM J Granger Grounds Maintenance Ltd11 October 202125 October 2021£9,512.00
CBC-1259-LV-BDCBC-1259-LV-BD - Leighton Buzzard Youth Centre - WC, Lighting & Garage Door UpgradeMillstream18 October 202125 October 2021£2,625.00
CBC-1261-LV-OWCBC-1261-LV-OW - Carer's SurveyDM Link01 October 202131 December 2021£3,610.50
CBC-1262-Q-MDCBC-1262-Q-MD Apple iPhonesSoftcat13 September 202113 December 2021£33,197.00
CBC-1263-Q-SRCBC-1263-Q-SR Southill Lower School Security FencingABC Fencing01 March 202222 March 2022£14,716.18
CBC-1264-Q-SRCBC-1264-Q-SR Flitwick Library Window ReplacementKCW Windows Limited25 November 202125 December 2021£13,807.00
CBC-1266-LV-NSCBC-1266-LV-NS TWP Path ImprovementsM J Granger Grounds Maintenance Ltd01 November 202101 December 2021£24,504.00
CBC-1268-Q-DBCBC-1268-Q-DB- Flitwick Wood New PathsM J Granger Grounds Maintenance Ltd08 December 202115 March 2022£46,280.00
CBC-1269-Q-AE CBC-1269-Q-AE Biggleswade Garden Communities Project – Energy Strategy Stantec UK Ltd11 October 202130 April 2022£20,955.00
CBC-1270-Q-AECBC-1270-Q-AE Biggleswade Garden Communities Project – Biodiversity Strategy Thomson Environmental Consultants11 October 202130 April 2022£13,694.00
CBC-1272-LV-BDCBC-1272-LV-BD-Flitton Moor Tree Safety WorksForestwood Services Ltd01 November 202115 November 2021£3,000.00
CBC-1277-T-TSCBC-1277-T-TS - Refurbishment of multiple housing propertiesM3 Property Maintenance01 February 202231 January 2024£187,441.22
CBC-1279-T-LSCBC-1279-T-LS COVID-19 Community EngagementNational Centre for Social Research29 November 2021No Date Provided£87,090.00
CBC-1280-Q-JE CBC-1280-Q-JE Apple iPhonesJigsaw Systems Ltd22 October 202121 January 2022£31,762.00
CBC-1283-LV-MPCBC-1283-LV-MP- Astral Park Sports Pitches boundary fenceTim Buckingham13 December 202127 December 2021£7,600.00
CBC-1284-LV-NSCBC-1284-LV-NS Kitchenette ReplacementStellar Developments (UK) Ltd29 December 202128 February 2022£5,097.30
CBC-1287-LV-ASCBC-1287-LV-AS Tree Works between Dunstable Road and Petley Close, FlitwickM J Granger Grounds Maintenance Ltd16 December 202131 March 2022£6,320.00
CBC-1288-LV-JECBC-1288-LV-JE All Saints View Ad Hoc ItemsTeal Living Furniture13 December 202117 January 2022£5,216.85
CBC-1290-T-TSCBC-1290-T-TS Review of Housing IT Provision & PerformanceAltair Ltd28 February 202231 May 2022£17,600.00
CBC-1291-Q-OWCBC-1291-Q-OW- Flitwick woods fencingTim Buckingham15 December 202114 March 2022£19,250.00
CBC-1292-LV-RMCBC-1292-LV-RM All Saints View: Mobility Scooter ProvisionMobility Giant24 January 202224 January 2023£1,866.72
CBC-1293-LV-NSCBC-1293-LV-NS Community Safety Stab VestsVestguard UK10 January 202209 January 2024£3,426.50
CBC-1294-Q-RM CBC-1294-Q-RM Apple Iphone Purchasevodafone limited11 November 202111 February 2022£32,400.00
CBC-1295-LV-OWCBC-1295-LV-OW- Adult Social Care SurveyDirect Data Analysis20 December 202130 March 2022£4,475.00
CBC-1296-Q-SRCBC-1296-Q-SR Family Hub Feasibility StudyInterface Enterprises06 December 202105 April 2022£24,849.95
