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ReferenceTitleSuppliersCustomerExpiry DateValue
HBC - 011865ESPH AB 22 Theaklin Drive - Roof Repairs (ESPH324 TI)Selectproof Co Lt T/A The Russell Asphalt CompanyHastings Borough Council31 August 2020£73,209.00
HBC - 012796ESPH AB Hastings Wayfindings (ESPH403 TI)IS Consultancy (UK) LtdHastings Borough Council30 June 2021£122,000.00
HBC - 010613ESPH CN Architectural & Building Consultant Services for Churchfields Business Incubation Complex (ESPH273)Allen Construction Consultancy LimitedHastings Borough Council01 March 2021£123,760.00
HBC - 012942ESPH CN Construction of a BREEAM Certified Business Centre (ESPH382TI) Westridge Construction LimitedHastings Borough Council31 December 2022£4,103,866.00
HBC - 012795ESPH CN Employability Coach (ESPH415 TI)Education Futures TrustHastings Borough Council15 June 2022£7,380.00
HBC - 010627ESPH CN Provision of Selective Licence Scheme 2020 (ESPH295 TI)RJFP Resourcing LtdHastings Borough Council31 May 2021£15,210.00
HBC - 010617ESPH CN Provision of Taxi Marshals Service (ESPH247)Titanium Security Solutions LtdHastings Borough Council31 May 2021£42,120.00
HBC - 010618ESPH CN Renewable and Low Carbon Energy Study (ESPH310)AECOM Limited ltdHastings Borough Council01 November 2019£23,450.00
HBC - 009781ESPH GP Architect Services for The Roundel and Harold Place, Hastings (ESPH253)Saville Jones Consultants LtdHastings Borough Council22 August 2019£94,274.00
HBC - 013299ESPH GP Buckshole Reservoir Safety Works (ESPH361)Jackson Civil Engineering Group LtdHastings Borough Council29 April 2022£875,422.67
HBC - 010619ESPH GP Hastings Country Park Information Centre (ESPH272)Green & Castle LtdHastings Borough Council25 November 2020£657,813.80
HBC - 011502ESPH GP Hastings Informal Open Space & Play Space Audit (ESPH308 TI)Land Use Consultants Limited (LUC)Hastings Borough Council27 January 2020£26,368.44
HBC - 013117ESPH GP Housing Adaptation Services ESPH435 TI)Peabody South East LimitedHastings Borough Council31 March 2023£330,000.00
HBC - 010620ESPH GP Initial Options Appraisal Study for Leisure and Cultural Facilities as part of the Bohemia Masterplan (ESPH302)Continuum Sport and Leisure LTDHastings Borough Council30 September 2019£78,120.00
HBC - 003993ESPH IR Cashless (Pay by Phone) Parking Solutions (ESPH32)PARK NOW LtdHastings Borough Council14 August 2019£0.00
HBC - 004070ESPH IR Repairs, Maintenance and Minor Works Contract (ESPH30)DCB (Kent) LimitedHastings Borough Council31 March 2022£3,150,000.00
HBC - 008684ESPH SB Cleaning Services for Hastings and Rother (ESPH93 - Lot 1)Specialist Hygiene Services LtdHastings Borough Council31 March 2020£423,335.00
HBC - 008690ESPH SB Hastings Public Convenience Cleaning Service (ESPH181)Specialist Hygiene Services LtdHastings Borough Council31 March 2020£1,120,543.00
HBC - 013300ESPH SB Hastings Town Investment Fund - Phase 2 (ESHP452 TI)Mott MacDonald LimitedHastings Borough Council30 June 2022£117,111.00
HBC - 008691ESPH SB Leisure Management Services for Hastings Borough Council (ESPH197)WealdenLeisure Ltd t/a Freedom LeisureHastings Borough Council31 March 2023£16,000,000.00
HBC - 008692ESPH SB Offsite (Hybrid) Mail Solution (ESPH205)CFH Docmail Ltd/ PRINT.UK.COMHastings Borough Council30 November 2022£750,000.00