CBC-1299-Q-SRCBC-1299-Q-SR Analysis and Reports - Consultation SupportPublic Perspectives Ltd10 January 202209 January 2023£35,000.00
CBC-1301-H-TSCBC-1301-H-TS Refurbishment of fire damaged one bed bungalowM3 Property Maintenance14 February 202223 May 2022£59,553.40
CBC-1302-T-SRCBC-1302-T-SR External Adaptation Works for CBC PropertiesBSG Property Services Ltd01 February 202231 January 2024£315,450.00
CBC-1303-Q-SRCBC-1303-Q-SR Supply and Fitting of Blinds for CBC Housing PropertiesConcorde Blinds Direct Ltd01 February 202231 January 2023£50,000.00
CBC-1307-FW-TSCBC-1307-FW-TS Kingsland Leisure Centre - Lot 2 - South East RegionMorgan Sindall15 February 202214 February 2024£2,667,301.18
CBC-1310-FW-TSCBC-1310-FW-TS - Sandy Secondary School – Expansion – Stage 1 tenderAshe Construction Ltd09 August 202229 August 2023£11,510,569.93
CBC-1313-T-TSCBC-1313-T-TS Waste Treatment/Bulking Haulage and Disposal (Biffa Waste Services Limited)Biffa Waste Services Limited01 April 202231 March 2027£1,490,640.00
CBC-1313-T-TSCBC-1313-T-TS Waste Treatment/Bulking Haulage and Disposal (Invixon Limited) - Bedford BoroughInvixon Limited01 April 202231 March 2027£520,000.00
CBC-1313-T-TSCBC-1313-T-TS Waste Treatment/Bulking Haulage and Disposal (URM (UK) Ltd t/a Berryman)URM (UK) Ltd t/a Berryman01 April 202231 March 2027£2,015,000.00
CBC-1313-T-TSCBC-1313-T-TS Waste Treatment/Bulking Haulage and Disposal (Veolia ES UK Ltd)Veolia ES UK Ltd01 April 202231 March 2027£2,726,400.00
CBC-1314-Q-RMCBC-1314-Q-RM iPhonesJigsaw Systems Ltd10 January 202210 April 2022£30,844.00
CBC-1316-H-TSCBC-1316-H-TS Playing Pitch StrategyKnight, Kavanagh & Page Ltd01 March 202201 December 2022£21,707.00
CBC-1319-FC-AECBC-1319-FC-AE HP ProBook 440 G8 Jan 2022XMA Limited31 January 202231 March 2022£935,865.00
CBC-1326-T-AECBC-1326-T-AE Home to School Transport Management SystemSchoolBusNET31 March 202231 March 2025£109,800.00
CBC-1327-Q-MPCBC-1327-Q-MP VMWareSoftcat06 February 202206 February 2023£19,447.76
CBC-1328-LV-NSCBC-1328-LV-NS Public Bike Maintenance Stands Turvec Solutions Limited07 March 202231 December 2022£35,000.00
CBC-1329-Q-BDCBC-1329-Q-BD Awarded Drain Maintenance-AmpthillM J Granger Grounds Maintenance Ltd01 April 2022No Date Provided£18,246.00
CBC-1330-T-LSCBC-1330-T-LS Development of Fairness Plan for Central BedfordshireTPXimpact Ltd28 March 202227 September 2022£102,400.00
CBC-1331-LV-JECBC-1331-LV-JE - Emergency Communications TrainingAmanda Coleman14 March 2022No Date Provided£1,950.00
CBC-1337-LV-JECBC-1337-LV-JE Love your Library The Beautiful Branding Company04 March 202204 May 2022£5,925.00
CBC-1344-LV-BDCBC-1344-LV-BD Waste behavioural change campaignWe Can Creative Ltd.21 March 2022No Date Provided£12,913.03
CBC-1346-T-SRCBC-1346-T-SR Library Strategy Research and Supplementary Planning Development Consultancy Services RedQuadrant Ltd01 April 202231 July 2022£19,968.75
CBC-1348-LV-RMCBC-1348-LV-RM Incorporating Lived Experience to verify the Adult Drug & Alcohol Treatment Service Specification Creative Inclusion04 April 202230 May 2022£18,000.00
CBC-1351-Q-SRCBC-1351-Q-SR Insurance and Risk Consultancy ServicesArthur J Gallagher Insurance Brokers Limited01 April 202231 March 2025£25,000.00
CBC-1352-H-TSCBC-1352-H-TS Lift Services - Planned and ReactiveTemple Lifts Ltd01 April 202231 March 2024£59,762.50
CBC-1354-T-TSCBC-1354-T-TS Cycle Hire SchemeActive Cycling Projects Ltd29 July 202231 July 2023£43,200.00
CBC-1355-LV-NSCBC-1355-LV-NS AMHP Refresher TrainingDCC Interactive Ltd04 April 202204 April 2023£8,050.00
CBC-1357-LV-RMCBC-1357-LV-RM MonitorsSoftcat17 March 202217 June 2022£4,082.40
CBC-1359-H-TSCBC-1359-H-TS Planned & Reactive Mechanical ServicesTSG Building Services plc01 April 202231 March 2023£43,725.00
CBC-1361-H- TSCBC-1361-H-TS Fire Services and Emergency LightingFirst Response Fire Safety UK Ltd01 April 202231 March 2023£60,158.00
CBC-1363-Q-SR/OWCBC-1363-Q-SR/OW Pix Brook Flood TelemetryRadio Data Networks Limited18 April 202217 April 2023£45,700.00
CBC-1364-Q-SRCBC-1364-Q-SR Waste Services for All Saints View and Priory ViewF & R Cawley Limited18 April 202217 April 2024£17,671.68
CBC-1365-LV-MP CBC-1365-LV-MP Iphone cases and Iphone glass coversJigsaw Systems Ltd25 March 2022No Date Provided£4,518.00
CBC-1366-LV-JECBC-1366-LV-JE Apple iPhone ChargersJigsaw Systems Ltd28 March 2022No Date Provided£6,410.00
CBC-1367-H-TSCBC-1367-H-TS Corporate Landlord Intruder Alarm and MaintenanceHalo Security Solution (UK) Ltd01 April 202231 March 2023£9,884.00
CBC-1373-H-TSCBC-1373-H-TS Electrical Testing & Reactive Electrical ServicesSDG Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Ltd22 April 202221 April 2023£10,436.00
CBC-1374-H-TSCBC-1374-H-TS Supply and Installation of Street NameplatesAuckland Manufacturing Ltd t/a PGM signs02 May 202201 May 2023£40,377.50
CBC-1375-H-TSCBC-1375-H-TS General Building Services (South Region)GB Construction (Herts) Ltd 22 April 202221 April 2023£60,000.00
CBC-1376-H-TSCBC-1376-H-TS General Building Services (North Region)GB Construction (Herts) Ltd 22 April 202221 April 2023£60,000.00
CBC-44274-F-PMCBC-44274-F-PM-Purchase Ledger AuditMeridian Cost Benefit Ltd T/a Recovery Audit01 July 202112 August 2022£15,000.00
CBC-0970-H-CECentral Bedfordshire Design Guide CBC-0970-H-CE Place Services01 February 201930 August 2019£28,785.00
CBC-0986-DA-11-ABCentral Bedfordshire Growth Deal Options CBC-0986-DA-11-ABHatch Associates Ltd22 June 202131 December 2021£100,000.00
CBC-0114-T-ATCENTRAL HEATING CONTRACT CBC-0114-T-AT Wheldon Contracts & Services Ltd01 September 201331 March 2017£3,237,000.00
CEN/01CentrePoint Software Licences and HostingRESPOND GROUP LTD01 April 200911 February 9999£6,960.00
CPS-YH-28.09.2020Cess Pit Survey - G&T BillingtonLanes Group plc28 September 202009 November 2020£7,100.00
CHA/01Chair LiftsEMS Lifts LimitedNo Date ProvidedNo Date Provided£10,562.00
CBC-0986-FC-03-CEChamberlains Barn Quarry AWE proposal CBC-0986-FC-03-CE Aspinall Verdi Ltd09 March 202123 March 2021£1,860.00
CBC-0332-T-LSChildren & Young People's Alcohol and Drug Service CBC-0332-T-LSCAN01 April 201431 March 2017£179,438.94