HBC - 009789ESPH TI Hastings Crematorium Maintenance (ESPH238)Facultatieve Technologies LtdHastings Borough Council29 July 2023£202,234.50
HBC - 009780ESPH TI Outreach & Housing First SupportSeaview ProjectHastings Borough Council31 March 2019£174,930.00
HBC - 009792ESPH TI Rough Sleeping Initiative - Assessment Unit (ESPH268)Sanctuary HousingHastings Borough Council31 March 2019£151,995.62
HBC - 010622ESPH TI Rough Sleeping Initiative - Assessment Unit TW ESPH292Sanctuary HousingHastings Borough Council31 March 2020£352,000.00
HBC - 010623ESPH TI White Rock Water Feature and Refurbishment (ESPH255A)Ustigate LtdHastings Borough Council30 September 2019£293,645.52
HBC - 008170ESPH TI Wifi Extension for Wireless Network Service ( ESPH199)Technology Box LtdHastings Borough Council14 October 2020£46,293.92
HBC - 009614ESPH TI York Buildings Conversion to Flats (ESPH162B)Westoaks Builders LtdHastings Borough Council31 March 2019£712,000.00
HBC - 011159ESPH TW Cash Collection Services (ESPH288 TI)JADE SECURITY SERVICES LTDHastings Borough Council31 August 2022£188,082.50
HBC - 010624ESPH TW Hastings Sustainable Mobility Seafront - Feasibility Study (ESPH291)Steer Davies & Gleave LtdHastings Borough Council31 July 2020£49,684.00
HBC - 013200ESPH TW HBC Live, Work, Thrive (ESPH439 LM)Imogen Blood & Associates Ltd.Hastings Borough Council31 March 2023£20,775.00
HBC - 011593ESPH TW Insurance Services (ESPH270)H Hastings Borough CouncilNo Date Provided£798,116.20
HBC - 010625ESPH TW Muriel Matters House Lightning Protection (ESPH260A)Stone Technical Services Group LtdHastings Borough Council12 August 2019£50,154.11
HBC - 013238ESPH TW Out of Hours Telephone Service (ESPH306 LM) HBCCornwall Council - Adult Social CareHastings Borough Council24 January 2026£22,244.25
HBC - 011503ESPH TW Priory Street Multi Storey Car Park Repairs (ESPH322 TI)JB Specialist Refurbishments LtdHastings Borough Council15 April 2020£154,660.64
HBC - 012479ESPHGP Bulverhythe Development Financial Advisory Services (ESPH388 TI)Ernst & Young LLPHastings Borough CouncilNo Date Provided£44,000.00
HBC - 013262ESPHTW RV Finder Service - Analyse Local ESPH442 HBCInform CPI LtdHastings Borough Council31 May 2023£30,000.00
HBC - 010626ESPHTW HBC Welfare Funeral Services (ESPH282 TI)Funeral Services LimitedHastings Borough Council30 April 2024£115,680.00
HBC - 012166GCloud 10 Call off Contract - Finance systemUNIT4 Business Software LimitedHastings Borough CouncilNo Date Provided£259,680.00
HBC - 010309Hand Dryer RentalLovairHastings Borough Council26 April 2022£32,588.40
HBC - 004230Housing Adaptations Support ServicePeabody South East LimitedHastings Borough Council31 March 2019£80,000.00
RDC - 004078Environmental Health SoftwareNorthgate Public Services (UK) LimitedRother District Council31 March 2020£22,000.00
RDC - 013101ESPH AB King Offa Residential Scheme - Architectural Design (ESPH432 TI)MH Architects LimitedRother District Council30 November 2023£48,750.00
RDC - 011893ESPH AB Architectural Design Services for Blackfriars, Battle (ESPH349TI)BUILT ENVIRONMENT DESIGN PARTNERSHIP LIMITEDRother District Council31 October 2020£58,400.00
RDC - 012218ESPH AB Beeching Road Studios - Phase One refurbishment (ESPH377 TI) P.D.Harris(Henfield)Ltd.Rother District CouncilNo Date Provided£597,010.29
RDC - 013278ESPH AB Beeching Road Studios - Phase Two Refurbishment (ESPH440 TI)Alfa Electric LTD (Incorporating Avco Maintenance)Rother District Council30 September 2021£411,867.40
RDC - 012830ESPH AB Provision of Road Construction ( and Associated Infrastructure) Works at Blackfriars, Battle (ESPH386 TI)Breheny Civil Engineering LtdRother District Council25 May 2022£4,720,026.44
RDC - 013274ESPH AB Rother Water Safety (ESPH342a) Royal National Lifeboat InstitutionRother District Council09 May 2025£600,000.00
RDC - 010616ESPH AB Street Cleansing Surveys (ESPH294)Tetra Tech LimitedRother District Council31 July 2021£149,688.00
RDC - 013030ESPH CN Cemetery Lodge Access Road (ESPH392 LM)Trinity Homes UK LtdRother District Council19 February 2021£111,303.00
RDC - 004811ESPH CN Leisure Centre Management (ESPH21)WealdenLeisure Ltd t/a Freedom LeisureRother District Council31 March 2036£0.00
RDC - 009621ESPH GP Agent for Planning Consent (ESPH246)The Environment Partnership (TEP) LimitedRother District Council01 June 2019£59,971.00
RDC - 013188ESPH GP Architectural, Planning consultant and Design team services for Barnhorn Green Employment Space & GP Surgery (ESPH394)R H Partnership Architects LtdRother District Council31 March 2022£184,900.00
RDC - 008386ESPH Provision of Bench Maintenance services (ESPH182)COLIN MAY DECORATORRother District Council31 July 2022£0.00
RDC - 008328ESPH SB Beach Huts for Rother District Council (ESPH200)Skinners ShedsRother District Council31 March 2019£132,300.00
HBC - 008686ESPH SB Cleaning Services for Hastings and Rother (ESPH93 - Lot 2)Specialist Hygiene Services LtdRother District Council31 March 2022£1,329,174.00
RDC - 008688ESPH SB Electronic Document Management System (ESPH135)Northgate Public Services (UK) LimitedRother District Council12 March 2020£0.00
RDC - 007232ESPH SB Food Hygiene + Health & Safety Training (ESPH159)Michael Hills AssociatesRother District Council31 March 2019£6,675.00
RDC - 007865ESPH SB Waste Consultancy & Procurement Support (ESPH191)Ricardo-AEA LtdRother District Council29 June 2019£72,295.00
RDC - 013192ESPH TW BMX Race Track and Jump Area (ESPH420 LM)Trinity Homes UK LtdRother District Council24 March 2022£518,100.00
RDC - 011160ESPH TW Cash Collection Services. (ESPH288 TI)JADE SECURITY SERVICES LTDRother District Council31 August 2022£121,230.00
RDC - 011588ESPH TW Insurance Services (ESPH270)R Rother District CouncilNo Date Provided£569,925.38
RDC - 013237ESPH TW Out of Hours Telephone Service (ESPH306 LM) RDCCornwall Council - Adult Social CareRother District Council24 January 2026£4,742.50
RDC - 013341ESPH TW RDC Town Hall Ecology reports & surveys (ESPH492)Lizard Landscape Design LtdRother District Council28 February 2022£7,635.00
RDC - 008700ESPH TW Rother Council Tax Offsite Processing Service (ESPH193)Capita Property and Infrastructure LtdRother District Council28 January 2020£154,338.96
RDC - 011157ESPH TW Sidley Recreation Project – Skate Park (ESPH283)Canvas SpacesRother District Council30 November 2020£240,000.00
RDC - 011150ESPH TW Wainwright Road Demolition (ESPH300 TI)Dorton Demolition & Excavation LimitedRother District Council15 November 2019£104,800.00
RDC - 011685ESPHTW Rother District Council Fixed Asset Valuations (ESPH352A)Wilks Head & Eve LLPRother District Council05 January 2025£80,000.00