CBC-T-0003-AMChildrens Case Management System (CCMS)Corelogic Ltd01 October 201131 March 9999£421,206.00
 Children's Social Care Training CoursesIn-Trac Training & Consultancy Ltd01 April 201731 March 2018£17,250.00
 Childrens Transformation Phase 2iMPOWER Consultancy Limited24 October 201615 April 2017£204,951.00
CBC-0987-FC-CEChiltern Vale Integrated Health and Care Hub CBC-0987-FC-CE Willmott Dixon Construction Limited01 April 201921 February 2023£43,479,914.90
CBC-T-0010-AMCisco Support Services CBC-T-0010-AMCSA Waverley Ltd01 December 201130 November 2017£21,281.00
CLE/01Cleaning Housing Communal AreasM C S Contract Cleaning Ltd01 December 200931 May 2018£1,277,853.00
CBC-0461-T-TGCleaning Service for Central Bedfordshire Council CBC-0461-T-TG Servest Group ltd15 June 201515 June 2018£1,049,105.34
ESPO263Cleaning Service for Corporate Landlord BuildingsTenon FM Ltd01 April 202131 March 2022£487,980.00
CBC-0811-T-CE Cleaning Services for CBC Housing Properties CBC-0811-T-CE mcs contract cleaning ltd01 June 201831 May 2023£1,645,467.30
CBC-0556-T-LSClient Caseload Information SystemServelec Youth Services Limited02 January 201601 January 2021£116,930.00
682294508847557Cloud Software - Attendance Monitoring ServiceWelfare Call01 September 201930 August 2022£46,956.00
1503Cludo Site Search & AnalyticsCludo UK Limited26 April 202225 April 2026£7,300.00
PP0499CM - Electronic Care Monitoring, Management and SchedulingAccess UK Ltd (Prev. HAS Technology)05 May 202204 May 2024£293,853.62
CM2/01CM2000 Rental and MaintenanceCare Monitoring 2000 ltd11 May 201612 May 2018£61,320.00
HTE-005705/10797Cognitive Network Solutions Ltd - 2021 Veritas NBU RenewalInsight Direct (UK) Limited18 June 202117 June 2022£26,600.00
BBC EN 01457Comingled Recycling TreatmentNew Earth Solutions (west) Ltd T/A Mid-UK Recycling01 October 202130 September 2022£4,688,838.00
CBC-0986-FC-01-CECommercial and Advice Town Centre Regeneration and Adaptation CBC-0986-FC-01-CE Cornerstone Assets Advisory Ltd01 December 202031 May 2021£30,000.00
CBC-1223-T-CECommunity Alarm Monitoring Response Call Handling (LOT 1) CBC-1223-T-CEDoro Care (UK) Ltd01 September 202131 August 2024£264,976.00
CCM/01Community Care Maintenance at Priory ViewChubb Fire and Security Ltd01 October 201730 September 2022£11,406.29
CBC-0374-Q-LSCommunity Domestic Abuse Perpetrator Programme CBC-0374-Q-LSThe Change Portfolio12 May 201431 March 2017£56,908.00
CBC-1056-H-CE Community Engagement Support CBC-1056-H-CE Digital Film Production Limited16 September 201915 December 2019£7,800.00
 Community Transport - Dial-A-Ride ServicesBuzzer Buses Dial a Ride Ltd, Link-A-Ride Community Transport Ltd - NO LONGER IN OPERATION - DO NOT USE, South Beds Dial-a-Ride01 April 201431 March 2017£180,000.00
CBC-1306-FC-CE Condition Surveying Services CBC-1306-FC-CE Baily Garner LLP21 February 202220 February 2024£178,845.82
EoELGA PROC16-0133 Connect Webcasting & Audio Visual (AV) MaintenancePublic-i Group Ltd30 January 201931 January 2023£57,542.00
CON/01Connexions system - Profile 2000Microdec PLC04 October 2004No Date Provided£26,136.00