RDC - 013264ESPHTW RV Finder ServiceInform CPI LtdRother District Council31 May 2023£30,000.00
RDC - 004231Housing Adaptations Support ServicesPeabody South East LimitedRother District Council31 March 2019£100,000.00
RDC - 004282Telephony / Voice ServicesKCOM Group PlcRother District Council31 March 2019£300,000.00
HBC - 010777External WorksC J Thorne & Co LtdWDC - Property Services (Corporate)31 October 2024£2,500,000.00
WDC - 003995Automatic Number Plate Recognition System (Uckfield Town Centre)JENOPTIK Traffic Solutions UK LtdWealden District Council28 February 2020£130,000.00
WDC - 004011Case Management System - LegalCivica LtdWealden District Council31 March 2020£45,000.00
WDC - 010800Commercial Kitchen Maintenance and ServicingSouth Coast Catering Equipment Service Ltd Wealden District Council31 March 2020£10,000.00
WDC - 011653ESPH TW Arboriculture Supervisor (ESPH332 TI)County Tree Surgeons LtdWealden District Council05 January 2023£180,000.00
WDC - 010614ESPH AB Appointment of a Landscape Consultant (ESPH261a)Land Management Services LtdWealden District Council01 February 2021£59,300.00
WDC - 012473ESPH AB Housing Needs Assessment ( ESPH387 TI)Iceni ProjectsWealden District Council31 March 2021£18,930.00
WDC - 010524ESPH AB Joan Hughes Court Refurbishment (ESPH279 TI)Niblock (Builders) Ltd.Wealden District Council03 March 2021£0.00
WDC - 010416ESPH AB Rental Analytics Software (ESPH267)Mobysoft LimitedWealden District Council02 January 2020£28,000.00
WDC - 011869ESPH AB TW Landscaping and Associated Services (ESPH323) Lot 1 Landscape Maintenanceidverde LtdWealden District Council02 February 2025£2,150,000.00
WDC - 012105ESPH AB WDC Winter Gritting Services (ESPH331 TI)Countrymans Contractors LtdWealden District Council31 May 2025£500,000.00
WDC - 013325ESPH AB Wealden Enforcement Agency ( ESPH450 TI)Bristow & SutorWealden District Council31 August 2023£36,000.00
WDC - 010320ESPH CN Appointment of Asbestos Specialist Consultant (ESPH252)Gully Howard TechnicalWealden District Council31 January 2024£438,850.00
WDC - 004278ESPH CN ASIGRA Replacement Licence Scheme (ESPH72)Fantastic Cloud ServicesWealden District Council13 October 2019£38,000.00
WDC - 010311ESPH CN Assisted Living Telecare Monitoring (ESPH265)Progress Housing GroupWealden District Council31 March 2022£325,914.00
WDC - 013295ESPH CN Cart Barn New Build Council Housing (ESPH434 LM)Trinity Homes UK LtdWealden District Council30 November 2022£2,925,231.00
WDC - 012489ESPH CN Consultancy Services for Joint Venture Partner Selection, Hailsham Aspires ESPH400 TI)Montagu EvansWealden District CouncilNo Date Provided£85,000.00
WDC - 012457ESPH CN Consultant for the Provision of a Consumer Facing Campaign to 'Re open the High Street Safely' (ESPH385 TI)Prowse & Co. LtdWealden District Council31 July 2021£101,302.00
WDC - 013296ESPH CN Consumer Facing Campaign ESPH454 TI)Prowse & Co. LtdWealden District Council30 April 2022£120,000.00
WDC - 010932ESPH CN GIS and Spatial Database (ESPH167)Cadcorp Wealden District Council30 June 2021£70,800.00
WDC - 012793ESPH CN Hailsham Town Centre Masterplan - Architect Services (ESPH329)Conran and Partners Ltd.Wealden District Council23 February 2022£720,000.00
WDC - 011740ESPH CN Hailsham Town Centre Masterplan - Communication and Engagement (ESPH356)Snapdragon Consulting LtdWealden District Council31 December 2021£55,000.00