CBC-1155-T-CEConstruction Gardners Farm New Agricultural Grain Stores CBC-1155-T-CE JOHNSTRUCT LTD.08 March 202131 May 2021£134,909.00
CBC-1155-T-CEConstruction Hill Farm New Agricultural Grain Stores CBC-1155-T-CE JOHNSTRUCT LTD.08 March 202131 March 2022£192,414.00
 Consultancy Services - Odour ControlOdournet UK Limited01 March 201730 August 2018£6,179.00
EPS_00226_2018 CBREConsultancy Services ‘Masterplan and Delivery Strategy for BiggleswadeCBRE Limited16 July 201821 August 2023£48,212.50
 Consultancy Services for Leighton Buzzard Police Station CBC-0694-H-CE Brown&Co08 January 201702 August 2017£7,150.00
NEP/01Consultants and Professional Services SupportNEPRO Limited01 July 201416 September 2016£6,000,000.00
MCG 0000000340Content Management System (CMS) for online digital servicesJadu17 September 201816 September 2022£295,200.00
CEN02-01Coroner AV Equipment MaintenanceVP Bastion Limited01 May 201501 January 9999£1,500.00
146273Coroners Case Management and Workflow SystemWPC Software25 February 201924 February 2023£50,210.00
CBC-1322-FC-CE Corporate Landlord Cleaning Contract North CBC-1322-FC-CE Tenon fm Limited01 April 202231 March 2023£400,000.00
CBC-1323-FC-CECorporate Landlord Cleaning Contract South CBC-1323-FC-CE Tenon fm Limited01 April 202231 March 2023£300,000.00
CBC-1324-Q-CE Corporate Landlord Security Services CBC-1324-Q-CE CYS Security Ltd01 April 202231 March 2023£50,000.00
RM1037/MeridianCost Recovery Audits 2017-2020Meridian Cost Benefit Ltd T/a Recovery Audit02 May 201701 May 2020£0.00
COU/01Countryside Access Management System (CAMS)EXEGESIS SDM01 January 201311 February 9999£30,004.00
815Covid-19 Town Centre Steward CoverCYS Security Ltd04 January 202130 June 2021£335,000.00
F5-2018C-Serv F5 Managed Service Softcat12 November 201811 November 2021£54,000.00
FS-2021C-Serv F5 Managed Service 2021Softcat05 November 202107 June 2022£10,500.00
CBC-0339-Q-AT Customer Satisfaction and Mystery Shopping Survey Service CBC-0339-Q-AT Voluntas MRS Ltd01 April 201430 September 2016£47,825.00
CBC-0121-T-AMData Centre Outsource CBC-0121-T-AMThrive Operations Ltd (ONI plc)20 May 201320 May 2017£989,888.00
DAY/01Day Centre Mealsapetito LtdNo Date Provided30 March 2020£11,000.00
CBC-1144-H-CE Decoration Packs for Central Bedfordshire Residents 2020 CBC-1144-H-CE Crown Paints Ltd02 January 202101 January 2023£58,000.00
03/07/2019 AHDemolition 2-Storey ExtensionDBS Demolition Services Ltd10 June 201903 July 2019£13,390.00
DEMO/01Demolition of Streetfield SchoolAnglian Demolition & Asbestos Ltd19 July 202111 October 2021£296,345.00
DEN/01Dental HealthCommunity Dental Services CIC01 April 201631 March 2017£80,000.00
CBC-0794Derwent Lower - Boiler Replacement Project SCM 2018/19SDG Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Ltd08 February 201831 March 2019£67,500.00
SCAPE frameworkDerwent Lower School – Lighting UpgradesConamar Building Services Limited01 August 202101 September 2021£265,000.00
CBC-1246-T-CEDerwent Lower School Construction CBC-1246-T-CESpacemaker Developments Ltd12 November 202102 October 2022£5,978,706.49