WDC - 011763ESPH CN Hailsham Town Centre Masterplan - Planning Services (ESPH355)Lambert Smith Hampton Group LimitedWealden District Council31 December 2021£55,000.00
WDC - 011875ESPH CN Hailsham Town Centre Regeneration Project - Engineering Services ( ESPH330 TI)Hilson Moran PartnershipWealden District Council01 February 2022£360,000.00
WDC - 003992ESPH CN Housing Benefit Subsidy Audit Services (ESPH43)Branch and Lee Consulting LtdWealden District Council31 January 2019£60,000.00
WDC - 012906ESPH CN Land Assembly Consultant, Hailsham Aspires (ESPH412 TI)Montagu EvansWealden District Council31 August 2022£189,300.00
WDC - 004504ESPH CN Measured Term Contract for Mechanical and Electrical Services (ESPH73) Wealden District Council30 November 2022£1,150,000.00
WDC - 013294ESPH CN Provision of Quantity Surveyor Services WDC (ESPH448 TI)Ward Williams AssociatesWealden District Council18 July 2023£51,900.00
WDC - 011894ESPH CN Provision of Webcasting ServicesPublic-IWealden District Council16 February 2025£87,600.00
WDC - 006864ESPH CN Purchase of an IT solution for Tenant Participation (ESPH157)Arena Partnership LtdWealden District Council31 October 2019£15,580.00
WDC - 004173ESPH CN Removal and Storage Services (ESPH59)Edward Baden LtdWealden District Council31 August 2020£125,000.00
WDC - 006565ESPH CN Roof Covering Renewals & Associated Works (ESPH70)Clarke Roofing Southern LtdWealden District Council12 May 2020£1,198,473.75
WDC - 004407ESPH CN Winter Resilience ServicesGround Control LtdWealden District Council31 October 2019£57,500.00
WDC - 011520ESPH GP Appointment of a Building Contractor - ESPH298John Farrington & Co LtdWealden District Council01 October 2024£448,600.00
WDC - 009782ESPH GP Management Agent for Vicarage Field Shopping Centre (ESPH245)Stiles Harold Williams Partnership LLPWealden District Council30 September 2023£474,281.50
WDC - 011163ESPH GP Review of Community infrastructure Levy Charging Schedule ( ESPH301 TI)BNP Paribas Real Estate Advisory & Property Management UK LimitedWealden District Council30 April 2020£35,000.00
WDC - 011164ESPH GP WDC Industrial Estates Review (ESPH307 TI)Carter Jonas LLPWealden District Council31 March 2020£24,453.00
WDC - 012233ESPH LM Removals and Storage Services (ESPH381)On The Move Removals LimitedWealden District Council31 August 2023£39,000.00
WDC - 012956ESPH LM Supply of Sanctuary Scheme Safety Services (ESPH406)Safe Partnership LtdWealden District Council31 January 2026£33,055.00
WDC - 013189ESPH LM Town Centre Study (ESPH430)Nexus Planning LimitedWealden District Council30 September 2021£48,175.00
WDC - 008682ESPH SB Audio Visual Equipment for Wealden Crematorium (ESPH183)Vivedia Ltd trading as ObitusWealden District Council31 December 2018£24,091.15
WDC - 007414ESPH SB Crematoria Structural Engineer (ESPH170)Price & Myers LLPWealden District Council31 December 2018£43,960.00
WDC - 007415ESPH SB Crematorium Civil Engineering (ESPH174)GTA CIVILS AND TRANSPORT LTD Wealden District Council31 December 2018£34,500.00
WDC - 005008ESPH SB Disabled alterations and adaptations to bathrooms (ESPH89)Hedley Visick LimitedWealden District Council31 March 2021£600,000.00
WDC - 008689ESPH SB Electronic Document Management System (ESPH135 - Wealden)Northgate Public Services (UK) LimitedWealden District Council12 March 2020£35,000.00
WDC - 007418ESPH SB Grants Hill House - New Build Council Housing (ESPH137)Thakeham PartnershipWealden District Council10 December 2018£10,084,736.19
WDC - 007857ESPH SB Joan Hughes Court (ESPH166a)Lawson Queay Chartered SurveyorsWealden District Council31 May 2021£36,000.00
WDC - 013301ESPH SB Open Spaces & Playing Pitch Strategy (ESPH462 TI)Knight, Kavanagh & Page Wealden District Council29 April 2022£42,241.00
WDC - 008693ESPH SB Owlsbury Park - SANGS (ESPH176)Lawson Queay Chartered SurveyorsWealden District Council30 December 2019£28,350.00
WDC - 009509ESPH SB Owlsbury Park SANGS Works (ESPH231) PJ Chaffin ltdWealden District Council30 December 2019£1,146,807.00
WDC - 007420ESPH SB Supply of Cremation Plant (ESPH173)Facultatieve Technologies LtdWealden District Council31 December 2018£497,882.00
WDC - 006824ESPH SB Translational and Interpreting ServicesSussex Community Development Association LtdWealden District Council13 August 2019£22,500.00
WDC - 009784ESPH SB Vicarage Field Condition Survey (ESPH239)AKSWard ltdWealden District Council30 December 2018£20,000.00
WDC - 007864ESPH SB Walshes Park - SANGS (ESPH175A)PJ Chaffin ltdWealden District Council28 September 2019£441,172.07
WDC - 013108ESPH SB WDC & EBC Strategic Flood Risk Assessments (ESPH429 TI)Jeremy Benn Associates Ltd (t/a JBA Consulting)Wealden District Council31 December 2023£33,402.00
WDC - 009785ESPH SB Wealden and Eastbourne Garden Waste Calendars 2019 (ESPH266)Atlas Direct MailWealden District Council30 December 2018£26,625.49
WDC - 008697ESPH SB Wealden Crematorium - Build Contract (ESPH192)Baxall Construction LtdWealden District Council31 December 2018£4,771,208.38
WDC - 012536ESPH Stock Condition Survey ( ESPH326)Pennington Choices LtdWealden District CouncilNo Date Provided£102,995.00
WDC - 010329ESPH TI Appointment of Procurement Consultant (ESPH262)echelon Consultancy LtdWealden District Council31 January 2021£80,000.00
WDC - 007789ESPH TI Catering Services (ESPH172)Blue Apple Contract Catering LtdWealden District Council02 July 2020£300,000.00
WDC - 010225ESPH TI Hailsham leisure Centre Wet-side ConsultantBlb Chartered SurveyorsWealden District Council24 December 2019£13,456.25
WDC - 010239ESPH TI Property Flood Resilience Installation in Wealden District (ESPH256)LAKESIDE FLOOD SOLUTIONS LTD.Wealden District Council31 March 2019£229,330.00
WDC - 004810ESPH TI Provision of a Sanctuary Scheme (ESPH71)Safe Partnership LtdWealden District Council31 January 2021£5,000.00
WDC - 007421ESPH TI Treasury Management Advisors(ESPH95)Arlingclose LtdWealden District Council29 November 2020£188,594.90
WDC - 006825ESPH TI Virtualisation Environment (ESPH105)Softcat plcWealden District Council31 July 2021£164,000.00
WDC - 008698ESPH TI Wealden Public Convenience Cleaning Service (ESPH213)Kingdom Services Group LimitedWealden District Council31 March 2020£90,620.80
WDC - 009793ESPH TI Wealden Retirement Living Suport Software With Mobile (ESPH229)Octavia Software Solutions Ltd.,Wealden District Council30 July 2021£56,160.00
WDC - 011680ESPH TW Fixed Asset Valuations (ESPH352B WDC)Wilks Head & Eve LLPWealden District Council13 January 2025£74,250.00
WDC - 013342ESPH TW Health Screening Service (ESPH485 JB)Nuffield HealthWealden District Council07 August 2023£14,551.00