CBC-1046-FC-JDDesign & Project Management Partner CBC-1046-FC-JD Concertus Design & Property Consultants Ltd28 October 201927 October 2023£2,828,937.00
PP0548Destination tracking (Adult Education Budget)Welfare Call01 November 201631 October 2018£10,000.00
EPS_00227_2018 BNPDevelopment at Arlesey BNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory & Property Management UK Limited16 July 201831 March 2022£30,000.00
CBC-1072-T-CE Development of a Sustainability Plan 2020-2030 CBC-1072-T-CE Useful Projects18 December 201917 December 2020£49,901.00
 Development of Resource Allocation System (RAS)iMPOWER Consultancy Limited24 October 201615 March 2017£50,000.00
CBC-0844-H-CEDigital Cinema Equipment and Installation CBC-0844-H-CE Future Projections Ltd09 April 201808 July 2018£47,813.14
Surrey County Council Framework Direct Payment CardsPrepaid Financial Services Ltd.01 April 201831 January 2021£300,000.00
DNS/01DNS ServicesNominet UK31 January 202130 January 2023£6,127.54
CBC-1175-T-CE Dog Warden and Kennelling Service (LOT 1) CBC-1175-T-CESDK Environmental01 April 202131 March 2026£1,098,200.00
CBC-0243-T-CEDog Warden and Stray Dog Kennelling Service CBC-0243-T-CESDK Environmental01 October 201330 September 2020£737,625.00
DOJO/01Dojo: Local Government / SCORM LMSCC2I Ltd03 February 202003 February 2023£13,470.00
CBC-0485-T-SCDomestic Door Replacement CBC-0485-T-SCNEW CENTURY DOORS LTD15 June 201531 August 2019£169,190.00
CBC-0684-H-CE Domestic Removal Services CBC-0684-H-CE Kelerbay t/a Doree Bonner International01 February 201731 July 2019£14,220.00
CBC-1031-H-CE Domestic Removals CBC-1031-H-CE Kelerbay t/a Doree Bonner International01 August 201931 July 2021£53,610.00
CBC-1207-T-CEDomestic Removals Service CBC-1207-T-CE Kelerbay t/a Doree Bonner International01 September 202131 August 2024£417,780.00
CBC-0174-T-LSDomiciliary Care Services CBC-0174-T-LSA Caring Company Ltd, Affinity Trust, APT Care Limited, ariel care ltd, Beaumont Healthcare Ltd, Carebank Ltd, Caremark (Luton & South Beds), Castlerock Recruitment Group Ltd, Centra, Choice Support, Choices Care Ltd, Civicare (BHB) Ltd, Crystal Lemon Care Ltd, CSN Care Group Limited, Dial House Care Limited, Diamond Resourcing plc t/as Better Healthcare Services, Elite Care Services Ltd, Everycare (MK & Beds) Limited, Firstpoint Homecare, Hales Group Ltd, Healthcare Homes Group Ltd., Helpers Homecare Limited, Hft, Housing 21, Leonard Cheshire Disabilty, Luton Training & Mentoring, MacIntyre, Mears Extra Care Limited, Mencap, Nestor Primecare Services Limited, Papworth Trust, Prime Care Support Ltd, Radis Community Care, Sagecare Limited, Sevacare UK Ltd, Social Care Solutions, Taylor Gordon & Co. Limited t/a Plan Care, Total Home Care Solutions Limited, Violets Homecare Services Ltd., Voyage 1 Limited, Walsingham Support, WESTMINSTER HOMECARE LIMITED13 May 201312 May 2017£30,000,000.00
DMA/01Drain Maintenance - Ampthill 2019-2022M J Granger Grounds Maintenance Ltd01 May 201931 March 2022£11,616.00