WDC - 013286ESPH TW Leaseholder Insurance Services ( ESPH404)Avid Insurance ServiceWealden District Council31 March 2026£349,332.57
WDC - 013236ESPH TW Out of Hours Telephone Service (ESPH306 LM)Cornwall Council - Adult Social CareWealden District Council24 January 2026£2,415.00
WDC - 013226ESPH TW Treasury Management Advisors (ESPH 407 TI)Arlingclose LtdWealden District Council31 May 2024£120,000.00
WDC - 010328ESPH TW Wealden Chargeable Garden Waste Service Leaflets 2019 (ESPH284 TI)Atlas Direct MailWealden District Council01 May 2019£45,457.51
WDC - 006563ESPH130 Health ScreeningNuffield HealthWealden District Council01 June 2019£24,999.00
WDC - 012797ESPH325 907 Wealden DC Asset Management ( Lot 1 Responsive repairs, Void & Capital Works )Booker and Best LtdWealden District Council03 September 2030£4,500,000.00
WDC - 012800ESPH325 907 Wealden DC Asset Management ( Lot3 Domestic Heating Works)BSW Heating LtdWealden District Council30 April 2031£750,000.00
WDC - 012799ESPH325 907 Wealden DC Asset Management (Lot2 Electrical Works)Chris Bartholomew Electrical Contractors Ltd Wealden District Council10 January 2031£500,000.00
WDC - 012801ESPH325 907 Wealden DC Asset Management (Lot4 Commercial Heating & Mechanical Works)Roselands Heating Wealden District Council01 November 2031£250,000.00
WDC - 012472ESPH351 Cuckoo Trail ResearchResources For Change LtdWealden District CouncilNo Date Provided£9,595.00
WDC - 013276ESPH379 CN Viability Consultant Services31ten ConsultingWealden District Council31 July 2021£45,540.00
WDC - 013167ESPH428 SB Economic Study (ESPH428 LM)Iceni ProjectsWealden District Council16 August 2021£58,660.00
WDC - 010785ESPH49 Responsive Repairs and VoidsBooker and Best LtdWealden District Council30 September 2020£15,000,000.00
WDC - 006697ESPHTI Enforcement Agent Software (ESPH121)OneStep Solutions (Resources) Ltd Wealden District Council30 September 2019£53,985.00
WDC - 013263ESPHTW RV Finder Service ESPH 442 WDCInform CPI LtdWealden District Council31 May 2023£40,000.00
WDC - 013277ESPHTW Travel management System ( ESPH436)Click Travel LtdWealden District Council31 May 2026£2,500.00
WDC - 010779Leisure Management ServicesWealdenLeisure Ltd t/a Freedom LeisureWealden District Council31 March 2022£4,000,000.00
WDC - 010798Management of Cuckoo TrailESCC (CONTRACTS ONLY)Wealden District Council31 March 2020£175,000.00
WDC - 010697Microphone System - Supply and MaintenanceAshdown Consultant Engineers Ltd t/a Ashdown AVWealden District Council30 November 2019£70,000.00
WDC - 007138Occupational Health Services ESPH60Health Management LimitedWealden District Council30 April 2020£18,000.00
WDC - 004589Off site storage servicesESCC (CONTRACTS ONLY)Wealden District Council31 March 2020£55,000.00
WDC - 010790Passenger LiftsJackson Lift Services LimitedWealden District Council31 May 2021£120,000.00
WDC - 010787WD640 Lot 3 Commercial GasTSS Facilities LtdWealden District Council31 October 2021£900,000.00
WDC - 010786WD749 Planned Bathroom and Kitchen RenewalsDCB (Kent) LimitedWealden District Council31 January 2020£3,000,000.00
WDC - 010795WDC Arboricultural ServicesSUSSEX RAIL LTDWealden District Council31 March 2020£1,000,000.00
WDC - 010792WDC Energy Performance Certificates (EPC)IDEA (Southern) LtdWealden District CouncilNo Date Provided£60,000.00
WDC - 010782WDC Grounds MaintenanceTivoliWealden District Council29 February 2020£1,645,000.00
WDC - 010794WDC Sewerage pumping station maintenance and servicingWillow Pumps LtdWealden District Council31 March 2020£60,000.00
WDC - 010797WDC TREND BMS System MonitoringTrend Control Systems Limited Wealden District Council31 March 2020£15,000.00
WDC - 010788WDC787 Stairlifts and HoistsSOUTHERN MOBILITY CENTRES LTDWealden District Council31 May 2021£160,000.00
WDC - 010696Webcasting ServicesPublic-IWealden District Council30 October 2019£78,600.00
WDC - 004232WindowsAnglian Building Products, a division of Anglian Windows LtdWealden District Council31 December 2018£1,500,000.00
WDC - 010615ESPH AB Empty Homes Review and New Homes Bonus (ESPH158a) Northgate Public Services (UK) LimitedWealden District Council, Hastings Borough Council, Rother District Council30 June 2021£377,364.11
RDC - 010621ESPH SB East Sussex Waste Collection, Recycling, Street & Beach Cleansing and Associated Services Contract (ESPH225)Biffa Municipal LimitedWealden District Council, Hastings Borough Council, Rother District Council28 June 2026£168,559,314.00
RDC - 006568ESPH SB Street Cleanliness Surveys (ESPH141)Tetra Tech LimitedWealden District Council, Hastings Borough Council, Rother District Council31 July 2019£149,688.00
WDC - 009377ESPH TI Election Printing Services (ESPH230)Civica Election Services LimitedWealden District Council, Hastings Borough Council, Rother District Council31 July 2024£1,000,000.00
RDC - 010330ESPH TI Housing Benefit Subsidy Audit ServicesBranch and Lee Consulting LtdWealden District Council, Hastings Borough Council, Rother District Council31 March 2022£276,000.00
WDC - 009791ESPH TI Insurance Brokerage ServicesPortmore Insurance Brokers Limited Wealden District Council, Hastings Borough Council, Rother District Council31 March 2024£1,750.00
WDC - 009625ESPH TI Single Person Discounts and Empty Homes Review and New Homes Bonus (ESPH158)Datatank LtdWealden District Council, Hastings Borough Council, Rother District Council05 April 2021£141,000.00
RDC - 008694ESPH SB Stray Dog Collection & Kennelling Services (ESPH222 - WDC + RDC)Animal Wardens LtdWealden District Council, Rother District Council31 March 2021£379,140.00
RDC - 008341ESPH SB Tourism Information Services & Leaflet Distribution (ESPH209)Brochure Connect LtdWealden District Council, Rother District Council31 March 2021£70,000.00
WDC - 009787ESPH TI Election Payroll Services (ESPH234A)Phase 3 ConsultingWealden District Council, Rother District Council02 October 2019£13,950.00
RDC - 005013ESPH TI Provision of Welfare Burials ESPH94CPJ Field & Co. LtdWealden District Council, Rother District Council31 March 2021£6,000.00
WDC - 006776ESPH TI Supply & Install Multi-Functional Devices (ESPH86)Konica Minolta Business Solutons (UK) LtdWealden District Council, Rother District Council31 August 2022£260,000.00
SESS - 010780WD603 Electrical and Mechanical Works - Domestic GasBSW Heating LtdWealden District Council, WDC - Property Services (Housing), WDC - Property Services (Corporate)31 October 2020£7,500,000.00
SESS - 010781WD603 Electrical and Mechanical Works - ElectricalChris Bartholomew Electrical Contractors Ltd Wealden District Council, WDC - Property Services (Housing), WDC - Property Services (Corporate)31 December 2020£1,000,000.00