CR/DD-OVCDunstable Downs Old visitor centre car park – CR/DD-OVCDJT SURFACING LTD15 March 202121 May 2021£9,344.85
CBC-1188-T-CEDunstable High Street Improvements Phase 3 CBC-1188-T-CE Henderson & Taylor (Public Works) Limited10 May 202109 May 2022£2,512,850.00
CBC-0794Dunstable Icknield Lower - Electrical Replacement Project - SCM 2018/19 and 2019/20B Safe Electrical Services08 February 201831 March 2020£130,000.00
CBC-0635-FC-LMDunstable Library & Leisure Centre Pre Construction (PART 2) CBC-0635-FC-LM Wates Construction01 October 201630 September 2018£35,270.99
 E Car Club - Priory View 2016E-Car Club Ltd02 June 201601 June 2018£23,400.00
CBC-0108-T-LSEarly Years Support Team for children with disabilities IVEL VALLEY SCHOOL01 January 201331 December 2020£262,067.00
CBC-0986-DA-04-LHG East West Rail Consultation CBC-0986-DA-04-LHG Hatch Associates Ltd17 March 202130 September 2021£20,000.00
CBC-0986-DA-18-ABEconomic and Environmental Appraisal CBC-0986-DA-18-ABJeremy Benn Associates Limited07 March 202209 May 2022£39,970.50
CBC-0986-DA-01-ABEconomic Recovery Strategy Plan - Direction of Travel CBC-0986-DA-01-ABHatch Associates Ltd16 August 202030 December 2020£37,930.00
CBC-0951-FC-CEEdward Peake Middle School Design & Contract Admin Services CBC-0951-FC-CE YMD Boon Ltd04 December 201809 July 2021£222,400.00
CEN011/045Edward Peake Middle School ExpansionAshe Construction Ltd23 July 2019No Date Provided£5,085,879.00
CBC-0794Edward Peake Mid-replace control panel SCM 2017/18SDG Electrical and Mechanical Engineering Ltd16 February 201831 March 2018£16,989.00
FEO/01e-forms for online changes for Housing Benefit and Council Tax SupportIEG4 Limited17 December 201501 January 9999£245,808.00
EHCPAU/02EHCP Annual Review Audit ToolInnovate Invision01 November 202131 October 2022£10,000.00
EHCPAU/01EHCP Audit ToolInnovate Invision01 November 202131 October 2022£10,000.00
1115Elector8 Electoral Management SystemDemocracy Counts Limited 30 November 202130 November 2024£53,450.00
CBC-0213-T-AT Electrical Maintenance and Rewire Contract CBC-0213-T-AT PURDY CONTRACTS LTD 02 January 201431 August 2019£501,075.00
PP0720Electronic Call Monitoring System Access UK Ltd.05 May 202204 May 2024£293,853.62
ELE/03Electronic Monitoring of Home CareCare Monitoring 2000 ltd01 January 2009No Date Provided£200,000.00
CBC-0336-Q-AEElectronic Tendering and Contract Management System CBC-0336In-Tend Ltd01 April 201431 March 2019£19,975.00
CBC-0939-Q-CEElectronic Tendering and Contract Management System CBC-0939-Q-CE In-Tend Ltd01 May 201930 April 2022£20,570.00
CBC-1036-H-LPElm Park and Chelsea Gdns Play Area CBC-1036-H-LP KOMPAN Limited24 February 202011 March 2020£61,603.54
 Email and Web SafeguardMessageLabs (Part of Symantec)No Date Provided11 February 9999£44,700.00
Wall/9/12/21Emergency Works to Bathroom 2 Barleyfield WayWall to Wall Home Improvements09 December 202128 February 2022£30,800.00
CBC-0741-T-CE Employers Agent for Housing New Build Programme CBC-0741-T-CE Summers Inman Construction and Property Consultants LLP08 August 201707 August 2024£110,000.00